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What Matt Hardy's signing could bring for TNA!

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Matt Hardy is now on TNA. A shot for him to actually be utilized to his full potential. Now, what could the future hold for this pairing?

Jeff Hardy is set to plead guilty to drug charges on jan. 20th. and spend up to 120 days in jail. This opens the door for TNA to get Matt involved, expect to see him in the TNA title picture.

Well its becoming obvious that TNA can not get Jeff Hardy over as a heal, and I don't expect them to be able to get Matt over as one either. which is why I don't expect to see them as heals for much longer.

When Jeff is due to come back from his jail time, expect that him and Matt turn on Immortal, and Shane Helms to be signed and join Jeff and Matt along with Shannon Moore. now this all seems out of know where but, when Jeff and Matt started out on their trampoline they did so with Shannon Moore and Shane Helms. all of these for have talked for years that if given an opportunity they would want to start a group with the four of them called the core.

expect to see this happen maybe sometime in June, this could bring huge ratings for TNA and provide great entertainment for the fans. this group could also include RVD, who is very good friends with the Hardy's and could lead up to a great angle with Immortals providing they are still going come june.

I am excited for what the future could hold for the Hardy's and TNA.

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  1. Sondreg's Avatar
    matt hardy has no talent, he was lucky he got as far as he did. that people even rate him is beyond me. i was laughing my ass off when he was wobbling towards the ring at genesis.
  2. Trips88's Avatar
    @Sondreg, agreed! How can anyone count Matt Hardy as a worth while wrestler is beyond me. Jeff on the other hand is awesome and still has a lot more to give to pro wrestling and why they made a story line where he would loose his title to Mr. Kennedy......excuse me I mean Anderson is something that causes me have a giant head ache. He really should have been champ right up until the time of his incarceration. Also if anyone thinks that Shannon Moore is worth while they are insane. The man has nothing to give and is at best a third rate Hardy Boy. If for some reason I'm proven wrong and they do find a way to put him over PLEASE shoot me in the face.
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