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Turtle Time: Wrestlemania X-Seven DVD review part 2

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I apologize for over-blogging, but doing this in under 4 parts is looking pretty impossible. As an example the whole European title and the two segments after that were apart of part 1 but it was a 1753 characters over, so it's on part 2 now. But anyway lets get on with the review (trying to keep the intros short, sorry) . . .

WWF European Title: Test vs. Eddie Guerrero (w/ Perry Saturn)
Eddie is out first, with Saturn, who is wearing the hat to end all hats. Brief package of what happened last Raw is shown. Test is next.Eddie and Test brawl quickly with Test gaining the advantage, getting a flapjack and a nice gutwrench powerbomb. Eddie rolls out the ring now, but Test quickly follows. They brawl outside now. Eddie goes back inside the ring now and gains control, beating up Test on the ring apron and in the corner. Test fights back though, by press slamming Guerrero on the turnbuckle, and following up with a clothesline. Test knocks Eddie down before scoop slamming him. Test goes to the top, but Eddie follows him. Test avoids the hurricanrana. Test gets a top rope elbow. Test charges at Guerrero, but Eddie low-bridges him. This causes Test to get his leg caught in what seems to be a botch. Perry punches Test a few of times, before the ref and Eddie help Test get out of this predicament. Paul. E and J.R do a good job of covering this up though. Once Test is free and on the outside, Eddie continues to beat on Test. Eddie begins to work on the leg of Test. Back in the ring Eddie is targeting the leg of Test, Eddie manages to drop his weight on the leg. Test begins to fight back now, but Eddie gets in a sleeper to stop Test's momentum. Eddie then gives up the sleeper (that made no sense). Test comes back with a tilt-a-whirl slam. They both get up now, with Eddie gaining the advantage until Test gets a powerbomb. Eddie fights out the corner but gets stuck in a full nelson. Eddie low-blows Test to get out though, out of the ref's sight. Eddie distracts the ref, that allows Perry Saturn to get a fishermans suplex on Test. Eddie gets a brainbuster, he misses the frog splash but rolls out of any damage into a big boot and a pump-handle slam. Test knocks Saturn of the apron and gets a close 2 count. Saturn comes in again but gets big booted by Test and delivers the same to Eddie. Dean Malenko breaks up the pin and gets decked by Test as a result. Test turns around and gets hit with the title belt by Eddie for the pin at 8:32. To celebrate Eddie gets to wear Saturn's awesome hat. Good match hear that is probably worth **3/4. However factor in Perry's awesome hat and i'll give it ***. Yes I just gave an extra 1/4* for a hat but if you saw it you'd understand.

Interview with Foley now as he promises to call the Shane vs. Vince match fairly.

Austin is shown in his dressing room now to a nice pop.

Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit.
Kurt comes out first and runs his mouth on the state of Texas. Benoit is out next, and this thing is ready to get underway. Couple of collar and elbow tie-ups now. Which leads to a lovely sequence of wrestling maneuvers, which people cheered, always nice to see people appreciate technical wrestling. They go back to the technical wrestling now and get back to their feet again. The crowd claps again which is good to see. Angle throws Benoit and they both continue technical wrestling. They both get back up and go straight to the technical wrestling again, Benoit goes for the crossface but Angle scrambles to the ropes. They go back to some more technical wrestling now as Benoit, once again, goes for the crossface, but Angle scrambles to the ropes again. Kurt rolls out the ring now before going back inside and continuing the technical wrestling, Benoit tries for the crossface again, but Kurt scrambles to the ropes. Again. Benoit argues with the ref now until Kurt decks Chris to end the long (perhaps too long) chain of mat-based wrestling.

Kurt takes it outside now, where he works on Chris on the outside. Kurt whips Benoit into the steps and places him back in the ring. Kurt gives Benoit a nice suplex and then a back suplex to Chris. Kurt begins to work on Chris in the corner, stomping him and elbowing Chris in the throat. Back in the ring now as Kurt gets chopped by Benoit before answering back with a belly-to-belly suplex. Kurt gives Benoit another belly-to-belly now, but Benoit fights back getting a clothesline. Both up now, they begin to trade blows in the corner. Benoit reverses an Irish whip into a knee into the abdomen. Benoit gains the upper-hand now. Chris gets the reverse elbow and then a snap suplex. Benoit gets the superplex on Angle which gets a two count. Kurt gets whipped into the corner before a couple of German suplexes. Angle reverses the third German and goes for the ankle lock, but Benoit scrambles to the rope. Angle drags Benoit into the middle to try and get the ankle lock, but Benoit reverses it into an ankle lock of his own. Kurt fights out though before getting caught in a crossface. Angle, however, reverses it into a crossface of his own, Benoit manages to get to the ropes though. Angle accidently knocks out the ref and Benoit gets in another crossface which causes Angle to tap, but the ref is still knocked down (talk about over-selling). Chris goes to check on the ref, but is given an Angle slam by Kurt which gets a close 2 count. Benoit gets the knees up to Kurt's moonsault (which i'm pretty sure has a 0% success rate). Benoit gets a diving headbutt for another close 2 count before Benoit waistlocks Kurt. Angle low blows out of it though and it eventually leads to a roll-up by Angle (who grabs the tights)for the 3 at 14:20. Not the best of endings, but overall a solid match that ticks most of the boxes ****.

Segmentmania continues now. As Regal, who got beat earlier on, is interviewed by Michael Cole about his loss. Regal heads to his room where Kamala is on his table . He rubs his belly a bit before leaving. Okay.

We then get another clip (really?!?) of when WWF superstars went to Fort hood Killen,Texas. This would've been better as just an extra. I think it is actually.

Interview with Angle next. He talks about how he doesn't respect Benoit and brags about how he beat him. Benoit attack Angle and makes him tap in the crossface to prolong the feud.

WWF Women's Title: Ivory vs. Chyna.
Hype package of how this match happened is shown. the champ Ivory is out first, before Chyna is out. Chyna pushes the ref away, allowing Ivory to hit Chyna with the belt without getting caught. Ivory stomps on Chyna before delivering the elbow to the neck of Chyna. Ivory continues to work on Chyna's neck before Chyna catches a kick from Ivory and throw her. Chyna beats up Ivory in the corner and gives Ivory a terrible hip toss. She eats a couple of clotheslines and a big back body drop. Ivory gets powerbombed and breaks the ref's count at 2 to press slam Ivory and that gets the 3 and a new womens champ at 2:38. Sloppy match here that was really a waste of time 1/4*.

In the back, Vince prepares for his match and orders Trish to up Linda's medication. Linda still manages to not smile. Michael Cole comes in and Vince continues to hype his match with Shane.

Hype package shows, chronicles the McMahon saga. Such as: Shane buying WCW and Vince's affair with Trish.

Street Fight: Shane McMahon vs. Vince McMahon(w/ Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley) .
Shane is out first. He gives a shout out to the WCW mid-carders who were stupid enough to show up. They all look pretty bored. Shane then introduces Mick Foley as the special guest referee. Vince is out next. Vince slaps Shane and brings the fight to Shane, beating him in the corner. Shane punches Vince in what looks like the nuts, but Vince no-sells it. Vince continues to beat Shane in the corner. Shane starts to fight back getting a clothesline and a spear. Shane continues to beat up Vince forcing Steph to try and stop Shane. Shane gets slapped by Steph and she runs. Shane baseball slides Vince and continues to beat up Vince on the outside. Shane chokes out Vince with a rope and throws him into the steps. Shane jumps on the barricade and clotheslines Vince. Vince is thrown into the barricade before he goes smack-happy with a kendo stick on Vince. Shane starts to deliver jabs to Vince and eventually drops him. Vince continues to take a pounding as Shane hits Vince with a monitor and places Vince on the table. Shane goes for a top rope elbow drop onto Vince but misses and lands on the table. Linda and Trish come down now as Trish slaps Vince, turning face in the process. Trish and Steph now fight, Mick tries to break it up, but Steph slaps him. He allows them to continue all the way to the back. Vince then stares at Linda and goes for her, but Foley breaks it up. Mick tries to get Linda to safety, but Vince jumps him and decks him with a chair. Vince places Linda in the corner and he brings Shane back in. Vince hits Shane with a few times with some trashcans before Linda stands up and kicks Vince in his nuts to a loud pop. Mick comes back in now and beats Vince into the corner before Shane places a trashcan on Vince and does a coast to coast for the pin at 14:11. Wasn't the best wrestling match but the fans, drama and ending made up for that. Overall surprisingly entertaining ***3/4.

We then see a clip of fan axxess and the Hardyz hyping up their TLC match.

Segmentmania continues now, as we now see Taker and HHH preparing for their match.

Well thats part 2 done look out for part 3 and 4 tomorrow, thanks for reading and as always feel free to comment on my blogs and profile page and tell me what you think of my reviews .

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