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Austin Mcintosh

Royal Rumble: Disappointment of the Century!

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I attended the 2011 Royal Rumble in Boston, Massachusetts. The last time I was in Boston it was for the 900th episode of RAW and that show was horrible.

I had higher hopes for Royal Rumble, which is usually the best PPV of the year besides Wrestlemania.
Ok, first of all you cant have a WWE Champion that can't win a match either on his own or clean. The Miz keeps talking about how everyone thinks he is a joke and now he knows why. Get Riley out and have Miz pin Cena Clean! Then maybe we can take him seriously.

The Royal Rumble itself was really poorly executed, after Kane came out as number 40(snore) the action completely stopped. If it wasn't for Chavo, Booker T, Big Sexy Kevin Nash/Diesel, the beginning which featured CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, and Regal I would have left. No HHH, Christian, Evan Bourne etc. Dont have Edge use Christian's finisher then have him not appear. The Divas whatever they had was um boring, what else. Kong needs to get here fast and hopefully get utilized right.

Another note is that when you don't have Trent Barreta in the Rumble when he produces a better product than Tyler Reks, Tyson Kidd, Chris Masters and has far superior wrestling ability. He deserves his chance.

You can not screw up the Royal Rumble it is usually the one show all year that is always good and WWE out did themselves and ruined the show.

Thank you for reading and please give your thoughts below.

signed- A die hard fan with his back against the wall.

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  1. Saiga's Avatar
    Amen brother, well said.
  2. natejoseph09's Avatar
    You seriously think the Miz is going to beat Cena clean, no one beats Cena clean, nowadays

    Overall i thought it was a good rumble, kiddies are just upset that Cena didn't win, get over it
  3. Lowki's Avatar
    The Unprettier by edge was a "shout out" because the spear was banned that's all. Christian making an appearence would have been good but then it takes away from Del Rio winning the Rumble. Miz isn't a champion that pins clean... i thought that has been established that he uses an almost Edge like "Ultimate opportunist" approach and it works. It's pissed you off so i'd say the miz is doing a good job. Divas match was just filler.
    Reks wasn't even in the rumble. Masters is due a push and Baretta better than Kidd? Not in my opinion.

    No HHH, Christian, Evan Bourne. Because two of those three are injured and are still a month or two away from returning. All this hype for christian and bourne, who are both underutilized and languished in jobber roles for most of the last year, is strange to say the least.

    It was a good rumble imo but it ruined it for you because you took rumours of returns WAY too seriously like quite a lot of people seem to do. You weren't happy with several returns like Nash, Booker T, Chavo and Regal.. or the fact that they put on Three matches (except divas) that were actually pretty solid and entertaining. You just seem to want more from an event that already provided quite a lot.
  4. thisbigmike's Avatar
    Truely, the only things that i did not like about the rumble:

    1) Bookert T and Kevin Nash should have been aloud to stay in the rummble longer. I would have liked to see booker wrestle a little more.
    2) Ziggler should have won the title. After this friday, it's just going to lead Edge vs. Delrio at Wrestle Mania. Whats next for Ziggler? When is his next chance? He can't go back down to the IC division now.
    3)Should of let the ring grow to almost 20 guys fighting, like it use to be a long time ago. I always enjoyed when the ring was full.

    Other then those, it was a pretty good Rumble. I got my money's worth!
  5. dres1214's Avatar
    I thought the rumble was good. Yea as everyone knows the Diva's match was a filler. We also can agree that the Diva's division isnt the best at the moment. The other matches I thought were great. The Miz is a heel, he never wins cleanly. Isn't that how most heels are? I mean it had memorable moments as well, Booker T, Diesel, and even Chavo doing that move set that was clearly dedicated to Eddie. Also to top it off ADR won the rumble. I dont understand the talk about how ADR wasn't ready for this push! like..really??? Thats another discussion. But IMO Rumble satisfied me and it was worth watching...
  6. miraistreak's Avatar
    Reks was in the rumble, he was squashed by New Nexus
  7. The Doorman's Avatar
    I thought it was a great PPV. Very exciting. Del Rio winning was great too.
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