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Two Reasons Why Sting MAY Be The Mystery Person In The 2-21-11 promo

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It is a hot topic being discussed all over the YWC and especially on this site. Who is the guy in the 2-21-11 promo? Is it a return promo for Undertaker, is it a debut promo for Sting, or is it a promo for someone else entirely? For all we know, it could be any one of these possibilities. It has been pretty hard to predict what WWE is going to do lately and who knows what might happen with creative's history of changing things at the last minute. I owe the reporters of this site for informing me of that.

So when it comes down to it, who do I think is the guy in the promo? Well, unless you didn't see the title or can't read period (lol) you already know my pick. Sting. Now of course, for all those who are familiar with my blogs, I never do things without backing up my points. Because let's be honest. Here on the internet, it is not enough to say "you just like something about wrestling" anymore. Now you HAVE to prove yourself otherwise these blood-thristy internet fans will prey on you like crazy. So, below are two reasons why I think Sting is the guy in the promo. Let's get started.

Reason #1: It is not your typical promo for Undertaker, but it is for Sting.

-- Now, hopefully everyone has realized by now that this promo is a bit different from your past undertaker promos. It is MORE on the mysterious side and less on the eerie, horror film side that Taker promos are usually focused on. On top of that, where is the gong? Where is the cross? Where is everything that makes an Undertaker promo.... an Undertaker promo? Now here is something VERY obvious that really threw me off. If it is Taker, what the hell is he doing at a wooden house in the middle of nowhere? People could say it may be his childhood home where he and Kane lived ... but didn't he burn that down? I also caught a glimpse of his boots and they don't remind me of Taker. I know someone will come on here and say, "Well, that would ruin the whole mysterious feel behind it" and for those that say that, stop and think for a second. WHY would WWE want to make a mysterious promo for Undertaker? They don't need to do that. For one, WWE usually does not hype a return for Taker because he usually just pops up. Also, when they do make a return promo for him, they make it VERY obvious it is Taker returning. In this promo, it is a bit vague. It is way too on the mysterious side and less on the eerie, scary side.

On the other hand, Sting had a similar promo to the 2-21-11 promos in 1997 for WCW Starrcade. He was facing Hogan and Sting was seen in a wooden house similar to the one in the promo. It was raining, just like in the promo. His attire is similar to the one in the promo. Also, it captures the same mysterious feel of the 2-21-11 promo as well. So I'm more inclined to think this is Sting than Taker.

Real quick note. I will not easily be swayed all because "There Ain't No Grave" played in the second promo of 2-21-11. I laugh at how many people have easily changed their minds all because of a song. Yes, I know it is the same song used for Taker vs. HBK and it does make sense to use it in a Taker return promo. Then again, that doesn't explain why it is so mysterious. What’s the point of making it mysterious? Why not just acknowledge it as Taker like they've done in all the rest of his promos? I'm sorry but that is not enough for me and I refuse to let myself be swayed by A SONG. At the end of the day people, it is just a song. Most likely a swerve to throw everyone off.

Reason #2 - One more match. Why not at Wrestlemania?

-- It is no secret that Sting does not plan on being in the wrestling business much longer. In fact, he may indeed be walking that fine line of retirement. So here is my thing. If he is going to go out, why not go out with one last match in WWE and at Wrestlemania; the grand daddy of them all? To top it all off, why not do it in a match against The Undertaker? That’s just SCREAMS history in the making. It won’t require much build up at all. Their histories already make the match a classic. Just have them comfort each other once or twice before then and cut a promo against each other. It would be a wrestling fan's dream match for ALL ages.

I mean, why not? It is just one match. It is not like he is going to work there for 3 years or something. It is just one match at the grandest stage of them all in a familiar city he knows all too well.

Another thing that would make this move awesome. It’s been said Sting would NEVER go to WWE because of the night The Rock 'buried' Booker T in 2001. What a story it would be if Sting finally swallowed his pride, went to WWE, headlined it in his final match in wrestling ever at Wrestlemania, and got inducted into the Hall of Fame. What a way to go out. Who wouldn't want that? Above all else, WWE has watered down themselves to where Sting is free to do what he needs to do and stay within in the limits of his Christian faith. He wants to be a role model for the kids, why not do it on a PG show?

Now as hard as some of you TNA fans won't admit it, I'm sorry but TNA is NOT the place you want to end your career in. I guarantee you before their careers end, Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, Ken Anderson, Matt Morgan, and others will return to WWE and end their careers there. Just like Booker T and "Diesel" Kevin Nash.

So those are my reasons why I think the guy in the promo is Sting. I could be wrong, but I will not be moved until I see who debuts on 2-21-11. Yes, I'll admit. The reason why I am so stubborn about this IS because I want to see Taker vs. Sting at Wrestlemania and I will continue to be stubborn until I am proven wrong on 2-21-11. That, my friends, is that.

Thank you for reading. Please share your thoughts down below.

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  1. trasler's Avatar
    You have many valid points - and I do hope your right. The problem is, this is the WWE we are talking about.

    The promo guys should win Oscars for their work, they really can make shit look like gold. I liked your point about why it is not Taker and how the burnt his childhood home down, but again this is WWE we are talking about. They do not follow up their storylines, they change so often (example 1ne min Vince is dead, then his alive, then his in a coma, then he is just the CEO, then he is evil vince, now he is normal vince??) - (example 2: NEXUS?? wtf? we attack everyone, attack CM Punk, oh yes it was CM Punk our leader all along??) - (example 3: randy orton and edge are 'pals' of Cena??) ----- So yes that is a great point, but they think we have forgotten takers history so that wouldnt surprise me.

    The point I make though, is elaborating on yours and it makes NO SENSE what so ever to do this kind of promo with Taker - are people talking about it? YES. Does WWE want people talking about it? YES. Do people want it to be Taker? NO. and thats the problem, they are risking people being disapointed by their biggest superstar, and that is a very dangerous, stupid position to put themselves in. When like you said a surprise return would recieve a huge pop.
  2. trasler's Avatar
    sorry for the gramma and spelling, was in a rush.
  3. TheSilk's Avatar
    Yes I agree it is WWE attempt at getting everyone hyped for a taker return. Which by the looks of things could back fire, as the promo is very Sting-esque. But at the same time I think they are doing the whole surprise thing because they are bringing back a newish 'darker' Undertaker, maybe more like the ministry taker!!!!

    I would love for it to be Sting, as it would be probably one of the greatest swerves and secret in wrestling history!!!! But at the moment I think it is Undertaker returning. Maybe we will get more clues when more of the promo becomes clear??
  4. TakerMania's Avatar
    Oh god you have no idea and I MEAN no idea what so ever about how thirsty I'm for a Sting VS Taker match
    it's my ULTIMATE and biggest Wrestling Dream ever
    it would be just Heaven on Earth
    but I REALLY REALLY lost all hope after that promo
    cuz I know Taker proabably more than any other fan in the world and I know when it's about him or not
    and last night that's it
    it's 100% UNDERTAKER
    but if I was Wrong that my friend will be the Best day in my life
  5. dres1214's Avatar
    I honestly have stopped assuming if it's Sting or Undertaker. You make valid points sir! Also i heard that they are making a movie based off Undertaker. The Origins of Undertaker. Correct me if I am wrong when undertaker debuted in WWF his gimmick was of an old western mortician (sp) Also Undertaker has changed his gimmick a few times, just maybe this video is showing that Undertaker is going back to his original gimmick. Just a thought. There are so many different views on this video alone. It has caused a lot of talk and is stirring up the rumor mill. WWE is enjoying this. I for one would love to see Steve Borden in WWE. I hope it happens but my thoughts still remain pessimistic. Good blog sir!
  6. Dierdorf's Avatar
    The reason i don't think it would be Taker is because it would be on Raw that he returns when he is on Smackdown. I know Raw is their main show but it doesn't make sense to me especially since the people he was feuding with before he left was Kane and now Corre who are both on Smackdown.
  7. RJ Crossroads's Avatar
    And on top of all that, why would they want to keep Undertaker's return a mystery or secret? Tune in to Raw on 2-21-11 to see the Undertaker return...maybe. Doesn't seem like a typical Undertaker return scenario. But hey, then again, maybe they're trying something a little different. One things for sure though, a lot of people will probably tune into Raw on 2-21 to see.
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