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Differentiate SmackDown! from RAW

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While the tone of both shows are very different with Monday Night RAW being more Hollywood and SmackDown! being more of the Wrestling based show of the two I'd still like to see the WWE make these shows completely different with every aspect, the only things that stand out from the shows from a visual point of view is the colour of the ropes and for me I don't think thats good enough.

World Wrestling Entertainment prides itself being the best and biggest Wrestling Promotion in the World and while the theatre in the shows for the live audience could possibly back this up I believe it would be good to give the whole feel of SmackDown! a complete re-vamp, not the on screen talents, just the look of the place.

  1. I'd like to see (or hear) a 3 man commentary team
  2. I'd rather see SD! without the ramp
  3. I'd like to see an Interview stage about 15 meters to the side of the entrance
  4. I'd also like to see an old school type interviewer, not Mean Gene but in that same journalistic mould
  5. I'd also move the position of the commentators to where the main camera is, the way you used to see Vince and Co on Superstars in the 80s and early 90s
  6. Utilise more managers on SmackDown!
  7. Make SmackDown! darker with its lighting, make it feel more street than Hollywood

I really think these simple changes could increase the enjoyment factor of SmackDown! and it could also help make Monday Night RAW and SmackDown! look far more fresh and give both shows some much needed individuality, it could also improve the lay-out of shows if they have different ramps/isles/interview areas to work in.

I've always maintained the belief that both shows should be kept as distanced as possible as long as the brand split is in motion and while I know they sometimes cheat with the onscreen talent I feel they could do a lot more to make both shows look as different as possible and still keep it looking as important as possible, there has to be a different feel about the shows in my opinion, its vital because sooner or later people will just end up picking one show to watch instead of two because they offer little to know difference in terms of visuals.

This would help create a definite difference to both brands and in my opinion make both shows feel unique and give both shows that little bit more importance than what it has at this stage.

I've never been one to believe that any particular show should be pushed greater than the other, Monday Night RAW being the oldest and the flagship of the then WWF and now WWE will always be considered the number One show in the company anyway, the only way that would change would be if Vince McMahon ever decided to take the Blue brands show live, something that probably wont happen anytime soon due to the schedule of live weekend house shows, the only way that would probably happen would be if they changed the night SmackDown! aired, something that probably would benefit the ratings anyway, however, thats a whole different blog.

The point is, Friday Night SmackDown! should look and feel as different from Monday Night RAW as possible, different feel to the show, different entrances, different style of commentating and Interviewing techniques, I also think that if they did this, you would also see a huge increase in the motivation of the Wrestlers, when they inevitably swap brands at some stage in the year they would be more motivated by a different styled feel to shows.

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  1. WF™ - Original Member!'s Avatar
    You're missing the point slightly, I intentionally left off the talent roster as it can easily just degenerate and lose the whole point of the blog, as for SuperStars, its taped during the RAW and SmackDown! tapings so its hardly a big strain on WWE funds, I'd actually like to see that show revamped to though to be honest.

    I'd love to see SmackDown! go live on Thursday's but again thats not the real point of the blog, the point was to change the show as much as possible and give it a separate feel to it from RAW without causing to much disruption
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