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What does 2011 need? Why 1997!

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Well we are now in the Attitude Adjustment Era...and so far it is about a B-. From Super Cena, to talent being wasted, to stories that could have been amazing only to fall short (or have 23 chairs fall on them), to HHH STILL being in the previews even though he has been out longer than Eric Escobar's entire WWE career, it is just a semi muddled mess...

Now there have been some good things mind you. Nexus is the best thing WWE has given us to work with in ages. CM Punk really breaking out in EVERYTHING he is doing. An Awesome heel champ, and some semi decent stuff from the women's division...but it is all just going left and right...we see potential, and then it just fizzles.

This actually reminds me of the early '90's. The days of Doink the Clown, real over the top stuff, and some stuff that made us go wtf...The cycle is repeating itself, but what it needs to do is finish the cycle. We need the time when the wrestler's were allowed to be their own characters. This is how we got the Rock, this is where some guy who came out to harpsichord music evolved to Motorhead, and this is where we became solid fans and Vince made $$$.

We need our numerous stables, like the Ministry, the Corporation, the Nation of Domination, and DX all running around after each other...with a few lone wolves just throwing all kinds of story curve balls. We need to put some wow back in....CM Punk has been doing that perfectly btw. But I need a moment like when Nexus debuted where I was just looking at my TV going "wow". I want a story that spans months, not a 3-5 week between ppvs. Hell with different groups, this will spawn all kinds of merchandise us fans will eat up.

Finally though, we need to put the weight back in the brand and the titles. TLC was a nail in the coffin...the TLC match itself, the one the PPV was named after should have been the final match. This is the WWE, not WWE and the Cena story. Build the wrestlers around the brand, not the brand around the wrestler!

We can keep it PG and still do this. WWE can do this, but will they?

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  1. SilverGhost's Avatar
    This was a great read. I agree.

    WWE just tries it and as you say, it fizzles. They need to build up more people. Not just the poster boys.
  2. 's Avatar
    funny wwe only makes money when guys like hulk scsa cena are at the helm
  3. Trip_Fisk's Avatar
    So the question is who will be the next Super Face after Cena steps down?
  4. The Brown One's Avatar
    I'm guessing Randy Orton can be the next Superface when Cena steps down.

    WWE can do what Starscreamer mentioned, and go back to doing stuff like that. And SG is also right, that WWE only focuses their attention on 1 or 2 people, and put too much of a workload on them for PPVs, so if they get injured, the WWE suffers too, financially.
    They do need to build new stars, and they are doing that. As long as they are doing that, you don't need 1997, since this can work. They are already doing that well so far, in The Miz(WWE champ), John Morrison(former #1 contender for the WWE title), ADR(former #1 contender for the WHC), Sheamus(see JoMo), Wade Barrett(see JoMo), and Dolph Ziggler(current #1 contender for the WHC).
  5. Trip_Fisk's Avatar
    I feel that Randy Orton and John Cena are in the same boat; they have both been in the company for the same time.... kinda like Rock and Austin but not as great. In 5 years maybe someone like Justin Gaberial will step up or Daniel Bryan will in the next year or so, if nothing stupid happens
  6. wwetna100's Avatar
    in 2-3 years John Morrison will be so over he may have his own era in wrestling (like cena, goldberg etc)
  7. Eric Bischoff's Avatar
    HAHHAHAHAH, I liked how you somehow got Eric Escobar in this blog.
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