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The Gathering of the Flock for 2011?

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Today is 1/27/2011, and I am being hopeful for WWE this year. Tonight's RAW was exactly what we needed, and now seeing Punk truly taking flight.

I will get to that more in a bit, but first, why this is what we are needing. Yes it started about Cena, but it evolved to again, being about the belt. And with the Rumble coming up where all the drama is being tossed into one big ole match with a few jobbers tossed in (hey I think I saw Darren Young and Primo on TV tonight!), the gold and wrestlemania are again being the top priorities. Tonight I saw some great matches. Ziggler vs Orton was brutal, Morrison vs Danielson simply stole the show, and some amazing heat being drawn by our champion.

And then there was Nexus...or NexuSES...or honestly now I am seeing, the Flock/Gathering/Nest for 2011. Punk is becoming very much like Raven was in the late 90's in all the right ways. The SES I think was a dress rehearsal. This is the main show. With the now cult status, him leading by example instead of hiding behind bodies, he is bringing back some elements of some of the darkest stables in ECW/WCW. With some wonderful WTF dialog and just scary moments, CM Punk is going to be stealing the show I think for quite a while, and like Mr. Scot Levy (Raven) will be a respected member of any locker room.

Now this will have to go head to head with the original Nexus group on Smackdown, but I hope they stave it off. Could we have a heel vs heel Survivor Series?

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  1. number1undertakerfan's Avatar
    I think they will make the groups bigger then have a nexus invasion of wrestlemania
  2. AxisOfWin's Avatar
    I get the comparison, CM Punk is bringing the sort of "Dark Knight" ethos with his leadership of Nexus (btw, "The Core"? Really?) and making a real Heel Stable. The addition of the bewilderingly big Mason Ryan will only strengthen it and give them some firepower credibility.

    Taker Fan, i get your enthusiasm but I think that's a bit OTT. Nexus Vs Core @ WM? Possible and would be a great match. Maybe even keep it boiling 'til november and actually have a Survivor Series match at Survivor Series.

    On your Raw thoughts, I agree. The Road to WM is truly on and the talent are really showing themselves off. Raw is a more stable show now that the guest hosts and a lot of the shenanigans have ended. Quality match upon Quality match and hopefully it will stay that way until March. Then its time for Hornswaggle and Santino to get silly again. The Joy.
  3. teacher_on_da_rampage!'s Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by number1undertakerfan
    I think they will make the groups bigger then have a nexus invasion of wrestlemania
    hmmm theyre all in the royal rumble, i see it as a huge possibility!

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