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What is wrong with Alberto Del Rio winning the Royal Rumble?

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This blog includes numerous complaints I've heard and read about Alberto Del Rio winning the Royal Rumble and I am pretty much going to give you my thoughts on them. Feel free to comment about it below once you're done reading:

So before I get started, I just want to say I am happy that Alberto Del Rio won the Royal Rumble. Although he just got here, he is definitely worthy of winning it. He has a great heel character, he is a good wrestler, he can cut good promos, and he draws heat like a classic heel. Above all, he is someone NEW aside from the same ol' John Cena and Randy Orton mess we've had for years now. You'd think many people would be happy like me that he won. Unfortunately, like always, we got some complaints. Let's take a look.

Complaint #1: He just got here! It is too early.

-- You guys act like Del Rio already won the championship. Who says he is even going to win the title at Wrestlemania? Maybe they're doing this SOLELY to excel his rocket ship push to the main event. We shouldn't assume Del Rio is going to win the title at Mania because he won the rumble. Many other superstars didn't like Edge and The Rock. Also, I didn't hear people complain when Brock Lesnar won the championship back in 2002 and he arrived only a few months before then. Alberto is almost just as good as Lesnar in-ring wise and he has much better microphone skills than Lesnar. So what is there to complain about?

Complaint #2: He does not have enough credibility!

-- Really now? So you don't think making a top star like Rey Mysterio tap on your debut, putting Matt Hardy and Christian on the self, main-eventing the TLC PPV, and gaining victories amongst numerous superstars on RAW & Smackdown! is not enough credibility? Then please tell me what is. The only thing he lacks is years and I can easily argue it is not always about how many years you have under your name. In that case, Santino Marella and Zack Ryder should be in the main event since they've been here for a while too.

Complaint #3: Other people like John Morrison and CM Punk deserved it more.

-- This is the only complaint I somewhat agree with. Honestly, I wouldn't mind if either Morrison or Punk won the rumble. It would have made sense. Yet, what’s to say these two won't hold the championship one day in the future? They're both highly favored in the company so I'm sure WWE will let them hold the belts in the future. At this point in time, however, WWE is focusing on trying to bring in the next draw for the Mexican audience when Rey leaves. Hey, Alberto Del Rio is not a bad replacement.

Complaint #4: Who is he going to feud with at Mania? I don't see him having a good feud with Edge.

-- Once again, you're assuming he is even going to face Edge at Wrestlemania. Things change people. There is still Elimination Chamber. For all we know, Rey Mysterio can win the title again at Elimination Chamber; Del Rio has history with him so they should be okay. Or maybe Christian will return and join the two guys in the main event and make it a triple threat; his appearance could balance things out since he has history with both men. Anything can happen. Now on the other hand, you're forgetting we are 2 months away from the event. That is plenty of time to give Edge and Del Rio something to work with for Wrestlemania, especially considering the possibly that they may appear on both RAW and Smackdown! Wait and see what happens.

Those are the main complaints I am hearing so far. So I'd like to close things out by saying this. To all those who don't see much happening for Alberto Del Rio, give him a chance to PROVE himself first before assuming that his win at the Royal Rumble was a bad idea. If by Wrestlemania time you're not interested in the WHC title match and/or it does not deliver to Wrestlemania expectations, then and only then I feel you guys should complain. Any other time, IMO, is way too early to even say anything about his win. He is a new talent and he is very good at what he does. So just try and enjoy him.

Thank you.

P.S.: Also, if you have other complaints about Del Rio, please leave them down below as a comment.

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  1. martinzoo's Avatar
    You have some great points here. But John Morrison deserves it more than anybody else. He have been here for a while, he has the in ring-skills noone else has, and people love him. Why isn´t he getting the chance?
  2. SilverGhost's Avatar
    I agree. Valid points mentioned. Del Rio was a good choice to win the Rumble. I like his character and his wrestling past so he does deserve it. He will leave a mark in wrestling. Bank on it
  3. teacher_on_da_rampage!'s Avatar
    shelton benjamin is and always will be better than ppl like miz, and even morrison but didnt get a push..
  4. tealc16's Avatar
    By the way, Punk has won 3 world titles, so saying "Yet, what’s to say these two won't hold the championship one day in the future?" for Punk isn't exactly accurate.
  5. The Doorman's Avatar
    Reading this made my day. Great blog. I agree with everything you've mentioned. I love that Del Rio won the Rumble. Of course, the guys I saw the Rumble with b****ed and moaned that he won, giving the same exact complaints. Hopefully they read this, and see where I'm coming from.
    Thanks for the great read!
  6. Dark_Lord's Avatar
    I have to say that I was not happy ADR won the Royal Rumble honestly because of some of the complaints that were mentioned. I thought John Morrison was more deserving and he has paid his dues for a championship run. I could have sworn he would win and set up a nice feud between him and the Miz for the belt. That would have been better than the Miz and Jerry Lawler although I have no real problem with jerry Lawler taking it from the Miz with the storyline that has been set up so far. JMO but i think the WWE kinda missed it on this one. The First match b/w Jomo and the Miz set a nice precedent that the WWE is messing on capitalizing.
  7. AndherestheJ's Avatar
    Del Rio is an awesome wrestler and he has been a good worker in the WWE and long before that a good worker in Mexico. Leave the kid alone. At least it wasn't another Rumble won by Cena.
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