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Too much or too little stories?

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Howdy all again EWN Community. Your favorite TNA Creative Writer back again for another blog/rant.

Everybody wants to try and pinpoint what's wrong with the wrestling industry today. Lack of talent, direction, and staleness all come to mind. And all valid points.

I just acquired every WWF (that's WWE for you young folks) Pay Per View from 2001. The dreaded Invasion angle. Now I'm only at Wrestlemania X-7 a little more then half way through, and I've noticed something that is CLEARLY missing from WWE TV these days....STORIES.

Every match that I have watched so far has had a video package or JR and Paul Heyman talking about how things came to be. Hell even the Women's Title match between Ivory and Chyna had a video package. Every match MEANS something, there's a reason for it.

Now that's not to say that the current WWE and TNA PPV's don't have MEANINGFUL matches, but back in 2001 it just felt like everything meant MORE.

I guess I just miss the INTERESTING stories. I mean Ivory and Right to Censor "broke" Chyna's neck.
Laycool made fun of Natalya for being bigger :/
Y2J pissed in William Regal's tea.
Does anybody remember why Kofi and Ziggler fought for the IC title?

TNA on the other hand, tries TOO hard to be like cutting edge TV. TOO hard to be like Lost or The Event, gaping plot lines, confusing twist and turns that make NO SENSE, all with the promise of making sense of it later.

There really is no closing of this blog, just a rant I guess of how I miss how almost perfectly balanced everything in early 2001 was.

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  1. Tim's Avatar
    There's still stories, but they generally aren't good or otherwise memorable onces, unless they are such a train wreck that they do leave an impression in your mind. Too many stories are recycled plotlines from years past. Others are so over-telegraphed or poorly planned that it ruins the culmination. There's very little surprise left in the major promotions these days. For most matches, you know who is almost certainly going to win, because that's just the way it happens, or people know before the "I quit" match that so-and-so is taking time off, or that management wants to punish X, or push Y. Management needs to get better writers (and preferably ones who are not wrestling veterans themselves, as that's what is responsible in part for the current staleness), and even more importantly, they need to let the writers do their jobs, and stay out of their hair. There's undoubtedly been some good stories out there that got squashed, or never even started, because some promoter or other power-that-be killed it for some stupid reason.
  2. simo87's Avatar
    i just watched royal rumble 1999 the other day and noticed 2 things why wwe is going down hill fast. first vince had alot to work with back then always new stories better matches it wasnt pg plus the best superstars were in the top matches always these days the wwe dnt give a shit who the put in the main events boring.
    the second thing was the crowd they were having a great time even loving the lower guys like the godfather and his ho's these days the crowd just aint interested and i think its because times are changing ppl are growing up wrestling is gettin worse and more ppl are turning to mma and real fighting well thats what i think anyway
    Updated 01-11-2011 at 01:40 AM by simo87
  3. Justdawg08's Avatar
    I agree. Good blog. I too have noticed this.

    Does anybody remember why Kofi and Ziggler fought for the IC title? Well the story there is just a series of competitive matches where Kofi has gotten robbed basically... Generic storyline.
  4. El_Dandy_LWO's Avatar
    You are right sir! Why cant they go back to tellin them great stories like in the late 90s'? would fit in great with the new skool guys. For instance, I would love for Kai en Tai to come back and chop off Kofi Kingston's weiner. Thats what we need nowadays...
  5. brandohall's Avatar
    Good blog/rant. WWE has very underdeveloped stories and stories that really don't have good plots. In my opinion, the QUALITY of writing has decreased significantly. We need stories that have HUGE build ups for these PPV matches. It's just getting boring in my opinion. If you watch the fans faces during the televised events, they even look bored. No one is having the great time that they had at shows in the late 90s and even the early 2000's.
  6. solar37's Avatar
    WWE Sucks! yeah I own some older ppvs..hell in the cell maybe when ECW was involved, a few wrestlemanias the one night stands..The rest blow! This company is not worth it..Dont give them you're dollar please!!!!Theyre greedy @ssholes

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