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Possibility of Sting to WWE

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Before I go into Sting debuting in WWE i would like to state that in my opinion I'm leaning towards the mysterious 2.21.11 being The Undertaker (but please be Sting).

There is an article on titled. "Dont Expect Sting in the WWE." In this article two quotes are used to back up the article's title. "I am older and have a family. The schedule would not work. TNA would only require me to work about three times a month. The WWE would require much more," Sting said in 2006 to Slam! Sports. If Sting were to return just for a Wrestlemania 27 appearance then the schedule would not really require that much. Even if he came back to wrestle The Undertaker in the "The Streak" match he would really only have to wrestle once and only make appearances for TV. The second quote used, "My religious views would affect my role in a particular storyline. I am looked up my young fans, and I won't jeopardize my integrity," Sting once again said this in 2006 to Slam! Sports. WWE has really changed since then with their TV-PG rating. In actuality I think TNA would cause he to jeopardize his integrity more than WWE would at this point. So I really dont see that being an issue for Sting not to join WWE.

In my honest opinion I really think Sting is at the end of his Professional Wrestling career. I dont know about everyone, but if I were the great wrestler Sting is and was, I would not want my career to end with TNA at this point. If you're gonna go out, why not go out on the "Grandest Stage Of Them All" WrestleMania.

I also seem to think that if Sting was going to go to WWE he would of done it by now, so WHY NOW? He kind of has the reputation of being "the only" wrestler from WCW that never jumped ship to WWF/E. I dont know if that really means anything to him, but maybe he holds pride in that. If Sting does make a debut in WWE for a lengthy contract other than just WrestleMania, I would have to assume that he really needs the money. Like I stated before, WHY NOW?

Again this is just speculation if the 2.21.11 man is really Sting. I would have to say that with the power of internet and the ability to spread information at a rapid rate and it is almost impossible to keep a secret really held secret. As most already knew that both Nash & Booker would be making Royal Rumble appearances before the PPV. The only way to really keep Sting a secret is to DENY everything and all questions regarding Sting from a WWE aspect. Only have the information and contract on a need to know basis. Delivering disinformation would be the only successful way to keep Sting's WWE debut completely in the dark. You also have to remember that Vince McMahon is a Professional Wrestling genius when he wants to be, and with WrestleMania....he wants to be. This also would not be the 1st time WWE has fooled the Internet Wrestling Community.

We will see on 2.21.11. Sting has now been removed from TNA's roster on their website!!!

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  1. evilash's Avatar
    Good opinions man, but let's face's the Undertaker who's returning via the 2-21-11 messages. The second message on Raw clearly teases that it is in-fact the Undertaker. Yeah, it's true that EVERYONE could be keeping us Fans in the dark if Sting has, in fact, signed with the WWE.

    Hell, I really DO believe Sting will be in a WWE ring for a match or two at some point, but not at Wrestlemania or really the foreseeable future.

    But, who knows?
  2. agent cannon's Avatar
    Stings profile has been removed from TNA. I not trying to add fuel to the fire but take it for what it is worth. TNA really drag their feet about removing people, they didn't remove kevin nash until after the royal rumble.
  3. nosellshogan's Avatar
    If Sting does come to wwe I hope he comes out to his theme song he used before turning into the crow and he's decked out in full rainbow colors just to throw everyone off.

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