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WWE: Plenty of Room for Improvement

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Here are my opinions on what the WWE can do to improve their shows and company.

Idea 1: Change the announcing
Bring back JR from his current backstage job and have him on the announce table again (Raw). Then to keep the numbers on two get rid of King, because in my opinion his talking is becoming boring and same old same old. Then bring Matt Striker over from SD to be JR's partner and have Jack Korpela be Todd's partner on SD.

Idea 2: Allow blood... On PPV's
When us, the WWE universe, pay to see a PPV especially one like Hell in a Cell or Extreme Rules, then we expect to see the WWE give us their best. But if you have a match such as No DQ, Ladder, Hell in a Cell or Street Fight without blood then the matches just don't seem to have the same impact and can leave the fans feel cheated. Now I can understand not having blood on Raw or SD because their is no need, but for PPV's I can safely say that a lot less kids watch them and the fact that you have to pay could be seen as a passage to blood. If you think about it this rule could make PPV matches seem more brutal, the WWE could always say that PPV's are the one night of the month that we are NOT PG.

Idea 3: Get rid of NXT... Or seriously change it
NXT is a dying idea and I personally preferred ECW, so either this show needs to go... Or it needs to be changed big style. If NXT is to stay then the WWE need to promote it more like Tough ENough. It needs to have more of a reality feel, it needs to do what it says on the tin and provide us with a new experience. Also provide us with a reason to get behind the ROokies and a reason to hate the heel pros. We need to see shoot interiews about the rookies real feelings about how they are doing and what they feel they are doing right, also what the rookies feel like about their fellow rookies. Then get rid of the challenges and replace them with one more match per show and add in some video packages showing the rookie with their pro, whether it be at the gym or out on the town.

Idea 4: Bring back the Hardcore Title
Now many people say bring back the Cruiserweight title, but they have to realise there just aren't enough Cruiserweights in the WWE left to do that. But if the WWE were to bring back the Hardcore title then if it was only to be defended on PPV, fans would be able to have their blood and extreme matches, but if a highflyer was involved then it would give them room to breath and do what they do best.

Idea 5: Fire and hire list
This list is based off of people that are currently either signed to WWE or a free agent.
Shelton Benjamin
Chalie Hass
Gregory Helms
LIta (If willing)
Paul Heyman
Awesome Kong
Christopher Daniels

Vladamir Kozlov
The Great Khali
Alicia Fox

Ok those are my most prominant ideas about how WWE could improve, I have a few other small ideas but I can't be bothered to write them up.

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Updated 09-29-2010 at 05:46 PM by Frank

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  1. Kid_Gangsta's Avatar
    Now why would they hire back Hass & Benjamin when they were released because the creative team had nothing for them IN THE FIRST PLACE! And yeah i think they should get rid of Vicky because she has ran her course and she is making her and her last name look bad. Its a shame cause i like Vicky.
  2. mitch176's Avatar
    Ok I see your point but they are an amazing talent and should be used as a tag team again. Plus how did the name of the blog change and the content change?
  3. BigM's Avatar
    WWE doesn't need Shelton Benjamin & Chalie Hass like Kid_Gangsta said.
    Gregory Helms was unhappy there and would much rather be in TNA with his friends.
    LIta is retired and will probably not return
    WWE needs Paul Heyman as much as TNA need Paul Heyman, which is neither do.
    Awesome Kong would be nice put WWE doesn't know how to book women so not important yet.
    Christopher Daniels would be cool but being successful in TNA means no success in WWE
  4. miraistreak's Avatar
    While you do have some good points (I personally would love to see blood at PPVs), sponsors are the main reason for everything PG and they don't see a difference between PG-13 on a PPV vs a TV Show.

    Paul Heyman is simply overrated, I'm sorry.
    Vickie, while universally hated, is easily the best manager heel, if not one of the best heels in WWE history. That sounds bizarre, but I can't think of a single other superstar, employee whatever to where if you are live you literally can not hear her speak there is so much booing. "Excuse Me" might be the greatest heel line ever. If you have never seen her live, just remember they can turn up her mic post-production for TV. She doesn't have X-Pac Heat*, so she works, and works well.

    Haas and Helms don't wanna be back in the WWE as both feel they were undervalued, underused and hated the politics, and Helms just recently put out an interview dissing WWECW.

    Shelton would be open for a return and I would love to see him back.
    Daniels would be awesome, probably have to change his name though.
    Kong is definite plus.

    Khali = Popular in India because simply he's from India = Money
    Santino = Popular Backstage, Crowd loves him, T-Shirts Sell
    Alicia = Diva = Not Paid Much

    As for Koslov... I hear he's popular backstage, but I don't know what else to think about that guy.

    *X-Pac Heat = Where you are hated not because of your character but because you suck, thus people get up and get snacks and a bathroom break.
  5. Murphdogg4's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kid_Gangsta
    Now why would they hire back Hass & Benjamin when they were released because the creative team had nothing for them IN THE FIRST PLACE! And yeah i think they should get rid of Vicky because she has ran her course and she is making her and her last name look bad. Its a shame cause i like Vicky.
    the wwe never knew how to do harcore right. Their harcore matches were a joke. If they did it ecw style i'd be all for it. But you had some good points, like bringing back Jr.
  6. mrqib's Avatar
    Your basically what the attitude era, with the the blood and the hardcore title?
    Why? its been done before, People need to get over it. its not gonna have anytime soon

    I think the WWE is in a pretty good shape right now (Raw, not Smackdown)
    Although i do think they need to work on a few things.
    The tag team division is pretty lame .. its not like they don't have talent, i don't think they see it as productive ...

    Also why would you want Santino and Kozlov and Vicke fired?
    I haven't seen anyone generate the amount of heat vickie does. As miraistreak mentioned shes awesome..

    Santino is fun and marketable, although i do think Kozlov is being wasted, when he came into the WWE he looked like a no bullshit bad ass and im sure he can be one, all he needs is a great manager.. i see him as being a great heel
  7. casanova999ca's Avatar
    people have too realize its not the best wrestlers but the best showman, undertaker vs. shawn great show : best wrestling match ever doesn't even make the top 50

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