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Nexus: Good but not the Sh*t!

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As the title says, I have enjoyed the Nexus angle a lot, and like that new stars are being pushed however I do think that because the WWE hasn’t come up with anything original or indeed slightly exciting in years the Nexus have been seen as the saviours but again WWE is becoming sloppy and boring with the story writing.

It kind of seems as though some ones gone, hmmmm CM Punk has recovered from injury and has been amazing on commentary – we will give him a big push (Vince Approves) BUT instead of giving him a big storyline and god forbid there might actually be two storylines in one show, they go ‘Oh great idea!! He can be the leader behind Nexus’ – then someone says but what about Wade (you know the future main eventer, who has been carrying this group) ‘Oh, well he can go to Smackdown’ – and off he trots.

Don’t get me wrong, this could pan out to be awesome with Punk in charge of Nexus, I think the guy is amazing and Nexus did need freshening up But they just seem to think they can do what they like without answering any question (this isn’t Lost! – it’s a wrestling show) and the problem is, they are not mentioning the beat down Nexus gave Punk (its like well yeah that happened but we are just going to hope you idiots forget about it).

Personally what I would love to see is this.

- Wade continues to build the Smackdown Nexus up.
- CM Punks nexus beat the shi*t out of Cena forcing Cena to ask for wades help
- Just as Punks Nexus and Cena, wade and other Nexus face in the ring, everyone surrounds Cena and wade and co. take off their tops to reveal the new Nexus logos.
- After beating the hell out of Cena. Wade explains that this wasn’t some last minute turn of events (possible makes an inside joke that storylines aren’t made up on a week by week basis) but this was a long term plan.
- Nexus overlooked Cena, (which was proven at Sumemrslam) and Wade knew he needed a Co leader, with experience and just as twisted mind as him – so he turned to Punk. In order to prove each others loyalties each member needed to be inducted, Punk was actually the first member by having Nexus beat down on him…Barret the Second and so one.
- Now Nexus is stronger than ever
- This leads to a WWE vs Nexus Angle (with the winner owning 51% of the company) CM Punk could cut a evil promo tormenting old Vince.
- Then have Nexus win. They take Over Raw and Raw becomes RAW IS NEXUS complete with new Ring, new Entrance, Pyros and Intros etc.
- They fire everyone on the roster and make each superstar fight for a Nexus contract.

Well that’s my idea, would be somewhat exciting as appose to the same old


P.s. Stone Cold comes down side by side with Cena Leading to Punk and Nexus coming down in a Pepsi Max truck and soak Austin and Cena with Pepsi!

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  1. A.Graham's Avatar
    Sounds awesome i'd prefer that than the current angle even though i like it.
  2. steveorton's Avatar
    I undertstand the storyline but after Nexus wins whats the point I don't understand Raw is Nexus and everyone fights for a contract, I'm jus sayin...
  3. shotque's Avatar
    Everyone seems to have forgotten how Punk is going to "Faciliate" Cenas change....People say cena wont go heel but I think in the storyline somewhere - Punk will make him heel turn.

    And it will be brilliant to see Punk mastermind a character change in WWEs most beloved poster boy.
  4. Automatic's Avatar
    I would really like to see that
    But the WWE vs Nexus for the 51% stake should be sort out really well, to be believable and MrMahon should then come back as a on-screen personality.
    Updated 01-24-2011 at 04:26 PM by Automatic
  5. trasler's Avatar
    @Steveorton - well my point is, whenever they do a faction vs WWE, the WWE obviously always wins...having Nexus win would be a change. They have had an angle where they dominated Raw through physical power, however this storyline would be through legal power aswell...Firing everyone and having people compete for their contracts or be 'Inducted' would be an angle to reshape the current format, mix up the roster (or even merge the rosters)....Raw is Nexus was simply a play on of Raw is War and my actual idea was:

    - to have Y2J return to Save the WWE!! (again)
    - Raw always was - Raw is - and RAW will always be JERICHO!!
  6. steveorton's Avatar
    @trasler Now Y.................2....................J saving WWE now thats more like it and I agree Raw is Jericho, or and thanks for the clarity, I'm jus sayin...
  7. The Doorman's Avatar
    I liked it. It sounds cool. Some of it is a bit overboard though. (i.e. firing everyone)

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