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The Wrestling Revolution!

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“(insert name here) has revolutionised sports entertainment” Chances are, if you’re a wrestling fan, you’ve heard this phrase tossed around more than a racial slur at a red neck get together. Everybody and their grandmother felt they were worthy of laying claim to that honour throughout the nineties and early 2000’s, we heard it so much that after awhile the phrase lost a lot of its meaning.

What does it mean to revolutionise an industry? Who are the people who can truly plant their flag of revolution on the surface of the wrestling universe? And more importantly, when is the next one going to show up and do it again?
The Ruthless Tyrant

Despite what you may have heard, pro wrestling existed before Vince McMahon, and it was even successful. But it was like a person with 20/200 in that it had no vision, and that was something the aspiring wrestling mogul had plenty of. He looked at what the carnival like industry was and saw what it could become. So he did what any good despot does and he took over all of his competition and raided their talent, something that all the promoters of the time agreed they would not do.

What followed was a success that no one in Pro Rasslin thought possible, with the acquisition of Hulk Hogan, McMahon turned the WWF into a global media phenomenon. No longer confined to county fairs the industry flourished.
McMahon introduced us to the concept of sports PPV, and is credited as one of its originators. His company, the WWE, has set all kinds of attendance and cable television records and the personalities that he helped craft are among the most popular in the world.

Vincent Kennedy McMahon for all intents and purposes created what we call sports entertainment. Yes it existed before but no one cared. It was a side show and a gimmick, and defiantly not the multibillion dollar industry it is today.
The Cocky One Hit Wonder

Eric Bischoff revolutionised sports entertainment and kicked Vince McMahons ass. Don’t believe me? Ask him yourself (Wow, was that ever a surreal moment). Regardless of how you feel about his current run in TNA one thing that can’t be disputed is what he did for the wrestling industry.

This jester in the court of pro wrestling walked straight up to the king slapped him right in the face and said “What!?” And for eighty some weeks the Mighty McMahon had no answer.

Taking a page out of Vince’s hand book he raided his locker room, introduced us to one of the most shocking moments of wrestling history with the formation of the NWO and kick started the Monday night Wars, the most entertaining era in sports entertainment history.

Because Bischoff changed the game; Vince had to change the way he did business, and when that happened Pro wrestling enjoyed one of its most exciting and profitable periods . The attitude era that everyone on this website misses so much was created because of him.

The Angry Rebel

Out of the three Paul Heymans ECW was probably the least successful but the most exciting. EXTREAM CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING was to pro wrestling what Nirvana was to the music industry. A swift kick in the ass. People tuned in because they never knew what the wrestlers were going to do next or what their fearless leader would say. Heyman revolutionised in your face wrestling, in fact WWE’s attitude was merely a watered down version of what ECW had been doing for years

And while ECW folded first, their fans remain die hard to this day. When WcW met its demise, how many times did you hear the fans chant the company name? Never? Yeah that sounds about right, but for years after its demise fans still proudly chanted ECW during WWE matches, or let the wrestlers know when they fucked up or did something amazing.
Pauley gave us that, and while ECW never reached WWE status, its influence has reached far beyond its small venue roots.

Okay so like I mentioned before wrestling is in a transitional period and long time fans are getting a little impatient. So it’s obvious that we need someone to come around and do what only few have done in the past. But who? I don’t know and anyone who claims they do is a damn liar, just like the three that came before the next in line will come out of nowhere with an idea that no one has thought of.

And I think that all the people who are hoping that Pauley will come to TNA or that the Rock will return should dream a little bigger and have more patience. The answer to this slump isn’t in the past but in the future and I for one am eagerly awaiting the day it comes.

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. VKM's Avatar
    You make great points. I wonder who it will be. The way the sports entertainment industry is going, I won't be alive to see who it is that will revolutionize the biz
  2. The Sheep's Avatar
    It's likley in the future, and somebody already in our eyes.
  3. Riel's Avatar
    It's probably someone totally unassuming, It could be Todd Grisham for all we know, just waiting for their chance to put whatever idea they have in motion.

    @VKM I think it will happen within your lifetime - unless you have some kind of terminal disease, in which case, sorry to hear that bro you seen like a really cool guy. Jk, but I think it will happen sooner than you think, probably not tomorrow or even next year but I don't think its a stretch to believe that within five to ten years.

    It probably wont be a McMahon or a Levesque tho, I think that well may be dry. They may still be the people to run the company but not the visionary's the industry needs.

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