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TNA versus TNA!!

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It is our right as wrestling fans that we offer our thoughts, bitch, complain and down-right moan about the state of wrestling today. A hot topic in the past year or so is the overall state of TNA.

Too many fans, including myself, have voiced their opinions via the internet about how there is an overabundance of former WWE stars on the TNA Roster today. This is obviously became an even bigger issue when TNA President Dixie Carter announced the signing of wrestling’s most famous name: Hulk Hogan and his partner in crime, former WWE RAW General Manager and WCW Head, Eric Bischoff.

Since their arrival into the Impact Zone, the tandem has been the big talk of the wrestling world.

Many saw these two come in as both a negative and a positive – but all were unsure of their true intentions. Is Hulk Hogan in it for himself? Is Bischoff here to run the company into the ground? Will their ego’s get in the way of the new rising talent in TNA? No one knows to this day.

A little while before their signing, TNA was said to be at the height of their products success – mainly due to producing 5 star wrestling matches - including epic matches between AJ Styles and then-TNA Champion Kurt Angle. As Bischoff/Hogan arrived, they brought with them several former WWE talents including Orlando Jordan, Sean Morley (Val Venis), Jeff Hardy, Mr. Anderson (Mr. Kennedy), Ric Flair, Shannon Moore, Brian Kendrick, Rob Van Dam, and the very questionable Nasty Boyz tag team (who were fired after a dull feud with Team 3D). With so many former WWE Talents coming in – some of which were viewed by the wrestling fan community to be very unnecessary acquisitions (Nasty Boys, Morley and Jordan) – many felt Hogan and Eric wanted to transform the company into something very similar to WWE or even the old WCW – even going as far as going against every TNA fan’s wish and getting rid of the beloved 6-sided ring, and also briefly moving TNA Impact to Monday nights – a move fans the world over felt was too soon, but were excited about it nonetheless due to the aspect of the popular “Monday Nights Wars”.

Yes, many believed that all former WWE talents were taking up too much TV time and casting a very dark shadow over the TNA originals. Currently in TNA today – one year after Hogan and Bischoff’s arrival – they are still the talk of TNA with their new Immortal/Fortune factions being formed – which includes Hogan/Bischoff/Hardy heel turns. But, still, TNA is not at the level of global juggernaut World Wrestling Entertainment, despite having most of the rival company’s most popular ex-employees.

As I said at the beginning, it is our right as fans to say whatever we wanted, and also voice our opinions. So I decided to elaborate on TNA’s current state and suggest a major storyline that I personally think would work to TNA’s advantage, due us fans’ cry out about too many ex-WWE stars in TNA.

After viewing TNA’s Genesis PPV, it seems TNA is still, somewhat, focusing on hiring popular former WWE talents to try and boost their ratings (as every company tries to do), as they hired Matt Hardy last night. Since some of the talk of the wrestling world is how so many former WWE talents are on the TNA Roster – and how fans rejoiced at the prospect of the possibility of the Monday Night Wars returning, ala WWE vs. TNA – I think TNA should try a storyline of TNA vs. Former WWE Talents!

I know what most of you think may be thinking just now, but here me out if you will.

You may think that a storyline like this may be way too similar to the New World Order storyline in WCW or the Main Event Mafia storyline that proved to a memorable one in TNA, I think its just the “shockwave” the wrestling world needs that TNA could send out.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about every person who has been with WWE. There are TNA talents who fans consider are true to the company and have found more success in Total Non-stop Action than when they were in WWE. These wrestlers I speak of are as follows:

Jeff Jarrett – Jarrett is the founder of TNA. Even though he is a former star who found fame in the WWE/WWF and WCW, Jarrett was the one who started the company and hired guys like AJ Styles and members of Beer Money - so this would make him THE TNA Original.

Matt Morgan – Forgettable as a member of Team Lesnar back in 2003 on WWE SmackDown programming, and people definitely want to forget him as the stuttering giant bodyguard of Carlito. Since he has come to TNA, the “Blueprint” has found greater success and fame as a TNA mainstay.

Winter – the former Katie Lea Burchill has now been renamed and repackaged as a new mysterious character and has also found gold as a Knockout Tag Team Champion. Expect her to be more memorable as “Winter” as time goes on, rather than the close sister of Hurricane’s ECW Nemesis, and former Pirate, Paul Burchill.

Orlando Jordan – The former WWE United States Champion and JBL’s “Chief of Staff” had quite the run in World Wrestling Entertainment. But nothing quite as memorable as his “bisexual” gimmick that he currently portrays in TNA. The controversial OJ of TNA will likely shadow that of his former gimmick in WWE. Also, as part of a great comedic tag team with “Showtime” Eric Young in TNA today, OJ seems to have made a big splash in the Impact Zone. Complete with a brand new look, Orlando Jordan seems to fit in, in TNA.

The Pope D’Angelo Dinero – Former leader of the ECW New Breed, under his former guise in WWE – Elijah Burke – he enjoyed some success in World Wrestling Entertainment, earning ECW Title matches on PPV and even having a match at Wrestlemania. Many fans worldwide found Burke mildly entertaining, but all believed he wasn’t pushed right at all. When he came to TNA and became “The Pope”, fans knew that his time had come. Finding all new popularity as a TNA main event star, fans now believe he has gotten the push he deserves in the form of a character you can tell he is comfortable playing. Elijah Burke is dead and forgotten - the Pope is alive and memorable. (Can I get an Amen?)

So the storyline I propose is to have all former WWE talents (except the above) come together and do battle with the rest of TNA.
All former WWE Talents that will be a part of the Ex-WWE Faction will be as follows:

Leaders: Hulk Hogan & Eric Bischoff

Ric Flair

Kurt Angle

Scott Steiner

Rob Van Dam

Jeff Hardy

Matt Hardy

Shannon Moore

Mick Foley

Team 3D (Reunited for the storyline)

Mr. Anderson

Tommy Dreamer

Brian Kendrick

Mickie James


In an effort to take TNA by force after being fired and their plans for Immortal/Fortune destroyed -Hogan, Flair and Bischoff promise an “Invasion” of the company. The former leaders of Immortal also tell TNA President Dixie Carter that one of her Superstars is now working for them…and it’s someone who wasn’t part of Immortal!

As paranoia spreads through all of TNA, it’s revealed that the traitor is actually Kurt Angle!
Upset that arch-nemesis Jeff Jarrett was forgiven and rehired by Carter, Angle secretly forged an alliance with the Immortal leaders to get back at her and Jarrett.

Angle, who is still under contract by TNA, appears in the Impact Zone and tells Carter that an “Invasion” will happen, and it will shake the wrestling world – way more than Immortal did!
He promises that week-after-week, superstars will join Hogan’s new regime, starting off with the Hardys!

…and so the storyline begins!

Even though many believe (as they rightfully should) that TNA should be its own product, and not have any references to the WWE, I believe this will elevate the company further. Having so many guaranteed shocking heel turns, as well as various twists in storyline, means every Impact would be un-missable!

But consider that as the entire former WWE Superstars in TNA band together, we would finally get to see a WWE vs. TNA-esque war. This would be a chance for TNA to look superior to the competition, in a small way of course. Having home-grown TNA talent (Like AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Beer Money, Machine Guns etc.) go over established big named former WWE talents (Like Kurt Angle, Ric Flair, RVD, the Hardys etc) in epic, dream matches! (my money would go to Beer Money or Motor City Machine Guns against the Hardys!)

Former WWE Stars who may join the organization in the future would likely enter the company by banding with the ex-WWE Talent, and thus adding soldiers to the war. This way, fans will likely be pleased if a former WWE star joins TNA, rather than simply see them take a spot on the TNA roster next to all the other former talent Dixie Carter seems to be hiring these days (ala Matt Hardy and Scott Steiner).

So that’s what I propose. Why wait for TNA vs. WWE – when it can happen right now!


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  1. Sydnister's Avatar
    So you are wanting to do the WCW invasion angle... but do it right this time.

    I like it. Would never work though. To good of an idea that is well thought out. Never fly. Too bad though. I would like to see it.
  2. AxisOfWin's Avatar
    You have more chance of platting shit than that idea drawing money, But if you turn up to the impact zone early enough, TNA might take you on as a writer.
  3. daverende5's Avatar
    The only one(s) good they signed, were imo RVD and Misterrrr ... Kenned- ... Anderson! ........... ANDERSON!
  4. The Brown One's Avatar
    Its a nice idea. But I think that your'e forgetting about the titles in TNA. What will happen with all of the belts? They should also be defended in some way, or else the entire storyline will only a big war beetween 2 teams, that have pointless matches over bragging rights. Theres only so much you can take of that. Each member also needs a storyline with another one. You did briefly mention MCMG/Beer Money vs The Hardys. This would be awesome! But there needs to be a storyline for each title, other than just a few. It seems that this storyline will consume all of TNAs talented wrestlers, which is big, but I'd rather see them compete in 1 on 1 matches, instead of big tagteam matches, or else it will just be a big clusterfuck, with each member of each time only getting a small amount of time in the ring to wrestle.
  5. wallyman's Avatar
    ur acting as if wwf was build on pure home bred u forget were all the main eventers came from..most of wwe's main eventers are from wcw...people that got fired and wwe made them...tna is doing the same thing...all those people in that list were either let go for stupid reasons or bcuz some in management didnt like them.
  6. Justdawg08's Avatar
    Signing professionals in an industry is the way a company works.

    Whether its football signing and trading for players, or a simple daytime job. My mom literally went to a different job for more money and a month later her other job called her back offering her even more money..

    So when people say TNA is signing WWE hasbeens and such.. its just stupid.... IT WOULD BE STUPID FOR TNA TO IGNORE THE OVER SUPERSTARS THAT WWE HAS RELEASED!
  7. KJ PUNK's Avatar
    @wallyman...yeah CM Punk, John Cena, Randy Orton, Kane, Edge ALLLL got their big break in WCW. Gotta love TNA marks
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