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RegalRotherham vs JeremyBorash

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When micro-blogging site Twitter first emerged, it was embraced by a lot of celebrities and professional entertainers to give the “All Exposed” view of their lives. A great idea really, Twitter tells the fans a bit more about the person, not the brand. It is a great idea and well done to Twitter. However over the last year to 2 years it has revolutionised our industry and in my opinion, ruined it slightly.

Online rumours have been a massive part of the IWC and so have forum boards. This kept the IWC’s opinions to itself but now, we can just tweet or facebook someone like Eric Bischoff and they get to read it. Not always a good idea as sometimes opinions are a bit dumb and the dumb ones for some reason get read out (Whether EB is keeping the good ones to one side for ideas I don’t know).

I’ve been guilty of this, while watching shows I tweet along what I’m thinking. Sometimes I tweet stuff that’s a little bit dumb like “Jeff Jarrett should die”. Now what I meant was “I wish JJ would retire and get off this show” but due to my intake of THC at that time, the vocabulary just wasn’t there. Twitter doesn’t have emotion, just raw statements. Now here in England, as I’m sure all my transatlantic cousins know have a very sarcastic sense of humour and we rip into each other for fun. Well I had a little bit of a pop at Jeremy Borash the other day. Nothing much, just a rib about how I think he got to where he was today:

@RegalRotherham: Somewhere in the world, @JeremyBorash is choosing which bit of @EBischoff to kiss next

Now, I thought that Mr Borash, the professional that he is would simply ignore this, but instead I got a DM (Direct Message for non-tweeters):

You really need to work on trying to be a better dick. You aren't even good at that.

Now, would you see any of WWE’s staff rising to that? The original tweet was quite mild compared to some that I’ve read about TNA. In fact compared to a number of them, its complementary that I’m not actually ripping into their product. Anyway, here’s how the rest of it went:

i got a dm from @JeremyBorash calling me a dick. Very professional. I wonder if @TNADixie knows what classless low lives work for her

Keep trying. You aren't even a good asshole. Whaaaaaah.... I got called a dick

Hey, im just having an opinion. If you were anything near the professional you claim to be, you would have just ignored it. touch a nerve?
I wonder if @JeremyBorash is abusing any other (Now former#TNA) fans today because he has no sense of humour. That and he does all his dirty work via DM's rather than making it public banter #weak

Where was the funny part

@JeremyBorash There wasn't a funny part. I was just wondering if you had lost any more #TNA fans today?

You said I had no sense of humor. Tell me what was the funny part of your message

@JeremyBorash The intense sarcasm of you being a suck up character. You know nothing of British humour

Alienating a fan? The shit you've written about me and TNA hardly qualifies you as a fan. I have no problem alienating haters.

Gonna block you now out of total boredom of your idiocy. Hope you've enjoyed this attention.

I would just like to look at one part of that, and that part is “Alienating a fan? The shit you've written about me and TNA hardly qualifies you as a fan. I have no problem alienating haters” – I never said I was a hater. I, until this all went down was an avid viewer of TNA both iMPACT and PPV’s. Our DVD purchases and Merchandise buys pay this guys wages. Well I can guarantee that this Wrestling fan will no longer watch, follow, listen to, read about or even think of TNA Wrestling.

I’m sure there’s a bunch of comments going to appear here with the words “You Got Owned” and in fairness, because I made a dumb comment a while ago he’s got that ammo. But my point is that because 1 person in an organization that is well known for its public image is unprofessional enough to not ignore a blatant jibe and to stoke the fire, their numbers and more importantly dollars are down by 1. I wonder if all TNA Twitter users have a pop at him, will they all get the same treatment as I did?

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  1. Xyience's Avatar
    Dude you got Uber Powned by borash, Nah only joking your right man he's weak couldn't stand the banter as a brit I appreciate the sarcasm in your comment to him good times

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