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Losing = automatic burial

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That seems to be the opinion of a good portion of the IWC, although it hasn't been said directly. This is my first blog post, and I hope it's the first of many. This seems to be a hot topic on the internet regarding wrestling. Last year alone, I've seen just as many, if not more uses of the B-word (burial, buried, etc., depends on how you use it) than your common internet phrases such as LOL, ROFL, etc. It annoys the hell out of me because people are so quick to use it in regards to today's wrestling.

People seem to think that just because John Cena and to a lesser extent, Randy Orton won a match or two against up and comers such as Wade Barrett and Dolph Ziggler, that they've been buried or are in the process of getting buried. I don't see it and I don't get why people feel that way. Sure, you had guys such as Shelton Benjamin who has had luck against one of the big dogs such as Triple H, and sure that did put him on the map as a singles competitor. However, losing to the top wrestlers doesn't mean that you're being buried or punished, if anything, a good lengthy match/feud with them (even if you lose) will actually help your career. If it's a success, then there's a possibility that creative will either give you more matches with them or put you in the main event scene.

I don't see what happened to Wade Barrett as him being buried. If anything, it elevated his profile. They had faith in the guy to feud with the top dog for half a year. I understand you had year long feuds and such, but 6 months is still a long time. Most feuds that creative doesn't faith in for the most part ends either abruptly or within a month or two. Wade's time with Nexus is over and now he's onto the next phase. I don't see him being moved to Smackdown as a demotion or a burial either. If anything, I'd say Smackdown suits him perfectly. Not sure if this program he's about to start with the Big Show will do anything, but Big Show's a good worker and I'm sure he'll do fine putting him over.

Whether you want to believe it or not, Cena has put Barrett over just by simply having faith and working with him. But the IWC doesn't see it that way. They think that the only way a person can get over is by immediately the winning the title. Whatever happened to getting over, paying your dues, and then be rewarded in the end? I hate to bring him up when it comes to this conversation, but the Miz is a perfect example. Sure, in the beginning, no one had faith in him and he wasn't over until he turned heel and started teaming with John Morrison, but even after that, he continued to take his lumps and losses, and eventually he was rewarded for it. The same will happen to Barrett and some of the others that's a part of the "Youth Movement".

Honestly, as far as the WWE is concerned, the only burials I agree with is what happened with Kaval, Muhammad Hassan, and to a lesser extent, MVP. With Kaval, creative admitted that their plan was to bury him because they were pushing for Alex Riley to be the next breakout star. Unfortunately, fan vote overpowered that (as far as we know). That was wrong, but I'm glad that he got out when he can and I wish him all the success in the world. With Muhammad Hassan, it was partially his fault and partially due to the reaction of the media. If you remember, his burial began following the mock beheading of the Undertaker, and at the Great American Bash (a fitting PPV title for a "Muslim" character to go out), you saw the Undertaker give him the Last Ride through a stage, which signaled Hassan's "death". WWE dropped the ball on that particular part because they quickly cracked under pressure, but I can understand because of them being a public company now. However, I'm sure something else could have been done to address and smooth the situation over. It was also part of Hassan's fault because he admitted that he wanted to pursue an acting career and wrestling in many ways was not on his radar much longer. So his big mouth also played a part in burying him. With MVP, other than him being outspoken, I thought his burial was unjustified, but he still got shine in the process, so it wasn't as bad as the previous two I've discussed.

As I conclude this blog or rant (however you want to take it), I just want to say that winning and losing is part of being a professional wrestler whether it's scripted or not. It happens to everyone. It doesn't always signal the end of one's career or momentum. Sometimes losing, but putting on a great performance can make a career. Remember Shawn Michaels, Wrestlemania 10? Remember him at Wrestlemania 11 as well? Those were losing efforts, but also career making matches. All I'm saying is have some patience, and good things will eventually come.

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Updated 01-08-2011 at 11:25 AM by Jayoholic

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  1. RomanFlare's Avatar
    Look at Ziggler: Two loses against Cena, back to back nights on live tv. But he looked really good in those matches. What happened to him? WHC #1 Contender. Burial, I think not.
  2. HeelTurn's Avatar
    I remember when Byran was squashed by Sheamus and everyone thought it was the end of his career. Yeah it was stupid to do that, especially when Sheamus was beat by Santino a few months later, but look at everything Bryan has done since.
  3. steveorton's Avatar
    Jayoholic, are you a fan of the Jaydub 8907, if so I have a question for you about the sideshow?
    I'm jus sayin...
  4. Jayoholic's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by steveorton
    Jayoholic, are you a fan of the Jaydub 8907, if so I have a question for you about the sideshow?
    I'm jus sayin...
    Nah, lol. I don't know who that is.

    Thanks for the feedback guys. That's exactly what I'm trying to get across. You can't have someone look invincible night in and night out. That's one of the reasons why Cena got a bad rep (that and the toned down gimmick).
  5. scotty25aj's Avatar
    yep, i totally agree with you that losing doesn't mean your buried. The situation with Kaval being buried was obvious I think to us all when he's beaten by Drew McIntyre (who himself seems to have been disregarded now) in 2 moves but thankfully Kaval got out before his reputation was destroyed. Also I agree that Barrett is gonna get bigger and he will hold a top title within a few years, if not this year. Just listening to the reaction he gets from a crowd when on the mic tells you how much he's over right now. So yeah losing ain't gonna mean you get buried by any means. Juts listen to the reaction Triple H gets when he returns from a loss and a 9 month hiatus and it'll prove that a loss aint a sign your buried.
  6. The Brown One's Avatar
    Its true what your'e saying Jay. In most cases, losing to the top dog can put you over. I too believe that Barrett will benefit from losing to Cena, and do well on Smackdown in singles competition.

    As for Dolph, I knew he would lose to Cena, but look really good. And he did, since he dominated 80% of the match, and it was one hell of a match. I think the WWE was testing him there, to see if he was ready to take on the main event, and go for world titles. That match on Smackdown, if not anything else proved that he is ready.

    The cases where superstars got buried, like Kaval, and MVP were just WWE dropping the ball IMO.
  7. Tommy Thunder's Avatar
    Losing doesn't neseserily mean instant burial. It depends on the manner you lose. Ziggler has lost to Cena, but he looked good on the match and is now no 1 contender for the WHC. Morrison lost to Sheamus a while back but he still looked good in the match. He beat Sheamus on Raw this week, and is in and around the main event. On the other hand, some guys are buried. Kaval was well and truly buried by WWE by losing constantly jobbing. Drew McIntyre is in danger of being buried at the moment as he's going to be losing to Trent Barreta on Smackdown this week (sorry if I spoiled that for anybody). That is burial, as he's meant to be a huge future star, but he's losing against a lower card player.
    Being buried is all about how you lose, or who you lose against

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