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Who Will Undertakers face in Wrestlemania 27?

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in all likliness it will be Christian to make his return and win. to then go on and face Edge at mania, fallowing a Edge and Christian tag team angle, where Edge will once again turn again turn heal.

Dont expect it will be Kane either, his previous rivalry with taker dragged on long enough and was becoming boring.

Chris Jericho? seems like a good a idea, i mean the guy that beat the Rock and Stine Cold in the same night. that should be a great match to, right? well, Chris Jericho is probably my #2 guy that i am picking, and the reason he is not #1 is because the WWE can make somthim great between him and Orton, the guy who put him out.

how about Rey Mysterio? somthing different, it would be a huge hit with the fans. so that sounds good too, right? welll with this new Smackdown "nexus" angle, i expect to see him as one of the guys to step and along with the Big Show (who takes him out of the picture) and take them on.

Randy Orton, The Legend Killer. what a match this would be. but as a guy who could very well be the WWE champion by this time will have guys like the Miz and John Cena lookin for the title.

The Miz, who could forget what he said on raw fallowing last years wrestlemania "i am 1-0 at wrestlemania, 17 wins away from tying undretaker's streak" well lets just leave it at nah.

John Cena? well he is too far into this Nexus story line to pull out know.

so who. well how about someone close to last victem of taker, how about someone who knows important matches, how about a king, how about if your not down with that, then he's got two words for ya. Thats right, Triple H. this would be a great match and one that would boost the ratings for mania. in a way it is a continuation of the last two mania's by putting HBK's best friend in the match. huh. not bad idea right.

Let me know what you think

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  1. Tenzach's Avatar
    By the way, I'd prefer a newer guy facing Taker at WM, Barrett? Sheamus? Anybody.
  2. Automatic's Avatar
    This year it will be Barret I think, so he is a solid main eventer. And the last match of the Undertaker will be versus Jericho(RR winner) in an epic encounter.
  3. daverende5's Avatar
    Undertaker won't be 100% @ Wrestlemania, and you can't accuse him.
    Probably it's gonna be ADR or someone like that.
  4. knox's Avatar
    Edge isnt turning heel again, he's about a year from retirement and wants to go out as a good guy since the mainevent gist of his career has been a heel role.

    I think he will face someone un-predictable like Ezekiel Jackson.

    John Cena would be cool but I mean I think Kane, Orton, Triple H and HBK will not happen because we seen it before.
  5. ChosenOne's Avatar
    Wade Barrett is the man Taker will be facing, I'd put all my possessions on it, the fact Barrett's on SmackDown now makes it even more likely.
  6. gohan's Avatar
    taker should face sting at wm that would be a dream match
  7. brodius's Avatar
    I don't believe Barrett will be facing Undertaker. I see Barrett in a Nexus vs Nexus match at Wrestlemania. My opinion is Taker will be champion or beat the champion at mania. If he is champion before mania he still wins of course. This makes him 19 - 0. They will most likely still have MITB ladder match at mania. That person comes out after Taker and loses. This takes care of 2 things. 1st Taker Can retire the next night on Raw as a champion and 20 - 0 at Mania. This also resolves the issue of a MITB winner has never lost when cashing in the contract. This is my 2 cents. Not sure who he will face but this would help alot.
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