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The Reason TNA Will Never Be #1

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Hey Guys, Hope all is well.

TNA has been a great company with on and off moments but for the most part they have been Ok. There are a couple of things stopping TNA from being number 1 though. I will count them down from 5-1. Please pay attention to the Number 1 reason because it is a huge reason that overshadows the other reasons.

5. Lack of Travel
Tna will never be taken serious if they are too afraid to take their show on the road for taped episodes. Basically thats how viewers are drawn in. Many house shows are really boring. If I saw a house show was coming to my town I would not go, but if it was televised I would definitely attend. Basically I feel not enough wrestling fans truly know about their product.

4. Relying on Stables to run the show
I guess maybe Vince Russo loves running a company that is ran by a stable. You had NWO back in WCW and you had millions of them in Tna which are EV2, Mainevent Mafia, Fortune, and now Immortal. It's so damn repetitive like give me a break. Fortune & Immortal are literally doing the same exact things that NWO & The Mainevent Mafia did. And atleast the WWE does their Nexus angle with up & coming stars, which brings me to my next reason.

3. Relying on Old or Former WWE Talent to run the show
Yo its kinda embarrassing that stars that prodced nothing in the WWE can come to TNA and be world champ within a couple months. The attitude era is over, The 80's Era is over. Atleast the WWE aren't trying to redo something that is done. It will not be any different the 2nd time. TNA is still living in the past and seeing people like Hogan in TNA doesn't make me like him more, it just makes we wonder why he still does it. Let's be honest: TNA has much better young stars than the WWE but we wouldn't know that because all we see on TNA are Ric Flair & Mick Foley. People like Kofi, Ted Dibiase, Jack Swagger, Dolph, Evan Bourne, The Entire Nexus, Daniel Bryan, The Miz, John Morrison, Drew McCintyre, Del Rio and more are running the show because they are the new breed. I love those guys to death but I guarantee you that TNA's young talent would demolish them in the ring but we would never know that because they get no air time.

2. Inconsistency in Program
It seems as if TNA is one big storyline connected. This is because they have a stacked roster but only one show. One day you see rob terry and the next day he's gone and then back again. There's no control. Basically some people watch TNA for one specific person. I watch TNA to see Jay Lethal but sometimes he's not even on TV. This is because they cram too many wrestlers on one show so now they lose rating because the people didn't see the particular stars they want to see. For example, I watch Smackdown just to see Dolph Ziggler and if I don't see him I get pissed. But I know I'm going to see him the next week or maybe even surprisingly on Raw. Two shows make the product more unpredictable.

1. TNA employees & Wrestling Fans feeling the need to bring up The WWE When discussing TNA
How can you stand alone as a company when your competition is always being brought into the coversation. Even I can't talk about TNA without mentioning atleast something about the WWE. And even the stars do it. When Kurt, Eazy E, Hogan or others have an outside interview they always have to bash or bring up the WWE. Why even discuss Them? Just worry about your own product. Even on Impact they bring up the WWE. Hell Ken Anderson Mocked Triple H last week on Impact. And the number 1 reason is because 75% of their roster are from the WWE so how could we not bring them up? I talk about ROH alot & never bring up the WWE and the reason is because they have their own unique style of a product with their own homegrown stars with a few exceptions. And to top it all off, TNA brings in the biggest WWE critic, MATT HARDY. LOL TNA HAS ALOT OF WORK TO DO.

I'm a TNA & WWE fan and as a fan I'm just stating my opinions. I'm not trying to bash TNA at all.

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  1. WWTNA Mark's Avatar
    100 % right on this bro. If TNA doesn't fix these problems then they will won't last long. Trying to compete with WWE with the way there looking right now is laughable. I like TNA but somethings got to give.
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