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WWE must change Smackdown format

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The WWE enters this fall with no new hit ideas outside of Nexus, which to this writer is getting stale with all the beat downs and making the WWE top elite look weak.

WWE Smackdown will switch networks from the MyNetworkTV to Sy-fy. It seems since the roster split back in 2002 WWE has been searching for answers for the Smackdown brand. But until they decide to seriously give Smackdown some creative ideas it will continue to suffer.

As long as it taped Smackdown will be the stepchild of the WWE. In this day and age with spoilers on the internet Smackdown will never boost ratings like the WWE hopes to. I know production cost prevents Smackdown going live so the attention has to move towards another method.

Friday nights is a bad night. Somehow negotiations with the network have to push to move the show back to Thursday nights. No one is in the house on Friday night but the 1.2 rating losers that you get. I know DVR and TiVo exist but I forget to set it before I leave out.

Stop marketing the Smackdown like Raw. I know it’s supposed to be more wrestling but Smackdown comes across as the "B" show. Bad editing and low budget top stars like Teddy Long, Matt Hardy, and Big Show bring down the brand's appearance.

So how do you fix Smackdown and the WWE for that matter? Rebrand the company. Market Smackdown in the direction that TNA once had with it young stars. Brand Smackdown as a separate entity from WWE.

You can have Undertaker, Kane, Rey Mysterio and other big shots come over to RAW. Make RAW the true "A" show it already is with a loaded roster and spread the wealth around.

Put the young next generation wrestlers over to Smackdown and market it as the "New Millennium" of Wrestling. I can Miz shocking the world and beating Smackdown's World Heavyweight Champion after cashing in his "Money in the Bank" shot at the end of a PPV. Then grabbing the microphone and pronouncing a new day in the WWE, a new ERA....

Smackdown comes on air and out of the blue "a someone" comes out with shock value announcing that the reason why Miz chose to win the Smackdown title was because he ordered Miz to. Because the "New Millennium" begins now with the Miz.

He could "release" anyone he doesn't want in his brand, allowing for the bigger name wrestlers to not want to be a part of this sudden change and going over to Raw.

Wade Barrett, Daniel Bryan, Kaval, and Christian to name a few sign with Smackdown and a new hip brand is created overnight.

Raw can continue to build the Sheamus and other young talent to be a part of Raw, but those who fit Smackdown's new style jump over to Smackdown.

Vince McMahon could use some prototype ideas on Smackdown instead of using on Raw brand. It would create a buzz and a different feel to the brand. The move would allow the WWE to go back to separate pay-per-views, because the interest would be there with all the big names being in the WWE Raw and interest in the young talent on Code Blue would create enough to get 150,000 buys on average.

Over the course of time stars would be born and the long-term project of storylines continue. WWE has to sacrifice the ratings for a while to create a brand that would survive. Wouldn't it be great to have Shane McMahon behind the "New Millennium"?

Smackdown would hold the "World Heavyweight Championship" and United States Championship along with their own Tag Team titles.

Raw would hold "WWE Championship, Intercontinental title, and the WWE Tag Team Championship

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  1. welch421's Avatar
    First of all i think The Miz should become world heavyweight champ over on Smackdown.
    Then i would move it back to Thursday night and make it live. And to afford to make it live get rid of wwe superstars show because lets be honest, superstars is a waste of an hour. They hardly ever have anygood wrestlers on there and it is a waste of money.

    Kaval to win NXT Season 1
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