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Full Royal Rumble Participants Predicitions

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I’m going to go out on the limb here and guess who all 30 participants will be in this years Royal Rumble match. Although I’ve listed 15 from RAW and same for SmackDown, there are some factors with my choice. One of them being qualifying matches that are yet to happen on RAW and SmackDown.

It’s possible that not all Nexus members will be involved, although, the Nexus invading the Royal Rumble will be another chance for the group to make an impact whether they work together to eliminate superstars or fight each other!

Another factor is sometimes the WWE decides to have the amount of entries in favour of RAW, meaning sometimes RAW will have like 17 Superstars in the Rumble match, leaving SmackDown with just 13 of its Superstars (just an example).

Another is returning superstars. Christian is almost healed up, Skip Sheffield is to return very soon, the Great Khali too, and who can forget the Game himself, Triple H. Royal Rumble in recent years has been the time for WWE to surprise the WWE Universe. From John Cena returning early from a serious injury and winning the Royal Rumble to Edge retuning and winning last years Royal Rumble also, is it time for the WWE to do the same again? With the storyline being that Nexus put the Great Khali out of action, it’s likely that when (or if) the entire Nexus group is in the ring and has cleaned house, Khali will have a surprise return and attack Nexus. Same goes for Skip Sheffield. Also, we can probably expect Triple H to return and eliminate King Sheamus, and Christian to return and attack Del Rio. Personally, I believe Khali won’t return, nor Sheffield. I think Triple H WILL return, but after attacking a superstar and taking their spot (Chavo Guerrero anyone?), and eliminating Sheamus as well as himself. Also, just for the sake of it, wouldn’t it be AWESOME if Nexus were in the ring, Wade Barrett came down, they attack and eliminate him, then as they await the next entry, Triple H comes out and destroys the Nexus? WOW!! Anyway, I believe John Cena (…I know…) will in fact win the Royal Rumble, setting up himself against the Miz at Royal Rumble (Super-Duper Face vs. Super-Duper Heel…YIPEEE…ha…not!) playing off the whole “He’s been put through hell by the Nexus all year. They cost him the WWE Championship. He’s even been fired. But now, John Cena finally gets a chance at the WWE Title” Then you have The Miz talk about how John Cena’s had the worst year of his career, whereas The Miz has had the best, blah-blah-blah-forget it!. But I would LOVE it if Christian returned and won the Royal Rumble, setting up Edge vs. Christian in a program for Wrestlemania! Both winners of Rumble matches, former partners, best friends finally realising their dream by facing each other at in the main event of Wrestlemania! Wrestling news websites have insider scoops that WWE have plans for Edge to turn heel (yet again). But imagine that this time, on SmackDown, best friends and Wrestlemania opponents are finally going to reunite in a tag team match! But during the match, Edge walks out of the match as Christian goes for the tag, effectively turning him heel! Nice set up! I mean, who else is Edge going to face at Wrestlemania…???

1. John Cena
2. CM Punk
3. David Otunga
4. Heath Slater
5. Justin Gabriel
6. Michael McGillicutty
7. Husky Harris
8. John Morrison
9. Sheamus
10. Daniel Bryan
11. Mark Henry
12. Ted DiBiase
13. R-Truth
14. Tyson Kidd
15. Santino Marella

1. Big Show
2. Kane
3. Kofi Kingston
4. Wade Barrett
5. Jack Swagger
6. Dashing Cody Rhodes
7. Rey Mysterio
8. Alberto Del Rio
9. Christian
10. Drew McIntyre
11. Tyler Reks
12. Chris Masters
13. Chavo Guerrero
14. JTG
15. Ezekiel Jackson

*Expect Triple H to return and take someone’s spot.

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  1. steveorton's Avatar
    I don't think the entire of Nexus will be in the Royal Rumble and ent R-truth lost against Del Rio so he's out. I feel Husky Harris, Michael McGillicutty, R-truth, JTG and Chris Masters will not participate, but the rest you have, "Hell Yeah". What about Kozlov and Regal you forgot about those and I think King or DH smith might enter, I'm jus sayin...
  2. evilash's Avatar
    If R-Truth's out, then I'd say Kozlov will take his place. Got a feeling RAW will have more of it's superstars in the Rumble than SmackDown :P
  3. jhorton1215's Avatar
    I think a good idea would be to give one spot to someone from NXT Season 4. Have a match on NXT between whoever's left, where the winner gets a "Special Prize" and then it's announced that they will be in the Royal Rumble, though they obviously won't win.
  4. Slobernocker_30's Avatar
    Triple H winning the Rumble would be anti-climatic at best. He needs to either come back full heel or to finish his business with Sheamus at WM, but coming back face and fighting the Miz at WM, hello? Also, I'd say bringing him back in a random slot to lose the rumble match itself would be a waste of the HUGE pop for his return that the WWE is undoubtedly counting on to cover their WM buy-rates. If he comes back at RR, it'll be to tear someone apart during their match, not to get thrown over the top rope...
  5. JordanV1's Avatar
    My friend said to me that possibly "Amazing" Kong might be a participant.
  6. cubco's Avatar
    I'm expecting Christian to return during the match and eliminate Alberto Del Rio. HHH is ready to come back, but he WONT return during the rumble. Sheamus will win the rumble and then HHH will return the following night on Raw, beat the shit out of him and start there feud again. HHH will win the Raw Chamber and defend his title against Sheamus at Mania.
    Christian will defeat ADR at Elimination Chamber to become the #1 contender to face Edge at Mania.

    Cena won't win the rumble, but he will at least get to the final 4?

    Last 6 will be:

  7. The Brown One's Avatar
    I'm starting to think more and more each day that Christian will not win the Rumble. But he will get the #1 contender spot for the WHC at WM against Edge. Like cubco said, EC is a great place to do this. Even having that match on Smackdown would get it higher ratings, and would be well worth watching.
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