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Main Event Mafia vs Immortal

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So Crimson warned some select members of Immortal that "They" were coming for them now.

Speculation grew that it would be the Main Event Mafia, and now with Scott Steiner's return in a suit, you have to assume it is the Main Event Mafia.

Lets take a look at what type of feud were talking here between Main Event Mafia and Fortune, first by running down who I think Main Event Mafia will consist of.

Kurt Angle - The Grandfather?
Sting - He didn't do the WWE HoF this year...
Kevin Nash - Reportedly talking with TNA.
Scott Steiner - In TNA as of now..
Booker T - He's probably only a phonecall and few a dollars away.
Crimson - Been their messenger, and you know what.. I like this kid, looks pretty good in the ring.
Matt Morgan - He actually wanted to be apart of them before... remember?

Damn stables looking huge with lots of big names in it... that is if TNA goes all out with this and does reach out to all of these guys.

But here's someone yo might not have seen coming.... "The Pope" D'angelo Dinerio. Think about it... he was with Nash and Sting until they left TNA. He's been raising donations... Sneaking around doing business deals.... I think Pope is a member of M.E.M.

Hey here's a cool thought, Rob Van Dam? Give him a suit, some black tinted glasses... put a yin yang on the back of his black suit... lol.. IDK sounds like some crazy karate dude to me. He could evolve his character.

Eric Young, just a shot in the dark... he was in Immortal's dressing room while Ric Flair was hosting a pep rally for Immortal lol... found it hilarious... Ric Flair, "WHAT THE HELL YOU DOING IN HERE?!?"... but maybe he's a spy for the Mafia...

Anyways those were just some guys who I see that would fit the bill. You could even throw Joe in there, but I wouldn't.

On the otherside of the coin we got..

Eric Bischoff
Hulk Hogan
Ric Flair
AJ Styles
James Storm
Robert Roode
Rob Terry

Quite the stable as well...

Should be interesting to see where this feud goes, and I just hope some of the older guys have been staying in shape, either way... I personally would still like to see them give it another go. The young talents could learn from em'.

I'm sure this blog will get some negative feedback just because everybody hates TNA for stupid reasons. Anyways.. I enjoy all wrestling shows... ROH, WWE, TNA... I like to actually talk about what their doing on the shows rather than bashing the politics of it.

Anyways, what are your thoughts on this whole thing?

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  1. teacher_on_da_rampage!'s Avatar
    love your hypothesis, now i think it may happend this way except pope, he teamed up for jarret tonight in manchester england!
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