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TNA vs. WWE wrestlers

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Match Type: TNA's King Of The Mountain match type, but team vs. team elimination.

TNA: Jeff Jarret, RVD, Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe vs.WWE: The Miz, John Cena, CM Punk, Kofi Kingston.

Match Type: regular
TNA: AJ Styles vs. WWE:Rey Mysterio

Match Type:WWE's Last Man Standing
TNA: Sting vs. WWE: HHH

Match Type: classic TLC tag team
TNA: Jeff and Matt Hardy vs. WWE:Edge and Christan

Match Type: TNA's classic Monsters Ball

TNA:Abyss vs. WWE: Kane

Match Type: regular
TNA: Mr Anderson vs. WWE: Jack Swagger

Match Type: 3 stages of hell; .regular. first blood. submission
TNA: Matt Morgan vs. WWE: Randy Orton

Match Type: TNA's classic The Ultimate X match

TNA: MCMG, Kazarian, Amazing Red, Jay Lethal , Generation Me vs. WWE: Evan Bourne, Yoshi Tatsu, Dolph Ziggler, Justin Gabriel, Drew McIntyre, Tyson Kidd, John Morrison.

Math Type: WWE's classic Hell in a cell
TNA: Scott Steiner vs. WWE: The Undertaker

Match Type: tag team iron man 20 minute time limit
TNA: Beer Money vs. WWE: Ted DiBiase, Cody Rhodes

Match Type: regular
TNA: Desmond Wolf vs. WWE: Sheamus

Match Type: Street Fight
TNA: Tommy Dreamer vs. WWE: William Regal

Match Type: tag team
TNA: Eric Young, Hernadez vs. WWE: Vladimir Kozlov, Santino Marella.

Match Type: Tables match
TNA: Rob Terry vs. WWE: Ezekiel Jackson

Match Type: regular
TNA: Orlando Jordan vs. WWE: R-Truth

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  1. westy's Avatar
    I like MGTSTC PPV the best. But some nice ideas in here. Either way TNA wrestlers against the WWE guys would show them up for sure when it comes to true wrestling ability. What about a first blood match? Ah yeah forgot WWE can't do them now can they heheh
  2. NigelBarks's Avatar
    real ugly line up. king of the mountain elimination match? this is ugly, whats the point of the ladder inn the match

    @mgtstc Now Thats More Like It
  3. teacher_on_da_rampage!'s Avatar
    VKM! amazin list!
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