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Factions and Tag Team that should be! PART 1: FACTIONS

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Hey guys!

After watching CM Punk’s New Nexus take shape on Raw, and the rise of Wade Barrett’s new group, the Corre, on SmackDown – I’ve been bit by the faction bug!
For quite a while, I’ve been thinking up Factions that I would like to see form on WWE TV, as well as potential tag teams to give new life to the near-death WWE Tag Team Division of today.

As follows, each faction and tag team will have details on NAME/MEMBERS/FORMATION/TAGLINE/GROUP TAG TEAMS/HEEL OR FACE/BRAND.


William Regal (Leader/Mentor) (*William Regal recently stated that he will soon retire from in-ring competition, putting him in more of a mentor-like role)
Wade Barrett
Drew McIntyre
Mason Ryan
FORMATION: Former 2008 King of the Ring, William Regal, feels as though he has always been held down by the WWE, due to the fact that he isn’t American – much like many of WWE’s top stars throughout history. Regal then promises the WWE Universe that he will build his “own empire” to rise to the top of the WWE. Aligning himself with fellow King of the Ring winner, Sheamus, William Regal then forms a team of fellow UK-born superstars on the WWE Roster. He aligns himself with fellow Englishmen Mason Ryan and Wade Barrett – as the muscle and accomplice, respectively – “the Chosen One” Drew McIntyre as the future star, and the lovely Layla as a valet for the faction. Together, they will take what they want with brute force!
TAGLINE: Fall before the Empire!
Wade Barrett & Drew McIntyre (*Trivia: under the alias Stu Sanders, Wade Barrett and Drew McIntyre once teamed up in FCW as “The Empire”)
Sheamus & Mason Ryan
BRAND: Monday Night Raw

John Cena (Leader)
FORMATION: Having sometimes fought single-handedly against such powerful groups as Legacy and the Nexus – and with new and more dangerous factions on the rise – John Cena enlisted the help of close friends; R-Truth, JTG and Eve Torres as “soldiers” to fight alongside him, and to fight the good fight for the WWE Universe!
TAGLINE: YOU CAN’T SEE US! (*In reference to their camouflage attire/group colours)
R-Truth and JTG
BRAND: Monday Night Raw

David “A-List” Otunga (Leader)
Michael Tarver
Brodus Clay
FORMATION: A-List Superstar ‘wannabe’ David Otunga, is now his own man and has enlisted the help of former Nexus stable member Michael Tarver as his personal trainer/sparring partner, and former A-List celebrity bodyguard, Brodus Clay, as his own personal bodyguard. With his own team, Otunga hopes to achieve fame and become the biggest superstar in WWE History!
TAGLINE: If You Aren’t A-List…You Aren’t On The List!
Brodus Clay & Michael Tarver
BRAND: Friday Night SmackDown

Ted DiBiase (Leader)
Brett DiBiase (From FCW, Currently)
Husky Harris
Bo Rotundo (From FCW, Currently)
Michael McGillicutty
FORMATION: In order to keep their WWE Tag Team Championships intact, brothers Brett and Ted DiBiase put their check-books together and “bought” the favour of fellow “Next Gen” tag team, the Rotundo Bros and the son of WWE Hall of Famer Mr. Perfect – Michael McGillicutty.
TAGLINE: Everyone Else Is Just Unfortunate!
The DiBiase’s – Brett and Ted
Rotundo Bros – Husky Harris & Bo Rotundo
BRAND: Monday Night Raw
(*It’s highly likely that Bo Rotundo will have a very different name if or when he get’s called up to the main roster)

The Usos – Jimmy and Jey
Roman Anoa’i (From FCW, Currently known as Roman Leakee)
Donny Marlow (From FCW, Currently)
FORMATION: When Tamina introduced Roman Anoa’i – son of Sika to the WWE universe – and Donny Marlow – son of Haku – she and the Usos promised that their new group will finally do their Samoan heritage proud and become dominant in the WWE!
TAGLINE: For Samoa!
The Usos
Roman Anoa’i and Donny Marlow
BRAND: Monday Night Raw

Bret “Hitman” Hart
David Hart Smith
Tyson Kidd
FORMATION: When the Fortunate Sons begin to torment WWE Hall of Famer, Bret Hart, and try to persuade his nephew and niece – David Hart Smith and Natalya – to join their group of “Next Gen” WWE Superstars, Bret reforms the Hart Dynasty to do battle with Ted DiBiase and his new group and win back the WWE Tag Team Championships!
David Hart Smith and Tyson Kidd
BRAND: Monday Night Raw

John Morrison (Leader)
Heath Slater
Joey Mercury
FORMATION: After shockingly turning his back on the fans, John Morrison reunited with ex-girlfriend and fierce WWE Diva, Melina. Soon thereafter, the so-called “Rock Star” took former Nexus stable member “the One-Man-Rock-Band” Heath Slater as his apprentice, and gained former MNM tag team partner, Joey Mercury, as an ally. With his own “Band” of superstars watching his back, John Morrison hopes his new group will lead him straight to the very top of WWE!
TAGLINE: We Will ROCK You…Whether You Like It, Or Not!
Heath Slater and Joey Mercury
BRAND: Friday Night SmackDown

Mark Henry (Leader)
Ezekiel Jackson
Titus O’Neil
FORMATION: After forming a colossal tag team with Ezekiel Jackson on SmackDown, Mark Henry looked to take the “blue brand” by storm. But after he felt underappreciated and overlooked by friend and SmackDown GM, Theodore Long, Mark Henry, along with Ezekiel, began a reign of chaos throughout the show! But when Henry took on the big and strong Titus O’Neil as his apprentice – the domination of SmackDown had truly begun!
TAGLINE: It Ain’t About Race or A Nation – It’s About Total Domination!
Mark Henry and Ezekiel Jackson
BRAND: Friday Night SmackDown

Dolph Ziggler
“Dashing Cody Rhodes
Byron Saxton
Jacob Novak
FORMATION: After breaking up with SmackDown Official Consultant Vickie Guerrero, many believed Dolph Ziggler was a changed man. But many were wrong. After quickly taking on Maryse as his new girlfriend, Dolph became cockier than even before! His cockiness and self-confidence attracted the attention of fellow self-loving WWE Superstars “Dashing” Cody Rhodes and Ziggler’s two former NXT Season 4 Rookies: Bryon Saxton and Jacob Novak. Now that this group of supremely cocky young stars is complete, one question remains: can one team contain this many egos???
TAGLINE: Read The Name!
Byron Saxton & Jacob Novak
BRAND: Friday Night SmackDown

Santino Marella
Vladimir Kozlov
Beth Phoenix
FORMATION: After Beth Phoenix returned to Santino’s side as only an ally, the former WWE Tag Team Champions began to fight for the affections of the “Glamazon”. But this dominating team continues to provide the WWE Universe with slid competition, and great entertainment!
Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov
BRAND: Monday Night Raw

Alberto Del Rio
Vickie Guerrero
Ricardo Rodriguez
Rosa Mendes
FORMATION: After breaking up with boyfriend Dolph Ziggler, Vickie Guerrero became depressed. That is…until she met the “man of her dreams” in the wealthy and confident, Alberto Del Rio. When Del Rio charmed the Official Consultant of SmackDown, she believed Del Rio would eventually dump her, just like all of her former boyfriends in WWE. Vickie even went as far to admit that she is ‘fat’ to the entire WWE Universe. After hiring fit WWE Diva Rosa Mendes as her personal trainer, Del Rio lifted Vickie spirit’s up and finally convinced her to be his girlfriend. Now, this new power couple on SmackDown looks to make sure nothing will ever come between them.
TAGLINE: Excuse Me! But You Already Knew That!

FORMATION: It’s finally happened! WWE Chairman Mr McMahon has given 100% ownership (*kayfabe) to daughter Stephanie McMahon, and son-in-law Triple H!
Now, these two will rule over the WWE with an iron fist – much like Mr. McMahon did before them.
(*With Mr. McMahon now exclusively working behind the scenes, Hunter and Stephanie will take over Mr. McMahon’s role on TV as the owners and almighty authority figures. Also, Triple H will no longer chase after WWE Championships!)
TAGLINE: You STILL Got No Chance In Hell!
BRAND: Monday Night Raw

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  1. Trips88's Avatar
    Yea ummm your suggestions were kinda...well they were crap. Your first was alright. except the taglines, all of them were horrible. Then it went down hill from there. You have an idea for an group called a list comprised of c list talent, A group that rips of the legacy with the whole next gen thing, heart dynasty's been done already, rock band is a video game, o and to be real original you have a faction that's comprised of some black guys that you wanna call domination? Why not just throw the words "Nation of" onto the front of that? O WAIT! It's already been done. O and your gonna have a group with the word perfect in it with out Michael McGillicutty? Not cool man. Another thing worth noting is that a tag team, let alone a group with Santino in it makes no sense to me. The fact that he holds the tag titles is a joke, and every day he and the Russian remain champs, the once amazing division looses more credibility. If people don't stop mashing the names Del Rio and Gurrerro together I'm gonna cry. Yes I, a grown ass man, will cry. Del Rio is a great wrestler that is getting pushed waaaaay to fast and Eddie was an AMAZING wrestler that didn't get pushed fast enough. Lastly, and most importantly The McMAHON-HELMSLEY FAMILY was already done in the form of The McMAHON-HELMSLEY ERA! Which was way more entertaining because they weren't given anything they just took over!
    Dude your stats and trivia were top notch man I really enjoyed reading new things about new tallent, but maybe you should stick to talking about who's coming next and leave what to do with them to......well in all fairness to you I can't say leave it to the big boys because we all know "the big boys" aka the majority of the WWE writing staff writes most of their ideas with the same crayons that 99% of Cena's fans use. (Trivia: The WWE writer's also have snack time and nap time just like 99% of Cena's fans.)
    *For the record I'm actually a Cena fan, just stating the obvious*
  2. blackout version 1's Avatar
    A few small things Sheamus is Irish not British ! Republic of Ireland is not in the UK . Also Mason Ryan is Welsh . And why on earth would Barrett join a group where he is second to Regal . It's not realistic at all !
  3. evilash's Avatar
    @blackout version1: My mistake - I'm from Scotland as well haha, I was'nt thinking! The trivia at the top meant that Wade Barrett won't be taking a back seat to Regal - the way I imagined it, Regal is just a manager/mentor - he forms the group, then guys like Wade and Sheamus take centre stage.
  4. Bob Bowman's Avatar
  5. drumgod's Avatar
    LOVE IT!

    Def. need to see HHH/STEPH claim ownership of the wwe. Kayfab of course. That would bring a whole new experience to RAW. One it badly needs...

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