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Time for AJ Styles to join WWE?

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AJ Styles is probably the best wrestler to come out of TNA as an original. But over the last year or so since Hogan and Bischoff have been involved it just seems to have gone a bit stale. Now I know this is no fault of AJ, but it just seems like they don't know what to do with him. For example the whole fortune/immortal storyline just seems to drag AJ down, I feel he would work much better as his own man with out a stable behind him. For example his best work in TNA was around 2005-2008 when he was having rivalry's with Abyss, Jarrett and Rhino. He was able to express himself a lot more and demonstrated brilliant ability against the likes of abyss in the cage match.

Since the arrival of Mr Anderson, Jeff Hardy and Rob Van Dam AJ has been pretty much out of the title picture, having matches with the likes of Doug Williams for the TV (JOKE) Championship. No disrespect to Doug Williams but he is not a guy that says main event when you look at him. Now I am aware that AJ is now acting as the leader of Fortune and may be involved in some bigger storyline now, but the fact remains if he does not fit into the plans of Hogan and Bischoff what is the point of him staying with TNA. WWE has all ways stayed clear of AJ signing with them, but I think they would jump at the chance to sign him if he came available and I am starting to think that AJ would now consider the WWE in the future even though he is TNA first big name.

Just think if he went to WWE and was used properly, the amount of dream match up's could be endless. I know everyone would love to see Styles v Cena, then maybe Styles v Morrison?

If AJ Styles was in the WWE I feel he could really cement his legacy within the industry. Anyway what do you think?

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  1. emeron01's Avatar
    FOOL!!! If Aj went WWE, it would be the sell out of all sell outs. Fans would hate, WWE would never use him properly. He'd go from leader of fourtune in TNA to jobber of the stars. For Aj sake, he needs to stay with TNA period.
  2. Justdawg08's Avatar
    Your assuming that AJ Styles feels the same way about whats going on in TNA that the IWC does... I'm assuming AJ is just as comfy as ever in TNA.
  3. CMhuw24's Avatar
    WWE wouldnt handle him correctly and deffinately hurt his image.
  4. TheSilk's Avatar
    Yes I can understand what you are all saying, but like I said within the blog it would depend on IF he was used properly!! I'm fully aware there would be a big chance WWE would not use him well, but what could be the worse scenario, he enters NXT season 6 and wins it?? I don't think it would be a sell out by any stretch of the imagination. What is wrong with a wrestler wanting to get the big pay off? At the end of the day I know it probably will not happen and AJ probably does not want to leave TNA, I was simply putting out a situation that could arise within the future.
  5. KSTornado's Avatar
    I don't foresee A.J. being in the WWE anytime soon. Since Flair has been tutoring him you can see where his story line has been going. He now is the leader of Fortune which is basically 4 guys...hint hint. It is basically the rebirth of the horsemen (and to be honest the only 4 who can pull it off). I really don't see AJ going to the WWE for quite some time and now with what is going on in TNA with Bishoff and Hogan losing control and possibly (hopefully) gettong off tv period I think TNA will get better. I think for the past year Hogan, Bishoff and Flair were just there to get TNA noticed to more fans. I think now it will be reverting back to the way it used to be (hopefully).
  6. teacher_on_da_rampage!'s Avatar
    i tink AJ styles IS tna! he will not leave, its loke cena going to TNA, never gonna happen!
    hes too good for NXT, too good for mid-card!
    i knw what ure meaning by ya blog thesilk!
    but nah, he wnt "cement his legacy" or anytin.
    hardkore wwe fans (majority kids) wnt giv a fuck about his wrestling skills and his beautiful moves!
  7. wallyman's Avatar
    lol aj styles rejected wwe cuz he said there is no room for guys like him in wwe...also after lastg weeks angle that awesome face turn and promo he cut i think hes staying in tna for a long time....A LONG TIME...dixie will never let him go to wwe... and i hope he doesnt
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