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The Ladder was knocked out from under us

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Today is 1/25/11, and I had to sleep on this before writing this week's blog.

Last night's Raw had almost everything right that WWE needed to do to give us the show we wanted. Great build up, so fun story telling, hell even character development and energy for feuds. It also let me down worse than a Kizarny promo (side note, he has popped up in CHIKARA, and being used right it seems).

Last night I saw a women's title match that impressed the hell out of me, and that hasn't been seen in the WWE since the Trish and Lita days. Melina pulling one of the most badass submission moves that was PERFECT for her form, Natalya always impresses me and Lay cool popping up in the end. It almost put weight back into the division.

Last night I saw the resolution to the Bella twins "relationship" with Daniel Bryan (also saw them in leopard two pieces which didn't hurt) that ended in a) not how I expected and b) blatantly acknowlged the IWC with our opion of them just being eye candy AND the lack of Gail Kim. Also please note, I am not a vegan, and haven't been since I was 19. Cheezy, yes, but no where near as stupid as we thought it would go.

Last night I saw (stay with me folks, I am going some where with this "last night stuff") a GREAT match with the champions that showed why they have their belts. I also saw their challengers show why they are in contention. Some great mic work with Dolph, great ring psychology with the Miz and Riley, who could seriously be the next Hotrod/Bob Orton for 2011+.

Finally my favorite, while albeit brief, was just refreshing to see, a clean heel with Albert Delllll RRRRRRRIO!!! Against Mark Henry with the armbar submission. A good clean win against a big guy is such a great boost! Miz had one against Henry last year as well, and it just adds credibility. Especially after having Henry clean house last week. Energy just builds on energy, and this is what we need.

Then the final match. Nexus vs Corre. Punk vs Barret, Galvatron vs Megatron (did you notice my user name? comes with the package) with a GREAT stipulation. All night we had nice vignettes and interviews. Faith vs equality. Structure vs Chance. And Cena...The bell rang, and he banned the side groups from ringside. I smiled, and was entertained by the antics, after all, no gang beat down from both teams. We want a clean match after all. Then he decides to push Punk around, Slap Barret the fan thing...then DQ them both? I could see HEEL Shawn Michaels do that...I could see HEEL Rock do that...hell I could see a lot of HEELS do that. But a face? Mr. integrity, the guy who is to be the good vs evil? Hell I wanted to smack him! Now I know this is all the writers doing, but why??? This could have been a show stealing match, hell I wanted the Corre to win just to have begrudging respect w/ Barret and Cena. It works with Orton after all.

WWE Writers, you ask us for faith...and we sacrifice by putting up with it...give us our return!

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. SilverGhost's Avatar
    Great read! Start to finish!

    Last point was right there in the mark.
  2. mr_tweek's Avatar
    To be honest, I could see the Face Rock hitting the Rock Bottom on both of them and just walking out. After he made sure we smell what he's cooking.

    I could also see Stone Cold stunning both of them while knocking back a few and heading to the back.
  3. brodius's Avatar
    I figured we were going to see some Cena antics, but that was a little too much. I was hoping to see some kind of knock down drag down fight with Cena never counting. A two min match for 3 of the top talent in the company is a joke. I know they are saving the Barret/corre vs Punk/Nexus bout for mania but you could have given us a taste of what is to come.
  4. Jayoholic's Avatar
    They had to do it to set up for Cena possibly getting attacked by both groups, only to be saved by the entire WWE roster. It happens every time before the Rumble. By the time they even got to the match, it was 11 p.m., so of course we were not going to have a "credible" match within that timeframe. It was a little over the top and ridiculous, but don't think much of it and try not to take offense to it because again, it was set up to have everyone brawl at the end to hype the Rumble.
  5. steveorton's Avatar
    Raw was awesome this week and excellent blog, but i do feel Barrett vs Punk is a ME paperview match but all in all everything worked out well, I'm jus sayin...
  6. REAL MVP 2010's Avatar
    Another epic Cena fail.....

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