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TNA: What is needed for storyline and talent

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I have watched wrestling since the mid-90's of WCW and WWF, and that was really when wrestling was at it's hype. Once my favorite wrestling companies WCW and ECW was ran into the ground (mostly because of themselves)and Vince got all of the spoils of war , then i started watching the only wrestling company around and last big one which is WWE.

When i first saw previews of Jeff Jarret talking about this new wrestling company called TNA, i then purchased 1 TNA show that only aired once a month on PPV back then. I then saw some old faces that made me side with WCW over WWF, not only that but TNA was very different also. I loved the fact they had a six-sided ring, different kinds of new match types and of all...the x-division. I would go out on an limb and say the x-division would rival WCW's high flying cruiserweights.

TNA's past an present hasn't really been that different when it comes to TNA's roster. If anybody has followed TNA way before TNA even got an Spike tv deal then you would know that early TNA always had big wrestling names from the past show up and wrestle once a month or so just to build TNA up and put them out there to where TNA draws a crowd. Randy "MACHO MAN" Savage, oh yes he wrestled in TNA years ago. Hall and Nash were in TNA before Hogan got there...years ago. Sting and Lex Luger were a tag team in TNA years ago. The List goes on and on. Once TNA finally got out there that's when they should have stopped bringing in other ex-wrestling company wrestlers. Certain wrestlers in TNA that came from other wrestling companies have worked,but other's should have only came and go w/o trying to make them self's a big name again.

Which brings me to my next point. Here's my opinion on what wrestlers TNA should keep on their roster and in what division at that;
.TNA Heavy Weight Division:
-RVD- Jeff Hardy- Mr. Anderson- Kurt Angle - Abyss- Jeff Jarret.

TNA Television division:
-A.J. Styles(for now, but after a while AJ should be brought to his well deserved division which is heavy weight)- Rob Terry- Hemandez(another one of TNA's up-and-coming stars disappeared)-Douglas Williams-Eric Young(TNA should have pushed up like AJ cause he deserves it)-Matt Morgan(he needs to win other titles before claiming the big one)-Samoa Joe-
The Pope- Rhino(if used right and not doing same old ECW stuff then he could be the star he should be).

TNA's World Tag Team Division:
-Motor City Machine Guns- Beer Money- Desmond Wolf & Magnus(could make a good tag team)-Generation Me-Ink Inc.

TNA's X-Division:
-Jay Lethal- Kazarian- Brian Kendrick- Amazing Red-TNA should hire Petty Williams back as well as at least 2-3 more x-division stars to re-make x-division what it use to be.

TNA' KnockOuts Division & TNA's Womens Tag Team:
I think TNA should keep all of them. I don't see a problem in TNA's KnockOut's but only one which is give Mickie James At least some more title shots and bring her up.

Extra Talent: Crimson, keep him. Robbie E., Get rid of him unless TNA changes his style and get rid of the whole "Jersey Shore" thing. Brother Ray and Devon, they have done all they can for TNA but it's time they hang it up for good. EV.2 , get rid of all of them including Tommy Dreamer because TNA has to move on from WCW and ECW past. Matt Hardy, keep him for now unless he's in TNA just to stir up stuff then kick him before summer.
I also think TNA was way better with the six-sided ring. It made TNA stand out and very different from the "other" guys. Do more K.O.T.M. and other classic TNA match types. What is the hold up for the next TNA video game? I've heard so many people who have bought the game give pro's and con's of it. So TNA should listen and use that to put out TNA IMPACT 2.

I know Hogan brings a lot of experience to the table, but the only thing's he can offer is his reputation(which is getting old and ppl are sick of it) and his experience. I respect Hogan but his experience comes from WWF/WCW/WWE error and TNA should not repeat those times. Ric Flair is really do good with his group as long as he stays their leader and not try in get to much power in TNA like Hogan,Bischolf, and Foley. TNA doesn't have to try and compete with WWE as in selling out tickets. All they have to do is what they did few years ago around 2006-2007 because that's when people started catching on TNA and TNA was blowing up which was having better wrestling alone with talent.

-that is my opinion on what would really help make TNA what it was suppose to be.

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