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Triple H is coming back. Just be patient!

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You all know the deal. Read, enjoy, and comment.

Alright, we are two nights removed from the Royal Rumble, which I thought was a very entertaining Pay-Per-View (all matches were spot on except for the random win by Eve), and the IWC is still buzzing over the results of the show. Some positive buzzes and some negative buzzes. What I want to focus on is one particular negative buzz concerning the Royal Rumble that I find very annoying. The funny thing is, it not about the rumble itself. It is what people are saying about the Royal Rumble. Now you got the understandable complaints like:

"John Morrison and Daniel Bryan were eliminated too early!"
"CM Punk and Nexus dominating was annoying!" (Really? You'd think people would like that)
"John Cena and Hornswaggle, WTF?"
"Why the hell is Orton and Ziggler in the Rumble??? They already had a match." (This I completely understand)

All these are easy to understand. However, what surprises me is that this is not what people are complaining about the most. You know what they are complaining about. This:


Really people? You mean to tell me all because Triple H did not return when YOU expected him to, the show automatically sucks. Despite the GREAT match Edge and Ziggler opened up the show with and despite the fabulous performances in the Rumble by Morrison (His Spiderman like save on the outside) Daniel Bryan, and Punk. Along with the fact that we had a NEW, young, and fresh talent win the royal rumble like Alberto Del Rio, some of you fans (internet mostly) still feel the need to bitch and moan all because Triple H did not return.

Seriously. Get a fucking grip! It is not the end of the world.

For one thing, Triple H is coming back. You obviously read the wrestling reports like I do otherwise you wouldn't be reading this right now so you should know he is healthy enough to return and he is waiting to do it when people LEAST EXPECT IT. Guess what? EVERYBODY and their mommas were expecting him to return at the Royal Rumble. So you really should not be upset that he did not return. He'll return soon when the moment is right so just be patient and enjoy the program you got now. It is not that bad. You got some really good talent who are putting on good matches, but you can't appreciate them because you're so wrapped up over ONE GUY. Triple H. Damn, relax. He is coming back so just be patient.

Another thing, even if he does not return and decides to stay on the business side of things, so what? He is not the only GOOD thing about wrestling. There are tons of other wonderful talents in WWE I think serve as fine replacements for Triple H. Alberto Del Rio, Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, John Morrison, Wade Barrett, The Miz, etc. I'd hate to see him leave the business when he could still contribute, but I'm not going to throw a fit if he decides one day to never return to wrestling. I'll do what I did when Austin, HBK, and Rock left. Move on. Nobody is going to be here forever and wrestling fans should not center their love for the sport on ONE GUY. You center it around the business itself. Am I right?

Don't get me wrong. I have MASSIVE respect for Triple H and I love what he does in the ring. I am just as anxious for his return as much as the next wrestling fan, but I am not letting it ruin the current product for me. I'm fine watching what I have now in WWE and I think you guys as WRESTLING FANS should be too.

So in conclusion, to all those who are upset that Trips did not return at the Royal Rumble, relax. He is coming back.


Thank you.

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  1. jelle1809's Avatar
    now that's the truth
  2. nrb6304's Avatar
    What's even funnier is that when Triple H does return the IWC is gonna start bitching about him being on top and etc. And etc. Lol. As an IWC we sure are fuckking funny
  3. Saiga's Avatar
    kurt angle participated in the 3 way wwe title match from royal rumble 2005 and participated in the rumble match later on. why is it hard to understand that dolph ziggler & randy orton took a page outta the book?
  4. bigevil1987's Avatar
    only real bitch i have about the rumble (and this may sound cold) is that santino was in the final two........... pathetic.
  5. The Brown One's Avatar
    I've said this before, and I'll say this again. I'm glad Triple H hasn't returned yet(even though he has been cleared to compete 2 months ago). Because now he can work behind the scenes more often, in his new executive job. Apparently hes been responsible for some good storylines that have occured as of late. He knows what people want, and what will keep the company fresh.

    I'm not too excited about his return, and I know that he will bury everyone upon his return, and maybe go for another WWE title run. But I take comfort in the fact that he has done alot for wrestling, is older, and will retire soon-which will give the younger talent more time in the spotlight. Also, he can continue contributing good ideas to creative.
  6. Trips88's Avatar
    I gotta say man this was a good read. I presonaly consider myself to be a HUGE HHH fan (if you can't tell by the name lol) and even I am tired of the complaining. I want HHH back. I want him in the hunt. I want to see him have one more run with the strap even. BUT I'm not gonna miss out on everything else that the WWE has to offer just becasue my favorite superstar is down. I didn't stop watching the last two times he was out of action and I won't stop now.
  7. MrNolan's Avatar
    I personally wouldn't mind seeing Trips come back for a small program then quickly retiring. Hes got nothing left to prove and I don't want to see him come back and squash any of the younger up and comers. I truly respected him putting John Cena over in the Wrestlemania Mainevent a few years ago. Its time for him to help Vince and Steph backstage. Please Spare the slumping Shaemus anymore shame!

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