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Finishers: More than Just a Move

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Finishers, every superstar has them. Its generaly every superstars best selling move, as it is called a finisher to end a match. While every superstar has a finisher, its quite obvious how they can impact on a superstars career. Also they have a big impact on the matches they're used in as if its done right and correctly it can be very entertaining. Such an example is the Stone Cold Stunner. Not only did fans love to see it but it was instant and could come out of no were. I beleive some finishers are very impactful on superstars these days, and here are what i beleive to be the best 5 in WWE this year.

1. RKO - Randy's devistating move. Not only is this one of the best finishers i beleive there is today, but fans go crazy when they see it. Not only does it suit the gimmick of the Viper perfectly, but its amazing the ways it can be pulled off. It can be hit in a millisecond and when its sell well it truely does look deadly. While Randy’s not technically a brilliant wrestler, his RKO is what make his matches worthy to watch. Examples: Reversing AA to RKO, Reversing the SSP to RKO.

2. Attitude Adjustment - John Cenas finisher. While its nothing too spectaular and doesnt really look amazingly special, this is a perfect finisher for Cena. Not only does it let him show his strength by lifting up massive amounts of weight (Big Show or Mark Henry) but it can almost be an instant if done properly. Although most people dont like this finisher i do beleive it suits Cena very well. Examples: His double FU

3. Tombstone - The Undertakers devistating finisher. This is the mother of finishers. Not only does it look very painful and it quite risky to perform but this truely does get fans out of their seats, and has been proven to sometimes come out of no where. Thankfully there havent been many injuries from this finisher, and thats were The Undertakes wrestling ability shows effective. Examples: HBK's moonsault caught into a tombstone at WM25.

4. The 619 - Rey Mysterio's finisher. This finisher is very simple but for a person of Rey's height it is very well suited. Not only does it allow him to be able to perform it on all sizes of height and weight but some of the ways he can get his opponent on the middle ropes are awesome to watch. While some people say its boring to watch and just a kick, may i remind you that it was this finisher that broke the Undertakers nose not too long ago. Examples: Reversing the GTS into a hurricarana which lead to the 619.

5. The Spear - Edges finisher. This move is another sample of a simple finisher but when sold well looks very good. Now Edge does usually sell this very well, but sometimes generally on bigger guys it can look quite fake. But with the exception of that this finisher it very good as it can be hit out of no-where can be reversed well into another superstars finisher, making a good match. Examples: Edge spearing Jeff Hardy off a ladder.

Other notable finishers: Chris Jerichos Codebreaker, HBK's sweet chin music, CM Punks GTS, Sheamus's Brogue Kick.

Finishers i dislike: The Miz's Skull Crushing Finale, Jo-Mo's Starship pain, R-Truths Lie Detector, MVP’s Play of the Day.

That is all.
P.s. Alberto Del Rio = future WHC. .

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  1. steveorton's Avatar
  2. Hesterica's Avatar
    I too disliked the Skull Crushing Finale in the past because, like the Playmaker, took too long to set up and execute. But in recent weeks, The Miz has been improving in getting it hooked in and deliver it. When he reversed the RKO for example, he got it in a second. Practice makes perfect and if he perfects this move, it's gonna AWESOME. Pun intended.
  3. Snair's Avatar
    Wat abt pedigree? Hell of a move.
  4. DarknessFalls's Avatar
    How about Kofi Kingston's Trouble In Paradise or even his SOS? Both fit his skill set and can be devastating depending on the opponent. He is due for another push. He hasn't had a decent one since he was taking on Randy Orton.
  5. Don Ricardo Corleone's Avatar
    For me the top 4 are the superkick, the spear, the ankle lock and the RKO!
  6. The Brown One's Avatar
    RKO, TIP, daniel bryan's epic kick to the head and the move that morrison copied off Paul Birchill that he did a few weeks ago
  7. brodius's Avatar
    I also think starship pain and the lie detector are in my least favorite finishers. I find that the starship is too sporadic and hardly ever hits solid. He should just go back to using the Moonlight Drive. As for favorite finishers I enjoy GTS, Hells Gate, labell lock, Best Moonsault Ever, Gods last gift, and Deep Sea Drop. I just wish that Punk would pull out the anaconda vise. This is a great submission and he can lock it in and take them to the ground or apply it while they are already grounded.

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