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WWE: The smartest wrestling promotion ever

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Hey peeps, Just wanted to notice if anyone noticed what the wwe is accomplishing right now. The wwe are in the process making similar new stars to stars that are already around. Notice this.

1. Dolph Ziggler is the new Edge

Now when Dolph was first re-packaged, the first thing I said was EDGE. He reminds me soo much of this guy. Dolph and Mr. Perfect are nowhere near alike and the only reason people compare is because Dolph's theme say's "I am Perfection". Basically I really notcied Dolph was the new edge because he has turned into an ultimate opportunist. I mean the way he manipulated vicki guerrero so he could win the intercontinental belt and the way he wins all his matches. Basically, the creative team see's the comparison which is why they paired him with Vicki. Dolph has the full package.

2. Drew McCintyre will be the new Randy Orton
I seen this a mile away. Drew is very physical in the ring just like orton. Orton in the evolution erawas basically the chosen one who was born with it all. Then once he got it all, his music changed, he became more ruthless and the viper was born. Now look at Drew. He was the chosen one and had a good intercontinental run. Then his music changed and he became more aggressive and violent. Notice how similar Drew & Orton's music are, notice how slow they walk to the ring, notice their admittance to agression. Remember how orton always admits how aggresive and how he intends to hurt people for a long time, hell just look at the punt kick. And look how drew admits to kelly kelly about his anger problem. Not yet, but soon he will be the new orton.

3. The Miz is the new Jericho and will be the new Cena. And he is also what Ken Anderson would've been if he wasn't released.The Miz has the cockiness of Jericho. Also they both have that cool factor as well. The Miz and Jericho on screen also have a huge hate for legends such as jerry lawler, steamboat and others. They both are superior on the mic and know how to draw heat. Basically the creative knows this as well which is why they briefly teamed them.

The Miz will be the new Cena once he's a face. The Miz clearly has the talent & charisma to be the face of this company one day but once he's a face. He rose through the ranks in about the same amount of time it took cena.

Basically what I'm noticing is the wwe are making replacements of these top stars to lookout for the future of the company which makes them smart as heck.

Other comparisons are Swagger & Kurt Angle, Danielson & Benoit, Ezekiel Jackson & Batista or Bobby Lashley and Kofi & Booker T.

Thanks For Ready

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Updated 01-17-2011 at 10:37 PM by Frank

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  1. JohnnyV123's Avatar
    Is it really smart to create very similar characters when both characters are still wrestling? What's the point of having Edge around if Dolph Ziggler is doing the same thing? How about create the next Shawn Michaels or Ric Flair or better yet why doesn't "the smartest wrestling promotion ever" create another Hulk Hogan with its new PG image. Real smart to go PG and completely alienate your older audience to pander to the kiddies.
  2. knox's Avatar
    i think cena is the new hogan if u ask me

    and yea i agree with u on that, but i think these similar comparisons are to setup for future programs, i'll bet everything i own that orton and mccintyre will feud in 2011
  3. AxisOfWin's Avatar
    Good choices. I agree with the Ziggler/Edge thing, good comparison
  4. steveorton's Avatar
    I see your point Knox, I'm jus sayin...
  5. BRING IT BACK's Avatar
    i want a new randy savage lol

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