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Possible Mania Line Up

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Here is a list of the best possible options in my opinion to make this years mania card.

Undertaker V Sting:
I realize this is a long shot, but as of public knowledge Sting is a free agent, and honestly who wouldn't buy Mania for that match alone.

Undertaker v Tripple H:
This is a better possibility. we know HHH is returning any time now. I just can't imagine that they would do something as lame as barret and taker after the long who's who list of taker opponents. Tripps is a safe guy to wrestle for takers feble body and has the name power to draw for that special attraction match.

Miz v Cena: wwe title
I know there's alot of Miz haters, but this past Monday (1-24-11) we saw a teaser. Obviously cena would win, but i really think Miz can hold his own in building up this match, not to mention the publicity he gets as a former MTV celeb would be great for mania!

Edge v Christian: WHC
No Brainer, shoulda happened 2 years ago

Kane v Shaemus:
Why not?

The Corre v The new Nexus: loser disbands as a group
Barrett, zeek, slater and gabrial v punk, otunga, mcgilicutty and harris

Big Show V Rey Mysterio:
never go wrong with 2 vets.

Del Rio V Orton:
Probebly not likley, but i just can't see orton in the title match, unless against edge and christian gets shafted. also dont think del rio will still be beefing with rey... maybe del rio in mitb, but hes worth more than that.

Money In The Bank:
Not sure if they will do one after having the PPV, but if so...
Drew Mcityre, Morrison, Ziggler, ted dibiasse, cody rodes, r truth, daniel brian, kofi kingston, swagger, Tarver

Who cares? popcorn break. Trish could spice things up! Longshot tho.

Side Notes: I think this year needs extra star power, shell out big bucks for anyone from sting... to Rock money talks... mania needs it. Maybe a mayweather style celeb? Something different.

Stay away from anything with Cena and orton in the same match.

Dont insult the taker with anything less than future or current hall of fame level opponents.

Fresh Faces! Miz needs a main event, Christan needs a main event!

A jericho one night spot wouldnt hurt.

HBK some how involved in ring. ex: reff, enforcer, manager, promo, something to put the cherry on top of his HOF!

Daniel brian should have a good one one title match with a guy who can wrestle with brian on his level. 5 star mat classic. cant think of anyone worthy off top of my head... swagger?

Looking forward! I'm sure it will be great... thats the best i could think of with current conditions.

Please tell me if u agree? Or tell me if you have other good options?

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  1. Trips88's Avatar
    All great ideas.
    LOVE the popcorn break comment.
    Totally agree that Edge and Christian should have met for a title 2 years ago but now I'm leaning more toward a tag title run. Gives much needed credibility to the division and whatever young team wins the titles from a vet team like that would get a huge boost!
  2. Anyrysm's Avatar
    Rumor is that it will be Barrett v. Taker, which is actually fine by me. Don't even try to live up to the past to WMs and give a young guy a boost.

    I think CM Punk will win the Rumble, Cena will win at Elimination Chamber; conclusion of Cena v. Nexus at WM

    Morrison's been getting a huge push, so I think they'll end up using him against Daniel Bryan for the U.S. Title

    Hopefully, Christian/Edge will work out, but past history says that Christian won't get a shot; despite what the fans want....which would leave Ziggler (assuming he and Edge have a good match at the Rumble)

    Natalya and Melina might be given a push due to their good in-ring ability or maybe they'll set something up between Natalya and Beth Phoenix

    More likely than not they'll slap some random team together to face Kozlov/Santino for the tag titles (maybe Mysterio/Big Show)

    And finally, they'll probably put Del Rio for the IC title against Kofi
  3. RockBanditPhil's Avatar
    If there is a MITB, Alberto will most likely win it.

    In my opinion, Miz should NOT be in the main event.

    @Anyrysm, I think that Morrison should be fighting for more than the US Title and Del Rio should be fighting for more than the IC Title.
  4. Nexus4Life's Avatar
    another match they could have would be a submission ironman match between Del Rio & Daniel Bryan for the U.S. Title.... would be an interestin match-up
  5. evilash's Avatar
    I really think 3 guaranteed main events will be as follows: Fatal-Four Way Elimination Match (similair to WM 2000) WWE Champion The Miz vs. Randy Orton vs. John Cena vs. CM Punk. Triple Threat Match: King of Kings Triple H vs. King Sheamus vs. Jerry "The King Lawler (we've all heard that Jerry has been vying for a WM match, and after his character returning to the ring more often than not in recent months, in the WWE Title picture no-less, it would make sense for him to be in this match - I'd expect Sheamus to start some sort of feud with Jerry very soon on WWE Raw) and Wade Barrett vs. recent news on this website, someone who is close to Vince, said that the Boss is locking this match for Wrestlemania. The Corre vs. The New Nexus is also likely, but I don't know how it would work? Involve the WWE Tag Team Championships in some way?? It's pretty obvious that Santino's popularity is at an all-time high right now in his career, so I really think he and Kozlov will hold on the Tag Team Titles...unless, as I predict, Tamina will screw them over in favour of reuniting with the Usos...who knows????
  6. argoedlegend's Avatar
    Wade Barret vs Undertaker would make complete sense tbh after the old nexus attacked Undertaker in his match against Kane not too long ago and cost him the match (Buried Alive match)
    Obviously theres a new nexus but 3 of the original members are now in The Corre on Smackdown so I would be very surprised if something didn't escalate from this.
    Money in the bank seems likely as without it ratings drop, even though we have the PPV Money In The Bank. I'd expect someone like John Morrison or Del Rio to win, although with how WWE are there could be a winner from someone you wouldn't expect, like Jack Swagger last year.
    Daniel Bryan I'd expect to either lose his title at Elimination Chamber or lose at Wrestlemania then have some time off air with no story plans, as he doesn't really do too much now.
    All depends on how the Royal Rumble pans out now as to whats gonna happen at Wrestlemania!
  7. mgtstc's Avatar
    Cody Rhodes vs. Rey Mysterio
    Rated RKO vs. Kevin Nash & Booker T (returned at Rumble)
    Money in the Bank match: Christian, R-Truth, Kofi Kingston, Daniel Bryan, Mark Henry, Jack Swagger, Ted Dibiase, Kane, William Regal, Alberto Del Rio
    The Nexxus vs. The Corre (John Cena is special ref) (stipulations against both teams and Cena in the match to make sure it is called right)
    Triple H vs. Sheamus
    Tag titles match: Vladimir & Santino vs. Drew McIntyre & Trent Baretta
    Divas title match: LayCool vs. Awesome Kong (handicap match)
    World title match: Dolph Ziggler vs. Big Show
    WWE title match: Miz vs. John Morrison (Royal Rumble winner)
    Undertaker (with Mr. McMahon at ringside) vs. Brock Lesnar (with Dana White at ringside) (OR maybe something happens where White is with Taker and McMahon is with Lesnar)
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