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What I hate about Wrestling

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Allow me to begin by saying i may be slightly biased and i am the first to admit it, i have always been a fan of the Hardy Boyz and the rest of the carolina group (i do agree that as of late Shane Helms has been way outta line). however, i go around, and i see this hatred towards certain parts of the product, and certain wrestlers, and it leaves me asking why.

TNA- ok, yes, some of the hate going at it is backed up and with good reason, but it seems alot of people are just glad to jump on to the "WE HATE TNA" band wagon. TNA has grown a bit stailer (is that how you spell it? :P its early, i'm tired) sinse a few years back, but they still offer an alternative from WWE. I go everywhere and i find people complaining about wanting the attitude era back, and bring back the blood, and etc. for WWE, but when TNA takes on the characteristics of then, all the sudden to everyone they're just reviving a dead era. an example of this very thing would be another post a few days ago here, name names i shall not, however it was obvious it was just alot of people complaining.

at least, with TNA, you can expect a match to continue if someone gets a little bloody, i like WWE, but i like being able to watch TNA as well.


Matt- now, as i said, i'm very biased i believe, but some things just do not make sense to me. first off is the issue of Matt's weight, or rather, how big a deal everyone makes of it. yes, matt's a little chunky, but he is not fat, not by any means. i'm a big guy, but i'm not obese, and i'm bigger then him stomach wise. and so what, the guy has a similar hairstyle to Awesome Kong... who honestly feels that this is some "big cause" to try and make the guy look like a fool, yes, his actions to get out of WWE were rather childish, but he spent years in the midcard area, i imagine that can frustrate someone, Matt knows what he's doing in the ring irregardless of what people want to say.

Jeff- yes, the dude did drugs, we all know he did drugs, he knows, i know, you know, by now the people with no tv in the middle east must know, can we move past it already? i got knews for people, it isn't easy to resist the urge of drugs, when you know how good they can feel. the guy was out of WWE, he was a little banged up (he had a hurniated disc in his back i believe) and etc. this happens to many people. but people are trying to use him as a scapegoat so they do not need to recognize that there favourite, is probably on the exact same stuff. Jeff definately needs to get his act together now that he has a daughter, but when i read comments like "hope he enjoys gettin raped in jail" and "i wish he would die"... what the blue hell did he do to you personally to instigate attacks like that. if you don't like Jeff due to his wrestling or due to the wrestling persona he is currently playing, thats fine, thats his wrestling gimmick, thats what your supposed to like or dislike. but his personal life shouldn't be used against him. i understand, he's supposed to be a "romodel for the kids" well, i'm sorry, but if i ever see Jeff turn into freaking John Cena, i'm not going to be a fan anymore, and thats saying something.

WWE- mind you, i often am on this side of the hatred, to my own regret. WWE PG era, its a pain in the neck, but i can understand why they're doing it. they need new fans for when the old attitude era fans finally give up screaming for stone cold to come out and give a can of whoop ass to whatever care-bear loving babyface is in and out this week, because as bad as some of it is, not all of it is. Miz is a great champ and a believable heel, and he's funny enough for a face turn should the situation marret it. i agree, keep Cena off of the championship for a good long while, he was much more enjoyable around the time he first debuted. however, WWE is full of some people who do care. yes, vince needs to stop acting like its all for him and only he is watching because to be honest, more then one type of person is watching, but WWE does try to a degree and as said, if you don't like it, TNA IS an alternative.

finally, i'd like to point out that in a lot of places, people like to turn on wrestlers they like once said wrestler actually is in a position of power. you like the guy? they give him the title and you hate the guy. i have trouble understanding it, but you know, whatever.

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  1. SilverGhost's Avatar

    Everyone should read this. I don't hate TNA but I don't like its choices.
  2. sublimer's Avatar
    wow, you sure do hate a lot of things. Haha.
  3. Trips88's Avatar
    Ok so in order-
    The Hardy Boyz are dead, they had a good run but they don't exist anymore. Probably because Jeff has surpassed Matt in every single way including body fat percentage. Your right Matt is just chunky and you might be too THE DIFFERENCE being that he makes his living as an athlete, and he no longer looks, move's or performs like an athlete!
    Jeff will never live down the drug charges, they have tainted what I feel was the brightest young career in a long time. He'll still get gigs with TNA and other second rate companies but he'll never get back to where he was supposed to be, and that's truly sad.
    As far as other people's favorite wrestlers doing drugs is concerned, I wouldn't be surprised if my faves were drug users. Hell after all Jeff is one of my faves so that just goes to show how good my judgment is.
    I am curious about your last point you made though. Who has been beloved by the WWE universe and then hated right after winning the belt?
  4. VKM's Avatar
    With the TNA situation, most hate the blood cause TNA in deed takes the spilling and gashing of the blood way too serious. In the attitude era, people weren't getting bloody every episode of RAW. I personally wanted to see some more blood, because i knew it would sell a better match for a hell in a cell, or a elimination chamber. That's where WWE made it's mistake. Why have a PPV like elimination chamber or hell in a cell, if it can't live up to its reputation of having blood. My point is wrestling fans are picky. They want blood but not too much of it. They want younger wrestler to be pushed but not to the point where they win the royal rumble and have barely been there for a year (Hint, hint: Alberto Del Rio)
  5. Rick BoA's Avatar
    Jeff hardy was the biggest name in wrestling during his last run in the wwe. His pops were insane. Too bad he went and became a druggy. oh well.

    But i have been a fan of the hardys since they were in the new brood. Matt has always been my favorite and still is one of mine, and you have to give the guy credit in 3 months he went from that picture of him and christian that we have all seen to packing on a bunch of mass and losing alot of fat. If he keeps it up in another 3-6 months he will be in amazing shape, but i think he is putting on too much muscle, but thats just me.
  6. Jaitsu's Avatar
    don't get me wrong people, i will gladly admit TNA does have flaws, what annoys me is when people hate on it for very dumb reasons, or just for the sake of hating something. as for the Hardy's, well, if Matt has to be in super shape for everything, then wheres everyones excuse for samoa joe, Vader, Big Show (okay, i guess you can skip that one really), even Jericho was getting a little chunky for a while.

    one person i can name who instantly was hated by many once he became the champ was miz. yes, theres still a lot of fans of him (me included, he's "awesome") but once he turned champ, i did see, online and in real life as well (among my friends who are fans of wrestling) turn on the guy.

    VKM, i agree, and i'm glad del rio won that.

    anyone know why the title of this changed, when i made it i put "what i hate about wrestling haters". hmm... oh well, no matter.
  7. Xpacfan's Avatar
    Overall I agree with you Jaitsu. But I've just accepted that the majority of people on this sight are WWE marks and refuse to give TNA credit for anything. Trying to get the majority of people here to view the wrestling scene objectively is a lost cause on here.

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