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Main Event Mafia vs Immortal

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So Crimson warned some select members of Immortal that "They" were coming for them now.

Speculation grew that it would be the Main Event Mafia, and now with Scott Steiner's return in a suit, you have to assume it is the Main Event Mafia.

Lets take a look at what type of feud were talking here between Main Event Mafia and Fortune, first by running down who I think Main Event Mafia will consist of.

Kurt Angle - The Grandfather?
Sting - He didn't do the WWE HoF this year...
Kevin Nash - Reportedly talking with TNA.
Scott Steiner - In TNA as of now..
Booker T - He's probably only a phonecall and few a dollars away.
Crimson - Been their messenger, and you know what.. I like this kid, looks pretty good in the ring.
Matt Morgan - He actually wanted to be apart of them before... remember?

Damn stables looking huge with lots of big names in it... that is if TNA goes all out with this and does reach out to all of these guys.

But here's someone yo might not have seen coming.... "The Pope" D'angelo Dinerio. Think about it... he was with Nash and Sting until they left TNA. He's been raising donations... Sneaking around doing business deals.... I think Pope is a member of M.E.M.

Hey here's a cool thought, Rob Van Dam? Give him a suit, some black tinted glasses... put a yin yang on the back of his black suit... lol.. IDK sounds like some crazy karate dude to me. He could evolve his character.

Eric Young, just a shot in the dark... he was in Immortal's dressing room while Ric Flair was hosting a pep rally for Immortal lol... found it hilarious... Ric Flair, "WHAT THE HELL YOU DOING IN HERE?!?"... but maybe he's a spy for the Mafia...

Anyways those were just some guys who I see that would fit the bill. You could even throw Joe in there, but I wouldn't.

On the otherside of the coin we got..

Eric Bischoff
Hulk Hogan
Ric Flair
AJ Styles
James Storm
Robert Roode
Rob Terry

Quite the stable as well...

Should be interesting to see where this feud goes, and I just hope some of the older guys have been staying in shape, either way... I personally would still like to see them give it another go. The young talents could learn from em'.

I'm sure this blog will get some negative feedback just because everybody hates TNA for stupid reasons. Anyways.. I enjoy all wrestling shows... ROH, WWE, TNA... I like to actually talk about what their doing on the shows rather than bashing the politics of it.

Anyways, what are your thoughts on this whole thing?

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  1. SilverGhost's Avatar
    If you actually read our "bashings" you would know why.

    Anyways, tonight's Impact was good. Expecting another good one. This feud would be good but I am worried that another faction battle will start after this one. I think TNA shouldn't do factions for a while after this.

    I will enjoy this faction battle though. Crimson is a beast.

    Crimson/Morgan for Tag Team champs soon?
  2. Anyrysm's Avatar
    I like what you had to say; I like this Crimson as well. I don't agree with the Pope analysis, just because they've been building a feud with Somoa Joe and if one of them joined MEM to fight Immortal where would that leave the other guy?

    I don't think Booker will be back, just because I don't think TNA will pay what he'll want to return to life on the road.
  3. Jaceshadoe's Avatar
    Your right. The thing that MEM didn't do well last time was promote TNA's young talent, but they rather fight them last time. I think it was for a good cause mostly. This would be the biggest TNA storyline, maybe not the best but dam sure the biggest. This would really be good if MEM consist of:
    Scott Steiner(already in), Sting, Nash, Booker T.(TNA should have kept him,grate talent and mic skills),Kurt Angle(already in), Crimson(already in), Eric Young(buddy of Nash,would really put E.Y. back in the spotlight), Hernandez(the next big poppa pump size wize), The Pope(not to hard to figure out why), Samoa Joe(after what Jeff Jarret did, yea it adds up).
    I don't see Matt Morgan , RVD, or Mr Anderson joining up because they are doing just fine by themselfs getting shine.
  4. VKM's Avatar
    I like your ideas, but like Silverghost, I'm getting tired of faction battles. Almost every year, TNA did faction battles. TNA has more factions than WWE has and had. That is a lot since considering how old WWE is compared to TNA since its only been around since 2002. I think the blame goes to Vince Russo though. In WCW, the NWO was what made them great and now Russo thinks making another type of NWO faction will put TNA on the map. Don't think so.
  5. sublimer's Avatar
    I like TNA, as I am a wrestling fan, and TNA has some good talents like RVD, so what can ya do but watch and hope they get some things straightened out, WWE needs competition. A million viewers + each week is not bad....
  6. mjdiddy1's Avatar
    If MEM is 'THEY' this time and knowing Russo, it will follow the same scenario and MEM should consist of:
    Kurt Angle
    Scott Steiner
    Kevin Nash (unfortunately)
    Booker T
    Crimson (really shouldn't be in it but the kid is good)
    And here goes your swerve (a'la Jeff Hardy): AJ Styles.
    AJ fits the mold for MEM-he has held the X-division title, TV & Legends title, & the World title. He currently the weakest link in Immortal (in the eyes of Bischoff mind you) and has a brother type deal going with Angle and semi history with Sting. So I think AJ turns on Immortal soon and joins MEM!
  7. evilash's Avatar
    The Main Event Mafia is definetly "They" are we all have figured, but I think Kurt Angle will introduce a "New" Mafia to battle Immortal. I strongly believe Booker T will NOT return (in fact, after reading the latest headline on this website, I'd say it's possible he's going to be a suprise entrant into the 40-Man WWE Royal Rumble), but Kevin Nash may make an appearance, and I think Sting will likely return on the February 3rd TNA Impact. Although, Crimson may just be a messenger and nothing more if/when the group returns
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