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Who Will Undertakers face in Wrestlemania 27?

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in all likliness it will be Christian to make his return and win. to then go on and face Edge at mania, fallowing a Edge and Christian tag team angle, where Edge will once again turn again turn heal.

Dont expect it will be Kane either, his previous rivalry with taker dragged on long enough and was becoming boring.

Chris Jericho? seems like a good a idea, i mean the guy that beat the Rock and Stine Cold in the same night. that should be a great match to, right? well, Chris Jericho is probably my #2 guy that i am picking, and the reason he is not #1 is because the WWE can make somthim great between him and Orton, the guy who put him out.

how about Rey Mysterio? somthing different, it would be a huge hit with the fans. so that sounds good too, right? welll with this new Smackdown "nexus" angle, i expect to see him as one of the guys to step and along with the Big Show (who takes him out of the picture) and take them on.

Randy Orton, The Legend Killer. what a match this would be. but as a guy who could very well be the WWE champion by this time will have guys like the Miz and John Cena lookin for the title.

The Miz, who could forget what he said on raw fallowing last years wrestlemania "i am 1-0 at wrestlemania, 17 wins away from tying undretaker's streak" well lets just leave it at nah.

John Cena? well he is too far into this Nexus story line to pull out know.

so who. well how about someone close to last victem of taker, how about someone who knows important matches, how about a king, how about if your not down with that, then he's got two words for ya. Thats right, Triple H. this would be a great match and one that would boost the ratings for mania. in a way it is a continuation of the last two mania's by putting HBK's best friend in the match. huh. not bad idea right.

Let me know what you think

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  1. HeelTurn's Avatar
    Got a feeling it could be Kane and Barrett in a triple threat, this way he can finish his rivalry with Kane, start a new one with Barrett and if he isnt 100% it wont matter because its triple threat.
  2. Anyrysm's Avatar
    Those two already had a match at Mania in 2001, plus any major star put against taker this year (i.e. Cena, HHH, etc.) will inevitably be compared to the last two Taker/HBK Mania matches, and will come up short in that comparison. I think it is more likely that they'll give Taker an up-and-comer (Morrison? Ziggler? Barrett?) so that he can obviously keep his streak going, but give a younger talent a giant push on the Wrestlemania stage.
  3. simo87's Avatar
    everyone needs to understand this is takers last match so they should not be wasting his time on any of these ppl like wade barrett thats a joke. it should be kane because of the big story line from the early days then at the end the can shake hands in respect
  4. steveorton's Avatar
    This will not be Takers last Wrestlemania match, and I agree with Heelturn I think the triple threat is the more likely, although I could also see him facing Wade one on one though, I'm jus sayin...
  5. brandohall's Avatar
    I think Taker will try to get 20 Mania's under his belt. I agree that he doesn't need to try and exceed the two Taker/HBK matches we've seen the past two years. I think they should have an "impromptu" match somehow. Have some up and comer cut a promo in the ring about being one of the WrestleMania greats and suddenly have the lights go down and the infamous gong know where I'm going with this.
  6. Saiga's Avatar
    Chris Jericho is definetly a good choice and I don't believe these two have ever feuded before if I'm not mistaking.

    Kane & Taker have already fought twice at Mania previously (1998 & 2004). Honestly, who wants to see them battle a third time? It's bad enough Kane can't put on good matches since he unmasked all those years ago.

    Randy Orton is another guy who would be a good opponent for the Deadman. Although these two previously battled at Mania21 and most of 2005, i felt their matches were underrated and many fans today many not remember their rivalry ... Now Orton is in his prime, he can definetly lead a good match as he is an awesome wrestler ... i'd like to see them surpass their previous match.
  7. Tenzach's Avatar
    Why does everyone assume Edge will turn heel again? Why not Christian (Face) vs Edge (Face) at WrestleMania. The WWE have done Face vs Face matches at WrestleMania before.
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