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Turtle Time: Wrestlemania X-Seven DVD review part 1

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Hello me again back with another review. This time it's a pretty major one to say the least, widely considered one of the best PPV events of all time Wrestlemania X-seven. Now i'm going to keep this pretty brief because this is a 11 match card, and including extras it's going to be tough to keep this within 3 parts.

But lets get on with the card . . .

Hype package hits and it basically tells us one thing. The whole word is united for their love of Wrestlemania. It shows us memorable clips from previous events and people all over the world enjoying them. It's a pretty good way to exaggerate the spectacle that is Wrestlemania.

The pyro hits and J.R and Paul Heyman welcome us to Houston, Texas in a packed Astrodome. Cuts to WWF New York and that looks packed as well. You can tell this is going to be big.

Curtain Jerker, Intercontinental Title: Chris Jericho vs. William Regal.
Y2J comes out first. Regal is next. Hype package shows how this match happened. It even shows the popular tea pee skit. Back in the ring now and Regal takes the fight to Jericho before Y2J gets a clothesline. Jericho continues to take control with a flying forearm. Jericho gets a spinning heel kick, Regal goes outside but Jericho lands a crossbody on Regal (he didn't get all of it). Back in the ring Jericho gets a top-rope elbow for a close 2 count. Jericho and Regal engage in a nice little sequence that ends with Regal fighting out of a Walls of Jericho attempt. Jericho goes shoulder first into the ring post twice before Regal begins to pinpoint the left shoulder of Y2J, Getting him caught in a overhead wristlock. Jericho fights out though and drops Regal with a reverse elbow which leads to a lionsault attempt, which Regal blocks by getting his knees up. Regal goes for the roll-up but only gets a two. Regal gets a nasty looking German Suplex now and he removes the top rope turnbuckle. He then sends Jericho shoulder first into the exposed turnbuckle twice. Regal continues to work on Jericho but Y2J fights back with an enziguri and a dropkick. Jericho begins to fight back now getting a missile dropkick, but misses a splash in the corner. Regal gets a double underhook suplex off the top and goes for a back suplex which is reversed by Y2J into a Walls of Jericho but Y2J can't get it because of his shoulder injury. Regal takes advantage and gets a Regal stretch. Jericho gets to the ropes though. Jericho begins to fight back getting in chops but is soon stopped by Regal, who continues to target the shoulder. Regal goes into the exposed turnbuckle though and Y2J gets a bulldog, Suplex and a lionsault for the win at 7:08. Solid opener, which could've done with more time. Jericho did a good job selling and overall i'll give it a **3/4. With more time this would be a comfortable ***+ match, but it wasn't given more time which is a shame.

We then see a WCW 1 licence plate on a limo. It is revealed to be Shane O Mac, who gets a nice face pop (?), even though he is the owner of WWF's arch nemesis.

We then see the APA, who reminisce about all the things that have happened in the Astrodome. They get fired up and go to get ready for their match.

Right to Censor (w/ Steven Richards) vs. The APA (w/ Jackie) and Tazz
RTC come out first to some MAJOR heat. Tazz and APA are next. RTC goes straight after Tazz and APA, brawling with them before they get to the ring. Tazz brings Val into the ring and clotheslines him back out. Steven tries to get involved but he ends up eating a DDT from Jackie. Val jumps Tazz from behind, before Bull and Faarooq get this match underway. Bull gets a clothesline from the top, but gets scoop slammed by Faarooq. Tazz tags himself in and begins to work on Bull, even getting in a suplex. However, Bull gives Tazz a big boot and tags in Val. Val works on Tazz getting a Russian leg sweep. Val tags in the Goodfather and they double-team him (Tazz looks out of it). Tazz gets scoop slammed and the Goodfather gives him a big legdrop. Tazz gets back suplexed now and charges Tazz in the corner. He misses the splash though, and Tazz gets a hot-tag to Bradshaw. Bradshaw big boots the Goodfather and gives him a sloppy big back body drop. Bradshaw takes out the other RTC members, giving Val a fallaway slam. Faarooq saves Bradshaw from Bull, before double-teaming Val. Bull comes back in and works over Faarooq as Bradshaw gives Val a back suplex from the top. Bull and the Goodfather double-team Bradshaw now, before Faarooq knocks Buchanan out the ring. The Goodfather tries to charge Bradshaw in the corner but misses, that leads to a clothesline from Bradshaw for the 3 at 3:56. Short match here that was too short to warrant me to get annoyed at a certain aspect of the match. But it did feel like a bit of a filler. i'll give it a *1/4. It was too short to give it higher than that.

We then see Stephanie McMahon as she greets Trish and a sedated Linda. Steph talks to Linda, who I have no idea how she can keep a straight face, and tells Trish to set up a celebration party after Vince beats Shane. Steph tells Trish to break ice in her hand with a spoon. How meticulous of her.

WWF Hardcore Title, Triple Threat: Raven vs. Kane vs. The Big Show.
Raven is out first, with a trolley full of goodies. Kane is next. He and Raven brawl before The Big Show comes out. Kane press slams Raven onto him, but Show catches Raven. Kane breaks it up though getting a top rope clothesline onto Show. Kane uppercuts Raven into the crowd as Kane quickly follows. Big Show big boots Kane as Raven continues to escape. Kane and Show now brawl as the cameramen get continually sandwiched between rabid fans. Seriously put a camera near a bunch of wrestling fans at a PPV and they practically foam at the mouth. Anyway, Kane and Show continue to fight through the crowd as Kane Irish whips Show into the wall. Raven then reappears and goes smack-happy on Kane via a sign. Kane fights back though and Chucks him into the cardboard wall that leaves a dent. Raven sells it. That was kinda ridiculous and lack of realism really annoys me. Show comes back now and scoop slams Kane onto some wood. Show locks himself, Raven and the ref in a storage area (?). Kane breaks the lock with ease (once again brilliant realism) and hits Show with a broom and Show acts like he has just been stabbed. Kane brawls with Show as Raven chokes Kane with a hosepipe. Kane fights out though and charges Rave into the metal mesh and it pretty much collapses. Who built the Astrodome, because it seems to be falling to pieces. Kane fights Raven out the storage area now and begins to choke Raven now. Raven gets thrown into the side and then the window(!) of a room in an awesome spot. Show is back now as he kicks Kane and whips him into the door which nearly gives way (thats more believable). Show clotheslines Kane to break the door off its hinges (forget my last bracket). Kane and Show both try to chokeslam each other as they fall through a wall (The Astrodome might as well be a house of cards). Raven comes back now, attacking Show with a flimsy table. Raven and Show then hop on a buggy being quickly followed by Kane and the ref. This spot was meant to go throughout all of the stadium but Raven fell into a gap into the side and couldn't get the buggy back on course. Apparently it was also an inch away from the meant circuit that powers the stadium. So if the buggy was an inch in front, Raven would be responsible for the first (?) wrestlemania blackout. Anyway, once out of the buggy Raven gets partly run over by Kane to redeem the failed spot. All 3 of the men brawl, Show claims another victim, Diet Peach Snapple, much to the chagrin of Heyman. All 3 men brawl back to the stage area, where Show goes to press slam Raven off the stage, until Kane boots him. Show and Raven fall of the stage onto conveniently placed crash mats. Kane elbow drops Show for the win at 9:28. realism problems aside this was a fun match that is easily enjoyed. Luckily for this match i'll give it ***. If I was in a worse mood this probably would be less.

We then cut to Kurt who is watching himself tap out. Edge and Christian come in and goof about, Kurt then says he didn't technically tap out because it wasn't an actual match. E&C are doubtful but Kurt persuades them. Huh never known Kurt Angle to have an ego.

We see a clip of Jimmy Snuka enjoying WWF New York.

Another segment now, as Jonathan Coachman interviews a woman in Australia. Riveting.

We then see The Rock enter his changing room. Is this Wrestlemania or Segmentmania?

Well thats part 1 (of most likely 4) done. As always, please check my previous reviews. My last review is linked here:
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My first review is linked in part 1 of that review. But until part 2 thanks for reading and feel free to comment .

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    Quote Originally Posted by chato
    hey turtle u need to stay away from these reviews quite frankly nobody cares we can just go to wikipedia y dont u write about something that includes your personal opinion?
    1. I include my opinion at the end of every match, where would I get the star ratings from?
    2. If no one cares why does this blog have over a 1000 views and your comment is the only negative one? Also how can you speak on behalf of everyone. I'm sure there's more than one person who doesn't care/like my reviews, but how are you aware of everyone else's opinion.
    3. Wikipedia (I've just checked the bio for this event page), doesn't individually grade each match. They just get the scores from other reviewers for the PPV overall, nor do they review the aspect of the DVD. In part 4, before my verdict, I review the extras as well. Wikipedia doesn't do that.
    4. I commend you for commenting, not everyone does.
    5. If you don't care about my review, why read it. It says directly in the title "Wrestlemania X-Seven review". If you don't want read a review why click on the page and comment?
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