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TNA = Total Nonstop Awful

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I'm sorry, I just can't do it. I keep trying to sit through TNA, I keep giving it chance after chance but it just isn't good. Granted I have been watching wrestling for over 30 years. I've been through WWF (since the early 80's), NWA, World Class, AWA, WCW, Smokey Mountain, and WWE. I have always loved WWF/E best and always will. At one point I liked TNA but they are falling into the WCW trap. Also, for all the heat the divas get, the knoockouts are not any better, they are worse. Mickie James, who was great in WWE, her moves are contrived and predictable. Mike Tenay is the worst cc EVER! I feel bad for Taz. The factions are growing in number or just adding their numbers. The storylines never end or follow no direction. Ric Flair (who has never been the man in my eyes and the most overrated wrestler ever) shows it in TNA. Abyss a monster? Then why does he lose every feud? Just saw "the Freak" get squashed. Oh look, Ric Flair jobbing, but he does the same moves that everyone bitches about Cena, but lair has been around for 40 years. Abyss just got squashed. Wait... SupeAbyss and SuperFreak (heehee) and SuperMorgan are all going at it. I hope you note the sarcasm. The fans are pretty quite too. It's bad when you can hear one or two individuals. The "secret" backstage cameras are just awful. Are we expected to believe they're really being spied on? Lame. Jeff Hardy is the anit-Christ? Is it because prison awaits him? They've destroyed A.J. Styles and made him a total tool. Do we really need to see a real life Jarett-Angle drama play out? My seven year old writes better stories than this. I do appreciate some of the wrestlers in TNA. However, the same trite storylines, the WCW wannabes, and just a lot of bad and bothced wrestling makes TNA unwatchable. I'll try again in a few weeks. I'll read your blogs and posts to keep me up to speed but my guess is I won't be missing much. Dear God, now they are complaining about a rookie referee. Now some witty comentary by RVD, Anderson, and Dreamer. I can;t wait for Kren Angel's exposse! Who opened the door for Kurt! Tell us Tenay! I know I can just change the channel but it's a car wreck. I want to look away but I need fodder for when WWE gets blasted.

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Updated 01-20-2011 at 09:53 PM by The Hipster

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  1. Anyrysm's Avatar
    Yup, this pretty much sums it all up. I agree about Flair too; with the exception of the run he had leading up to his Wrestlemania match with HBK, he hasn't been entertaining in 15 years
  2. natejoseph09's Avatar

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  3. Kayfaber's Avatar
    sour grapes or what? Did TNA sleep with your girlfriend or something??? I'll admit it's about as dumb as WWE at times, but no need to sulk and cry about it. I enjoy TNA's tag team division and usually most of the undercard. Just get a new girlfriend, you'll get over it.
  4. straightedge916's Avatar
    I agree with you. Anybody can argue all they want, but tna is awful! It is very overrated. They are really stuck in the "attitude era" and cant move on like WWE has. They dont see that most adults watch UFC and MMA now not wrestling, making wrestling more for kids. Thats why WWE is PG because they have moved on. WWE is actually wrestling again not All My Children with a little bit of wrestling and fighting. But TNA and hardcore Attitude era fans cant see that. Sure we all loved the attitude era but times are new now. Its back to the stage of when adults grew up in the 80s with Hulk Hogan. Now its back for the next generation with John Cena, and hell maybe in 10 uears we will see WWE tv 14 again.
  5. The Hipster's Avatar
    Kayfaber, I'm married 8 years now. I was justing using a blog to vent to others who may agree with me. It's fine that you don't but attacking my social life? To quote the Miz, Really? Really? That's what these blogs and posts are for bitching, moaning, whining, crying, complaining, pushing, rooting, etc. Get over yourself.
  6. helmsley's Avatar
    I think tna is stuck in teh same place its been for 4 years now and if they dont do anything soon they will see a lot of wrestlers jump boat to another place, heyman is the man to the rescue if you ask me
  7. steveorton's Avatar
    @ Straightedge916 I agree with the point that most adults prefer MMA and UFC now, I never looked at it like that but you are right and @kayfaber why comment on the person's social life can't u have a civil discussion with someone?, I'm jus sayin...
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