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From Stone Cold to Ziggler: Where is the Entertainment?

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How I look back at the RAW IS WAR days, and looking at Raw now, I can not help but miss the good ol' days if you want to call them that, as I miss Good Ol' JR. I believe most would at least agree (hipefully) with me on that point. I can even remember the specific days of the old RAW, lets just say, 3/22/99. Stone Cold comes out with a Beer Truck and Sprays down the Corporation! I mean, that could have been a great ending, but that was the beggining of the show! There were more signs in the audience than it seemed people at times, and no one was ever sitting down. The heel and the face were equally explosive and liked, the Rock would hit the ring and the crowd would go nuts, then Stone Cold, you could always hear the crowd rocking out having fun. Now days, the divas are down right boring, no more Sable's or Deborah as a manager. Some would argue that there were WAYYYY to many championships, but I believe you have to bring a couple more back, it made the match more interesting and intense, and worth a lil something. I mean within that time you had several factions, the Ministry, the Brood, the Corporation, DX, just to name a few, and every one of them brought something different.
Today we have a main event at a Royal Rumble between Edge and Dolph Ziggler, I mean come on! The name alone makes me want to pull my hair out, let alone the fact that he is a former Spirit Squad member. The factions we have now are ummm lets see.....DX, wait a minute, that was just to rake in a lil extra cash before HBK left, and we have the Nexus and now the Core, which are completley the same, and they are heels. The old factions you could call heels, but there were still people cheering for them and taking part in them.
You can not get someone to wear a Nexus t-shirt, let alone buy one. And the Raw Champ is MIZ? Like the HBK and Janetti split, Miz is no HBK, but Morrison has way more potential. When Edge and Christian split, I give all the respect in the world to him because he got it, like Stone Cold and the Rock, and the Undertaker got it, just do what you do and do not let go, finally Orton has gotten it. From Evolution, to Legend Killer, to Legacy, he has stayed the same. What about Christian though? He has not gotten a fair push, sure he left for TNA, do you blame him? He proved that he can be more than just an ECW champion. An ECW that WWE RUINED. If they had treated ECW like a different company, maybe there would be no TNA. Well, I take that back, Jarrett has to do something...ha. I am not dissing him here, anyway, the WWE are letting go of great talent left and right, (i.e. Kaval they gave a few weeks....did he not win NXT? a cruiserweight belt would look good on him...) yet they have the nerve to pull off a 40 man rumble....I just wish that even Angle would come back and spray at least Milk on the latest WWE writers and entertainers.
So my question maybe to you is where has it gone? I know the people will say it is the PG era, but I am not sure if that is it. If on 3/15/99 at a TV 14 level Undertaker can claim he is the lord of darkness and be at the Vince's house, and then come to be a fake Kane and burn a pendelum in his yard, and now we just got through a battle of the devil's favorite demon? PG? really?
I was gonna save this for another blog, but it is just coming out so I will keep writing. What are we teaching kids if we are suppose to "STAND UP FOR WWE" (and the PG era I am sure) when to be a part of Nexus you have to be beaten in. Sounds like familiar gang rules to me. So should I stand up for WWE or just hang my head down, watching old tapes and wishing TNA would get it together. Until next time, I am sublimer, and this is all of my time.

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Updated 01-28-2011 at 01:22 PM by sublimer

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  1. Stone Cold Sam Houston's Avatar
    Excellent post. I couldn't agree more. Someone should start a "Stand Up for WWF" campaign to return to the Raw is War days and pretent the past 2 or 3 years never happened. Linda will never win office in CT so they may as well stop sucking up to the ruling class and be what they are.
  2. Automatic's Avatar
    I respect your comments, but I disagree.
  3. Goldust22's Avatar
    Disagree with comments about Ziggler. His matches and Morrisons are in my opinion the best WWE has on offer at the minute. Plus its better than seeing Edge vs Kane/Taker/Rey/Show because its been done so many times. Let Ziggler have his push it wont last to long as i think after Wade Barrat gets settled on SD hell be main eventing for a longtime.

    But agree that WWE needs to switch Raw back to good old days and stop this stupid PG thing.
  4. Stone Cold Sam Houston's Avatar
    Ziggler's in-ring work is good, but c'mon, look at him or listen to his voice! I just can't take him seriously. As a main eventer? No way, maybe a perennial mid carder, maybe.
  5. DegenX's Avatar
    Yea gone are the days, so are all the wrestlers who had charisma and brought their own style. Today's wrestlers are trained like robots. You'll never see WWE at the level it was in the late 90's. I'm sorry to say but there are no superstars anymore and this is why I don't watch WWE anymore. I only read about it now.
  6. sublimer's Avatar
    Ziggler's hair is all I have to put here, the peroxide has erroded his hair, and his talent. I mean, just look at his finisher, the zig-zag, he can not even pull it off every time. He botches his own finisher, and it just looks horrible, the only credit I will give him is when he pulled it off to PERFECTION (LOL) when he hit Edge on the steel stairs...but come on, Ziggler, Dolphin....change up the hair, and stop trying to copy Edge by slicking back your hair, because it might actually fall out this time.
  7. donthatetheplayer's Avatar
    really disagree about Ziggler - back in the day creative would've had him used so much better that it wouldn't even be a consideration. He would've been a premier cruiserweight wrestler against Rey, Morrison, Miz, etc etc...

    Its not the wrestlers that are failing - its creative.
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