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Is TNA the Whole F*in Show?

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Hey Everyone!

Watched the Whole F*in Show over the weekend and it was in the Miz's language awesome. Best TNA show of the year so far.

What Worked:

1. Less Talking more Fighting - TNA has done what they should have been doing for months, let their wrestlers, wrestle. All of the matches were good but there were some surprising MVP's.

2. Longer Matches - This allowed each wrestler to show off their athleticism and talent without the stupid storylines that normally constrain them.

3. More AJ Styles - The beginning match between AJ Styles and Kirk Angle was simply great. It reminds us of why AJ Styles is so good and why he doesn't need fortune.

Who Should've been on the show. In no particular order:

1. Desmond Wolfe - I'm not sure what TNA is doing but relegating Desmond Wolfe to the side lines is a bad idea. He's a great heel and a good wrestler.

2. Samoa Joe - What the hell! Samoa Joe is getting screwed by TNA. I can't believe he wasn't on the show. He should've had a match with Jeff Hardy. Their match a few weeks ago was great.

3. An X Division Match - Perhaps some sort of battle royal or X Division Championship Match. The X Division(except for MCMG and AJ Styles) weren't on the show.

4. Sting - Why wasn't "The Stinger" on the show? he comes back a few weeks ago in black makeup and disappears again? Come on? I like him as a heel beating up everyone.

MVP'S in no particular order:

1. Shannon Moore - Shannon showcased the talent and promise that he has to be a main eventer in TNA. His match against Jeff Hardy was great,and I believe his talent was overlooked in his last go around in WWE. I hope that TNA realizes that Shannon Moore would make a great X-Division Champion.

2. AJ Styles - AJ always manages to dazzle as he puts his heart and soul in every match. His match with Kirk Angle was a perfect opening match.

3. Fortune - Though I hate this group with a vengeance as it wastes the talents of AJ Styles and Beer Money, they did liven up a boring closing sequence as EV2 again appeared on the program. The beat down was bloody violent and did harken back to the old ECW days.

4. Motor City Machine Guns - Their innovative moves in the 2 out of 3 falls match made for the best match of the night.

5. Beer Money Inc. - Keeping up with MCMG is hard work but Beer Money did a great job and added to their legacy. I would've been happy if either team won. This best of 5 series was great and showcased tag teams that I hope will fight each other for years to come.


1. In the closing sequence, Hogan disappeared as EV2 was being attacked. Is he a secret member of Fortune? Did he set EV2 up?

2. Who is the "they" that Abyss keeps talking about. Is there a they? Is he as crazy as he seems?

3. What did you think about RVD's "attack"? Too bloody? Unbelievable?

4. Which match did you think was the best of the night? Which was the worst?

Discuss Among Yourselves!

BTW - Hope you all caught Summer Slam. Daniel Bryant is back Baby!

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  1. JLeeDude1892's Avatar
    I agree, it was one of the best TNA Shows this year. I wouldn't say it was "The Best", but it was in the Top 5.

    I agree, *Less Talking and *Longer Matches.

    Personally, we already get a lot of A.J. Styles, I don't think we got "more" than what we normally really do.

    Desmond Wolfe would have been good for the show, he would have been a good focus point for the ECW takedown if you ask me.

    Samoa Joe is not going to get his suspension lifted just because TNA has a great show.

    I agree about the X-Division. Hulk Hogan came in talking about how he thinks the X-Division is one of the greatest parts of TNA, then they like, never get used.

    I agree on The Stinger as well. Oh, by the way, it was Red Facepaint, not Black. lol

    Shannon Moore brought the house down on The Whole F'N Show, didn't he? He was amazing. It was definitely one of the best matches of the night.

    I actually think that Fortune is a great group right now. I think they will do TNA some good in a Storyline.

    Motor City Machine Guns are literally, THE BEST Tag Team in TNA. No doubts in my mind. They are so amazing.

    Beer Money brings a lot to the table as well. They are great wrestlers.

    1.) Hulk Hogan was actually out of the ring before the Incident went down. The Hulkster left the ring just after he gave Tommy Dreamer the Mic.

    2.) The "they" that Abyss keeps talking about, was Fortune, Most likely.

    3.) I don't think RVD's attack was too bloody, but I think it was too unbelievable. Someone attacking someone else with a 2X4 with like 200 nails in it on Television... Too not believable, lol.

    4.) For me, Motor City Machine Guns VS Beer Money, was the Number One Match.
    Jeff Hardy VS Shannon Moore came in at Number Two
    Rob Van Dam Against Abyss came in at Third.

    And I know! I can't believe Daniel Bryan is back. Well, I can. I personally always knew that it was all Kayfabe and that he didn't get fired, nothing fit into place if you ask me.
  2. MarcusMiller84's Avatar
    It was beyond obvious that RVD just laid down and had fake blood poured all over him. And Abyss was just told to react...

    like REALLY beyond obvious. Weakest part of the show. If you have a bad ending, it affects the entire show.

    But overall, yes. Great iMPACT!
  3. JLeeDude1892's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by MarcusMiller84
    It was beyond obvious that RVD just laid down and had fake blood poured all over him. And Abyss was just told to react...

    like REALLY beyond obvious. Weakest part of the show. If you have a bad ending, it affects the entire show.

    But overall, yes. Great iMPACT!
    Really there is no other way to execute that, I mean, ow else would that have been executed?
    It was good enough for what they wanted it to look like on Television.

    That really was not a bad ending at all, it was superb for the Storyline.


    Agreed. That's totally true that it was a great iMPACT.
  4. MarcusMiller84's Avatar
    Maybe showing Abyss coming up from the hit with Janice, screaming, and then get down into RVD's face. Instead of just standing there....

    it looked very cartoonish.

    There was tooooo much "blood" there, to even seem realistic. And of course, no cuts or holes. I know, it's wrestling. But something about that last scene could've been done better.
  5. MarcusMiller84's Avatar
    That's my only real complaint about anything on the show.

    Other than no Desmond Wolfe, of course
  6. crazyj11's Avatar
    "They" could be the same people who kidnapped Samoa Joe, but if not what the hell happened to that storyline!
  7. jwt15's Avatar
    Joe is suspended thats why he was not on the show
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