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Austin Mcintosh

Royal Rumble: Disappointment of the Century!

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I attended the 2011 Royal Rumble in Boston, Massachusetts. The last time I was in Boston it was for the 900th episode of RAW and that show was horrible.

I had higher hopes for Royal Rumble, which is usually the best PPV of the year besides Wrestlemania.
Ok, first of all you cant have a WWE Champion that can't win a match either on his own or clean. The Miz keeps talking about how everyone thinks he is a joke and now he knows why. Get Riley out and have Miz pin Cena Clean! Then maybe we can take him seriously.

The Royal Rumble itself was really poorly executed, after Kane came out as number 40(snore) the action completely stopped. If it wasn't for Chavo, Booker T, Big Sexy Kevin Nash/Diesel, the beginning which featured CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, and Regal I would have left. No HHH, Christian, Evan Bourne etc. Dont have Edge use Christian's finisher then have him not appear. The Divas whatever they had was um boring, what else. Kong needs to get here fast and hopefully get utilized right.

Another note is that when you don't have Trent Barreta in the Rumble when he produces a better product than Tyler Reks, Tyson Kidd, Chris Masters and has far superior wrestling ability. He deserves his chance.

You can not screw up the Royal Rumble it is usually the one show all year that is always good and WWE out did themselves and ruined the show.

Thank you for reading and please give your thoughts below.

signed- A die hard fan with his back against the wall.

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  1. therockiswwf's Avatar
    There maybe a reason why The Miz doesn't win clean...he is a HEEL. Heel's rarely win clean. Damn yeah why didn't those injured people come out and hurt themselves even more. HHH (I think) is supposed to be fine now but I read a thing where they said they wanted his return to be special. They have a divas match at almost every rumble, so meh. I thought that Edge using Christians special was creative.
    @thisbigmike Why would Dolph win? That would make either
    1. A heel vs heel main event match at Wrestlemania
    2. A really short title reign
    Why does everyone want Kong to come in and dominate.
    1. Its not like everyone will know who she is. She is going from TNA to WWE not the other way around.
    2. There is not much you can do with a giant diva monster (if they go that way). It will get old after a while.
    If Miz faces Cena at Wrestlemania then Cena will probably win. Most of the time the faces win the big matches at Mania. Really faces should win at Mania most of the time because its their biggest stage where good triumphs over evil.
    Who the hell cares about Trent Barreta?
    I thought the Rumble was really good. It seems your trying to hate the product so much that you just make up things to hate.
  2. The Doorman's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by MJHardyz
    by far the worst rumble i have ever seen!
    1.)the nexus beat down every time a new person got in the ring got old after the first person they did it to.
    2.)the Khali returned only to get dumped out less than a minute after he entered.
    3.)Booker T and Diesel returned and were eliminated just as fast as the got here.
    4.)Alex riley accidently lossing his grip on the rope's and getting eliminated, forcing Cena to stay in the rumble longer and having the officials rush around to the back to see what they wanted to do. than having the miz eliminate cena.
    5.) no other returns like Christian, Bourne, HHH.
    6.)the last entrant was kane. who is by far THE MOST BORING superstar in the WWE.
    and it gets even worse.
    7.) Alberto Del Rio won the rumble???????? are you kidding me. Alberto Del Rio. the guy with the annoying announcer, the annoying song??? that Alberto Del Rio? what??? now sure. i will give it to the guy. he is a good wrestler. and i firmly believe that you should never bash on a pro. in no way am i bashing Alberto Del Rio. i am how ever bashing that annoying song and announcer who's introduction seems to get longer every week. i am questioning the WWE's decision on having Alberto Del Rio win the Rumble at this stage in his carrer. not to say in the future he wont deserve it but now is way to early. especialy when you have guys like John Morrison who deserves a major push, William Regal who is by far the greatest wrestler to have never held a championship, Dolph Ziggler who deserves a push. and so does Chavo who is an amazing wrestler but is just living under Eddies shadow. (which is a pretty good shadow to live under i might add. R.I.P Eddie) chavo deserves a push and even a shot at a tittle. imean he put on the most entertaining part of the rumble. all of those guys would have been better than Del Rio at this time. i am very disapionted at how the rumble played out this year. all the hype, all the build up, the 40 people, and this is what we get. entertaining at times but overall a disappionment. but i am not gonna be bitter about it. i said what i wanted to say. so dont think i hate the guy, i just dont agree with the fact that he won.
    Why do u write such long comments? You should have just written a whole blog about this blog.
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