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Daniel Bryan On The Back Burner

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This blog is dedicated to one of my favorite wrestlers in WWE currently. He is the United States champion, "American Dragon" Daniel Bryan (Danielson). After reading, please do take a second and leave a comment about what you read.

Alright. Now, hopefully, I am not the only one that's realized Daniel Bryan has not defended his United States championship since his match against Ted Dibiase at.... Survivor Series? I think. (Let me know if I am wrong) It was reported that he was suppose to face CM Punk afterwards, but Punk got injured. Now Punk is working a feud with Nexus and Cena, which left Bryan with nothing to do. Since then, Bryan has been floundering around on RAW, wrestling against random people in random matches, and being accompanied by, of all people, the Bella Twins. I even thought WWE was going to start a Daniel Bryan vs. William Regal feud (which would have been money) but that was just a one nighter. Now the only time we really see Bryan is on NXT with his rookie, Derrick Bateman (My pick to win it btw) which probably means WWE plans on using Bryan and Bateman to help rebuild the tag team division (assuming that they win). Honestly, I think they would be a good tag team. Still, the fact that he is not defending the championship as much lately is making the title seem useless, kind of like it was with the Miz. As a result, it is not making Daniel Bryan's title run look too, quote on quote.... "Prestigious".

Now why is that, you might ask? Why is it that one of the WWE's all around talents is not being utilized as much as he used to. I mean, let's look at the facts. He is one of the only all around talents in WWE. He can cut one hell of a promo (check out his feud with Cole on NXT), he knows how to deliver on segments and feuds, he is a fantastic wrestler who knows multiple wrestling styles (technical, high-flying, brawler, submissionist, martial arts, etc.), and he knows how to interact with the crowd. On top of that, he is the MVP of 2010 when it comes to PPVs. Every match he has been in on a PPV, he has stolen the show with. You would expect WWE to be showcasing him 24/7 and showing the world what an amazing talent he is. Am I saying he should be going for the world title? No because it is WAY too early. All WWE needs to do is just LET HIM WRESTLE and defend his championship often. That is all they need to do and he will shine like a shooting star. Yet, WWE is not even letting him do that as much. Why is that?

Well this is my theory and you have EVERY right to disagree with me. I think Daniel Bryan is TOO TALENTED for his own good and I think that is why WWE has put him on the back burner.... for now.

Let's face it. Everyone knows Daniel Bryan is more-so the best wrestler in WWE. Unfortunately, we all know WWE does not want the fans to know that because they want audiences to think John Cena and Randy Orton are the best wrestlers. So what do they do? They stick him with a 'nerd' gimmick, have him lose a majority of his matches, have Michael Cole bury him constantly, give him little time on the microphone so he won't get over too soon, and have him wrestle mid-card to low card wrestlers. It is not to bury him or make him look weak for the hell of it, but just to keep him from getting over WAY too early before they are ready to really trust him as a main eventer. In other words, they are protecting a future investment. IMO, when they saw how well he was doing in his matches against The Miz, Dolph Ziggler, John Morrison, Dibiase, Regal, and stealing the show in ALL of them, WWE got a taste of who they really had. They have a diamond in the rough and they are saving him for the future when Cena and/or Orton lose their flavor. I know I sound like Jesse Ventura, but follow me on this. Lol.

Trust me. I truly believe Vince knows that Daniel Bryan has all the potential to be a top dog in WWE. If he didn't, then Vince would not have brought him back. :P Am I right? Unfortunately because of WWE being PG, the higher-ups are probably not willing to risk replacing Cena and Orton who are this generations (as much as I hate to admit it) The Rock and Stone Cold. Nobody gets a bigger pop than John Cena and Randy Orton right now. If they push Daniel Bryan right now, either one or two things will happen. First, he could be outshined by the star power of Cena and Orton and not be received as much. Second, fans may reject him for being pushed over top two fan favorites. I could list a lot more but those two are my best points honestly.

So, as much as some of you may not like it, putting Daniel Bryan on the back burner until it is his time to shine is the best thing to do. Because one, it preserves him for the future and saves him from getting boring early. If we got Daniel Bryan wrestling constantly 24/7, not only will he wear himself out and run out of creative stuff to do inside the ring, but eventually we will end up getting sick of seeing him. WWE will most likely let him loose on special occasions like a Wrestlemania or a random PPV, but don't expect them to do it very often. So expect some squash matches in his favor or for him to job to a main eventer. :P Also two, it gives WWE a wild card just in case something happens to one of their main eventers. For instance, let’s say we have John Morrison vs. Randy Orton scheduled for a PPV and Morrison gets injured. Guess who they can call? Daniel Bryan!! The same man that can put on a five star match with a fucking broom stick.

So in conclusion, I don't want you fans to get upset that WWE are not using Daniel Bryan as often as you want them to. This does not mean they have lost faith in him and will bury him to the earth's core. This just means it is NOT his time right now and they are trying to preserve him for the future. So enjoy him while he is working with the Bellas and Derrick Bateman. Don't worry. Eventually, Daniel Bryan will get his chance and when he does ....


Thank you for reading.

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  1. natejoseph09's Avatar
    I agree with much of this article, Bryan is an excelent wrestler. But what's holding him back is that he's not getting a crowd reaction, too me he's like the opposite of Miz.
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