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John Cena will NOT turn heel anytime soon

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Well I guess the title says it all, in no way is there any chance of John Cena turning heel in the next year at least.

I'm sick of going on to different websites and seeing guys talking up and creating scenarios where Superman turns heel. Cena is too much of a cash cow for Vince McMahon that there is no chance in hell he would turn him heel.

Look at the facts Cena is WAY over with the kids and the women, parents bring their kids to TV's and live events and buy PPV's to see Cena overcome the odds and win everytime. Think about it say an average family of two parents and two kids go to a live event, the parents will buy the kids Cena T-shirts and probably some other piece of crappy Cena merchandise. Compare this to the average IWC fan, these guys are more likely to go to the event in a group of friends and wouldn't spend as much money on merchandise as a family. The IWC fans are out numbered about 4 to 1 by people who aren't clued in on the business, thus the WWE isn't going to listen to us their going to listen to the mars who waste their money on idiots like Cena bulldozing over everybody else.

Another place where the family wins over is the PPV buys, parents are more likely to spend the $50 on buying the event to see Cena win than an IWC guy who would more than likely watch a live stream on the internet than pay the $50.

I was on one wrestling site today and one guy came up with this crazy scenario where Cena would face the Miz at Wrestlemania and Cena would turn heel with Vince McMahon's assistance and screw Miz out of the championship. What kind of crazy world is this guy living in? He is certain this will happen!! Guys like this are delusional.

In conclusion while WWE stays PG and Cena is raking in the cash from the kids and the women there is not a chance in hell of Vinnie Mac turning him heel in the foreseeable future.

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  1. wwerawbabe23's Avatar
    so?? Im a girl and I dont like Cena like most woman do. I like him for his talent (well what he has as a face) and I like other wrestlers too. I think Cena should be heel to be honest. I know they wont do that based on the same reasons you listed above, but I think they should turn him heel. well him and Orton really. thats my opinion though.
  2. simo87's Avatar
    he wasnt saying that all kids and women are cena fans but we all know most kids and women are cena nut-huggers
    Updated 01-18-2011 at 05:47 AM by simo87
  3. AxisOfWin's Avatar
    *applause* Very true - Vince will always listen to Dollars, not us screaming in the dark
  4. Automatic's Avatar
    The only way Cena can become a heel is, if there is a other superstar that can sell the amount of merchandise that Cena does, and I think only then they will consider it.
  5. loyalDTF's Avatar
    Will cena ever be a heel....probably not, no time soon, maybe never.Why?.......$$$$$$$$$$$. But I do think if he ever does become one, it will be the real him when he is mad
  6. SamoanBulldozer17's Avatar
    i think that that would be a good luck for Cena if he turned heel. I just don't understand why when creative had the chance to change him heel while he was Nexus, they had him wearing his own clothes and bitching and moaning about how he's going to get revenge and be free from the Nexus..I would've tooken that opportunity to change him heel and then find another superstar to build up to be WWE Championship material...What will happen if Miz ever turns face?..would be wierd huh? I wish that Vince didnt focus on the money, but the people....
  7. Lance Storm's Avatar
    But if Vince wants to stay "cutting edge," do the unexpected!
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