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Groundbreaking Blockbuster 40-Man Royal Rumble!

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Hey guys! I know i've already posted a blog prediciting all 30 superstars for the Royal Rumble, but I was just informed, via Facebook, that this year WWE is putting 40-men in the Royal Rumble.

So I decided to list the 40 entrants that I think will participate in the match, with some returns included...

1. John Cena
2. Rey Mysterio
3. CM Punk
4. Big Show
5. Kane
6. Triple H
7. Wade Barrett
8. John Morrison
9. King Sheamus
10. Christian
11. Daniel Bryan
12. Chavo Guerrero
13. Alberto Del Rio
14. Jack Swagger
15. Justin Gabriel
16. Heath Slater
17. Michael McGillicutty
18. Ezekiel Jackson
19. JTG
20. Drew McIntyre
21. Zack Ryder
22. Yoshi Tatsu
23. David Hart Smith
24. Tyson Kidd
25. Primo
26. Chris Masters
27. Tyler Reks
28. “Dashing” Cody Rhodes
29. R-Truth
30. Vladimir Kozlov
31. Santino Marella
32. Mark Henry
33. Kofi Kingston
34. Alex Riley
35. Ted DiBiase
36. Jimmy Uso
37. Jey Uso
38. William Regal
39. Darren Young
40. Trent Barreta

As for a Winner...I thought about it, and I think King Sheamus will win!

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  1. drumgod's Avatar
    The winner will, WITHOUT A DOUBT, be Wade Barrett
  2. AxisOfWin's Avatar
    Christian - about time he got his shove. Edge vs Christian at Mania would be great. Some actual wrestling!
  3. evilash's Avatar
    EDIT: Now that Mason Ryan has debuted, I think he will probably take the place of, let's say, Trent Barretta...
  4. homer75751's Avatar
    I think either Christian, Morrison, or punk (thanks to Nexus)
  5. daverende5's Avatar
    No!, Trent Baretta has to be in it. He's really cool.

    I would take the place of JTG or Primo.

    (BTW: are you gonna put in your opinion of entrace numbers? We will see how much of the numbers you've predicted are correct.)
  6. Automatic's Avatar
    I don't think Ryan will be in the Rumble, according to Raw's GM, every Nexus superstar that interfered would be out of the Rumble
  7. dres1214's Avatar
    everyone knows who is going to win...John Cena! SuperCena has to main event Wrestlemania....think dollar signs! Now thats the truth! (i say this with sarcasm)

    Besides the point that we all wish that Cena doesnt win! I hope that Christian or Morrison pull it off! Anyone fresh! IMO those two main event Wrestlemania=Epic!
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