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Welcome to the new!!

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Dear Readers, We've worked very hard in the last few months to prepare for this launch of the new eWrestlingNews. We've made the site more dynamic and interactive. You will find the main page mostly the same, however, we've added several functions to the site. You will notice there are still some pages not currently working, they will be up in the next few days. We want to make eWN a community oriented website as we continue to improve our news and information provided to you.

Forum is a very main section of the site that will allow users to discuss some of the very latest topics in our categories. Please follow the rules of the forum to avoid any infractions.

We've also added a blogging section for you. This is an additional space for lengthy thoughts and opinions. This section will allow you to post extended wrestling articles and/or rumors that you have authored. Blog is not limited to just wrestling, you can post your opinions about other topics. However, we will only feature wrestling articles and news. Non-wrestling related articles will be categorized in their own category.

When you post your blog, the entry will be put into the approval folder and the administrator will approve or reject your article.

When you become a regular poster and have gained the trust of the admin of the site, your blog will be automatically approved and propagated to the front page right next to the newsboard. Feel free to post as many times as you like, just be aware to credit your sources if you have any. Please do not post anything that had already been posted on the newsboard or anything that other users have already submitted. Those articles will not be approved. All users will be able to read your blog but you have to register to post, comment, and rate the entries.

We are still in a very beta process of this endeavor, please join us in improving the site for your reading pleasure as we all have much to learn about how to make use of these functions to fully enhance our eWrestlingNews community.

I like to thank everyone for their years of support and I hope you find this section useful and interactive.

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