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FCW! The Future of the WWE. (Part 1)

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FCW! The Future of the WWE.

Ive always been a great fan of wrestling and the process of creating the newest stars of the future. The way that someone such as the Miz can come up from Tough Enough and rise to the top of the WWE and become the world champion beating the likes of Randy Orton, Edge and so on and so forth. With WWE formally having Ohio Valley Wrestling pushing out star after star including John Cena, Batista and Randy Orton. The WWE has always been known for there ability to reload with talent that people want to see on tv each and everyweek.

So with this blog i wanted to spotlight some of the best and brightest talent that the current WWE Minor league Florida Championship Wrestling has to offer. I'll break this up into a few entries with each one focusing on three or four superstars that we should be seeing on WWE tv in the very near future. With that being said... lets start with the man who I, as well as many of the readers on this site has the best chance of being the biggest star to come out of FCW givin there current talent crop.

SETH ROLLINS: Oh yeah, there is no way that i couldnt make a blog about FCW and the future of the WWE without starting with the Ring of Honor legend and all around superstar. Formally known as Tyler Black in Ring of Honor he put out some of the greatest matches many of us have ever seen. Most notably a match of the year candidate in his matchup with Davey Richards at Death before Dishonor IV. Many have tabbed Rollins/Black as the future of the WWE. Showing great mic skills, mat skills and overall charisma that made him the quote unquote STAR OF THE SHOW in a federation that focused on Technical skills and showmanship rather than the entertainment factor of a WWE or TNA.

Unfortunelty for many fans of the WWE, they have the unfortunate track record of taking wrestling with amazing mat skills and a great indy following and underutilizing there abilities until they are released or ask for there release (ala Kaval/Low Ki/Senshi)

But back to Rollins. The WWE likes the taller wrestlers with that typical "Wrestler Look" which Rollins has all of. Standing 6'2 222 Pounds and boasting a CM Punk-esk physique. Its hard to watch a Rollins/Black match and not say... "Why is this guy not on WWE tv?" With all the dream matches dancing around in peoples heads with some of the WWE's greatest including CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Orton, Cena and so on. When Rollins does get is shot, when rollins does step out of that curtain for the first time on a live show. All of the fans that have been trapped under a rock or dont have HDnet... or access to Youtube. They will become INSTANT fans of this newest star of the WWE Universe.

Stay Tuned...

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  1. wwefan's Avatar
    what a great move by wwe bringing mason ryan up to the main roster. He was apparently meant to debut as batistas kayfaybe brother according to wikipedia and i do not know if that plan is still going ahead but if so then gret move by wwe creative considering john cena was the one who retired batista. This will also hopefully get a fued going with big zeke which would be great matches with those two heavyweights. My only worry is they are going to put another FCW wrestler in to join the smackdown nexus when he is not ready and it will just ruin the whole fued. I say bring skip back to the smackdown nexus and have a 5 on 5 match at mania.
  2. VKM's Avatar
    This was a great blog. I'm glad you brought up Tyler Black. I'm a fan of him when he was in ROH. However, I am not so optimistic about how WWE will utilize him. They already changed a star-worthy name such as Tyler Black and changed it to Seth Rollins. I also hope that Tyler doesn't even compete in NXT. The guy is already ready. Like you said he has everything. He should just make a debut out of nowhere like how Chris Jericho did.
  3. VKM's Avatar
    Oh and also, I heard that Tyler is frustrated with how FCW is treating him. Hmmm. I wonder if he'll ask for leave. I hope not though.
  4. AxisOfWin's Avatar
    I'll bet Jim Cornette is crywanking about him
  5. mrbluto's Avatar
    The problem is not finding new stars, the problem is the WWE brass does not know how to use them if their names are not Cena or Orton.

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