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Top 10 In-Ring Talents From Both Companies

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Hey guys, hope all is well. I have a point for my madness in posting this blog entry. I love the WWE wayyyyyyy more than TNA but TNA pushes the real in-ring talent and the WWE pushes everything but in-ring talent so take a look at my top 10 list for both companies and see for yourself who's getting the bigger push. This is just an opinion.

10.Ted Dibiase - the guy is jobbing every week. They literally made him a joke.
9.Dolph Ziggler - receiving a solid push, hopefully he mainevents mania i got a feeling.
8.R-Truth - he botches up alot but he is truly entertaining to watch and is super-over with the fans
7.Kofi Kingston - the most exciting man in wrestling. He has his spot but he deserves more.
6.Edge - The WWE has been nothing but good to him.
5.Justin Gabriel - he will hopefully breakout into his own when this corre, nexus crap is over.
4.Evan Bourne - he was jobbing a bit much before his injury so hopefully that stops when he comes back
3.Daniel Bryan - he does his thing, i think he only has a push because of the IWC but i hope he becomes world champ one day. He reminds me of rvd and cm punk, he's GOOD.
1. John Morrison - the greatest in ring talent from both companies hands down. Please creative make him lose the fur coat, the furry glittery pants, the shades and have him dress like a damn world champ because thats what we are potentially dealing with.

Out of this entire list, only two of these men have been world champ and I won't include Morrison winning the WWE's version of the ECW belt. I didn't mention Mysterio because at this point he isn't a factor. Also I didn't mention Cody Rhodes or JTG but they deserve wayyy more as well. And I will take being bashed because I didnt include Alberto Del Rio. These guys are the future of the business besides edge who is nearing retirement. I didnt mention Triple H, John Cena or Orton because they aren't the best in the ring. I'm fans of all three because they have star qualities which include mic skills. Now look at TNA.

10.Samoa Joe - he's fell off in the past but he has the respect of the fans and TNA has done a good job in making him a force. If he was in the WWE he would've had the same gimmick Umaga had. He wouldn't even be allowed to speak English lol they would only allow him to yell. I'm glad TNA made him a human and not a monster.
9.The Pope - I'm not sure about the heel turn but i guess Burke is a natural heel. I just think he turned heel too quick but either way he's a perfect example of someone who was poorly used in the WWE.
8.Robert Rude - a credible tag team wrestler who can do it on his own anytime. The WWE doesnt allow tag teams to survive years and years. Him and Storm have been partners forver but are still taken serious as single stars.
7.Jay Lethal - probably not world champ material but the X-Division is his. He could've easily been jobbed like Eric Young but he still has a well deserved spot.
6.Ken Anderson - one of the greatest pure stars in the business. He clearly plays the face & heel role to perfection.
5.RVD - yea he's been around a while but talent is talent. Not too many people to do it better than him. Although on that one impact he looked high as a kite. He was stumbling to the ring & slurring his words but we'll save that for another conversation lol.
4.Alex Shelley - this guy performs on fast forward. He's also good.
3.Kazarian - he reminds me of dolph ziggler mixed with evolution orton. He could've been the future but the WWE reserved his talents for Sunday Night Heat.
2.Kurt Angle - greatest ever. Enough said.
1.AJ Styles - the face of the company is a guy who's average on the mic & the best in the ring.

This is the point I'm getting at guys. TNA does the right thing and puts the guys who can actually perform in the ring and on television. Now granted too much wrestling can take away from the entertainment aspect but it still wouldn't hurt.

I love the WWE I'm a natural breathing WWE mark but the time wasted having Hornswoggle in the Rolyal Rumble or Hornswoggle on television could've been an opportunity to give a great talent like yoshi tatsu a chance to shine. The time the WWE spends on grown men having dance contests could be a chance to showcase the Uso's. Out of that list, 5 of those stars hae been TNA World Champ. Basically the WWE's top guy is an entertainer and TNA's top guy is a wrester. Thats my point.

Thanks Guys for reading. Please leave feedback. And also please no bashing, I'm just a young man with an opinion. Have a blessed day guys.

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  1. scotty25aj's Avatar
    Hey man, gotta agree with all your names for best in-ring talents and like you I'm a fan of 'H', Orton and I dont mind Cena that much to be honest. Like you I am definitely on the WWE side of the fence but they really need to get the idea that huge guys are the best as both you and I agree that the best guys in the WWE and TNA are not the huge guys like the Batistas etc but the smaller more agile men (I'm not bashing the big guys as I'm the biggest 'Taker fan).

    Also I'm totally with you with on CM Punk! Right now Punk is producing HOF quality work and he's making RAW almost unmissable which is not something I think you can say has been the trend ths past 2 years or so.

    Look forward to the next blog
  2. NashVegas24's Avatar
    You look at that list you have there and if you were to start a company right now and have a "fantasy draft" I think most of the talent picked first would be from TNA. Their nucleus is far better than WWE right now and the next couple of years.

    I still think releasing Mr. Kennedy was a HUGE loss for the WWE. He is finally producing at a level where we all thought he would be at some point. He would a nice change instead of watching Orton vs Cena again.

    Right now, CM Punk is the real deal. Just like Edge was in 2006, Punk is making people notice him and he is taking off!

    I think guys like Hennig, Baby Bulldog, Rhodes, Kofi, Danielson, DiBiase will be the guys that we are talking about in 3 years but the TNA roster does offer more potential at this point in the game.
  3. Khaos's Avatar
    So, the "greatest ever, hands down" isn't #1 on an IN RING list?
  4. knox's Avatar
    @scotty & nash, i appreciate it, i definitely thought i was going to bashed for this post. And I feel we all can agree that as of now Cm Punk has the full package and he is the real deal. He's whats been missing from wrestling. If you combine overall in-ring skill, mic skills, the ability to play an on-screen role and to be a believable heel/character, he's the best in the business.

    @Khaos lol your right but i mean Kurt is the greatest ever but just not right now. Like Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player ever but at his late age he wouldn't be able to keep up with Kobe Bryant. So Im saying Kurt holds the title of being the greatest ever but now he's old so AJ has his number
  5. Justdawg08's Avatar
    You know I'm a big RVD fan but I think you got him a little high, I don't think you can put him ahead of Lethal and some others.

    I agree with AJ being number one for TNA, don't agree with Morrison... but he's up there.

    Mr. Anderson was an iffy wrestler before, but IDK... every time I see him wrestle he seems to flow around the ring better and add more moves to his set. So fuck... I just want to say good job Anderson, your impressing me more and more everytime I see you.
  6. merhardt03's Avatar
    "Out of this entire list, only two of these men have been world champ and I won't include Morrison winning the WWE's version of the ECW belt. "

    You didn't mention that R-Truth is a former NWA world champ & Bryan is also a former ROH world champion.
  7. paul.lima34's Avatar
    Your top 10 of wwe talent reminded me of why i dont watch wwe anymore ,
    R-Truth,Edge,Evan Bourne,Cm Punk ,John Morrison ...

    all the rest are just over paid Jobbers who have NO charisma and are utterly boring

    Robert Rude will be the best ever Super Star in wrestling once the team splits
    and wwe sorts out there stupid roster and dumb ass pg rating
    Updated 02-11-2011 at 09:09 PM by paul.lima34
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