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My Summerslam Thoughts

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Hello once again everybody, with Summerslam behind us now I thought I would give you all my thoughts on the 23rd annual Summerslam PPV.

Match 1 - IC Title
Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler

Going into this match I wasn't that bothered about it, the two had already battled numerous times on Smackdown and I wasn't looking forward to yet another match on PPV. The screwy finish with Nexus coming down didn't go well for me, I at least wanted the match to have a definate finish. Unfortunately this probably means we will have to witness yet another match between the two for the title.

Rating - 2.0 out of 5

Match 2 - Divas Title
Melina vs. Alicia

Looking forward at this match I had high hopes for a divas match, I thought that Melina and Alicia would be able to pull off a decent Divas match, boy was I wrong. This match lagged big style and really took me out of the mood. Half of the time they were just standing around looking at each other and waiting for the other person to make a move.
The finish was bad with Melina no selling her leg injury and just seemingly squishing Alicia.

Rating - 1 out of 5

Match 3 - Handicap Match
Big Show vs. SES

I went into this match expecting a Big Show win and for the slow diffusion of the SES, I think we saw that there. The match itself was about average, but I didn't have high hopes going in anyway.

Rating - 2.5 out of 5

Match 4 - WWE Title Match
Sheamus vs. Randy Orton

This match to me was highlight of the night, I went into the match thinking that this would be the worst one but yet again I was wrong. Even with the screwy finsih I thoroughly enjoyed it. Randy knew how to get the crowd behind him at every minute and Sheamus was constantly drawing heat. It had good action and I am looking forward to the rematch.
On a side note can I just say that The Miz's promo before hand was amazing yet again, I just can't get enough of this guy.

Rating - 3.5 out of 5

Match 5 - World TItle
Kane vs. Rey Myserio

The start of the match looked positive and it garnered my interest for a good match, but as the match progressed I felt that it began to bore me. Nothing memerable happened and I think everyone including me will feel that it was just killing time until The Undertaker returned. On that note I thought that The Undertakers return was ok, I think it would have been better if when Kane oppoened the casket Taker was there, then the lights go out and when they are back on Taker was standing behind Kane, that would have been better.

Rating - 2.5 out of 5

Match 6 - 7 on 7 elimination match
Team WWE vs. The Nexus

This was a good match, but apart from spoiling Daniel Bryan's return for some (Not me thankfully), it did its job well. On the subject of Daniel Bryan's return I thought it was very poorly done, I mean John Cena just saying "Our partner is, Daniel Bryan" it could have been done so much better. Cena could have still announced it but he could have said it and then NXT's theme tune should have played and after a couple of seconds he should have then appeared. Daniel showed GREAT skill during his time in the match and I liked The Miz's run in which ended with Daniel being eliminated.
I must say though I was disappointed that there wasn't a heel turn during the match. But what spoilt it the most for me was two fold, 1 being that The Nexus lost, throughout the match I couldn't see Nexus winning and then I was really disappointed when they didn't. The second thing was "SuperCena", seriously! How did a guy take a DDT to concrete and then eliminate two separate people withing 15 seconds and then celebrate like he hadn't taken any damage? Seriously if I hated Cena before now I just can't stand seeing him on WWE TV.

Rating - 3 out of 5 (Would have been more without SuperCena and the crappy Daniel Bryan introduction or a Heel turn)

Overall Rating - 2.5 out of 5 - It was an average ppv.

Things the PPV was missing/shouldn't have had:

1. Heel Turn in the main event
2. Too many screwy finishes
3. Nexus lost

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  1. Tommy Thunder's Avatar
    Agreed, this was a very average ppv, and as it is Summerslam (supposedly the second biggest ppv of the year after Mania!) i expected better. But once the card was finalized, I already knew it wouldn't be much of a spectacle, and I feel sorry for anyone who wasted $40 or however much it is to order it!!

    [B]Match 1 - IC Title
    Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler[/B]

    I had predicted that Ziggler was going to retain. There was no way they were going to take the title from him less than 2 weeks after winning it. The match itself was ok, and I agree on the finish, it should have been by a definite pinfall or submission. I did however like the Nexus run in. It made them look strong and built them up for the main event, but it would have been better if they had done this after the match finished.

    I'll give the match itself a 2.5 out of 5

    [B]Match 2 - Divas Title
    Melina vs. Alicia[/B]

    Another predictable outcome, it was always odds on that Melina was going to win. Could not agree more on the constant standing around and staring and waiting. With Melina in the ring, I was hoping for big things, and with an ever improving Alicia (although I'm really annoyed that she still can't execute her finisher, the axe kick, properly! Such an easy finisher! Take lessons off Booker T!!), I too had hopes for a good divas match for a change! But as you said, it was lacking the spark that we usually get from Melina, and the no sell, was not too great either.

    1 out of 5 from me too

    [B]Match 3 - Handicap Match
    Big Show vs. SES[/B]

    Yet another predictable result with Big Show winning. I have a feeling that WWE are slowly splitting the SES apart, which is a shame, as they are really good, and I doubt Gallows and Mercury will last long as singles competitors (maybe they'll continue as a tag-team? Mercury for sure will return to the tag division). Not much else to say, Show dominated and won, end of story.

    2 out of 5

    [B]Match 4 - WWE Title Match
    Sheamus vs. Randy Orton[/B]

    I was expecting a really good match here, and in sorts we got it. I predicted an Orton win, but not by DQ, so I was surprised. It makes for an interesting re-match though, No DQ match prehaps? This match had plenty of good spots with the impressive Orton and the much improved Sheamus giving us a great match (Sheamus has come a long way since his debut).I guess the DQ at the end brought an abrupt end to the match, but as I said, it adds fuel to the fire between both and makes for an interesting re-march.

    I'll give this a 4 out of 5

    [B]Match 5 - World TItle
    Kane vs. Rey Myserio[/B]

    Yet again, the outcome of the match was predictable. Kane winning and Taker returning to set up a match at Night of Champions was always on the cards (there is even talk of continuing the feud until the HITC ppv, for a match between both). Kane-Rey was average, nothing more than what you see from either on Smackdown each week, and I agree, it was to kill time until the end and Taker. Taker's return was poorly done for me. They should have done more. I had a picture of Paul Bearer returning and bringing the Undertaker back with the urn, but that didn't happen. If you notice though, Taker was either acting, or legitimately, very weak, and he looked rough as hell!! And this was emphasized when Kane overpowered him. Maybe this gives scope for Paul Bearer to return with the urn to give Taker the power he needs to overcome Kane?

    The match, 3 out of 5

    [B]Match 6 - 7 on 7 elimination match
    Team WWE vs. The Nexus[/B]

    This was a great match. I predicted a team WWE win, but the content was good, and Daniel Bryan was awesome!! I agree, his intro was a bit anti-climatic, but boy, was he good in the ring!! His version of the crippler crossface I'm sure had Chris Benoit (RIP) wincing in his grave!! I was really feeling sorry for the guys he had locked in it!! Jericho did some good stuff (actually hit the liontamer for a change, even though his opponent was over halfway across the ring, very impressive!!), Edge also did some good spots, and even Brett Hart, for the 2 mis he was in the ring, did alright!! Truth and Jo Mo were ok (Morrison again didn't hit Starship pain cleanly). I could not agree more about Cena. Firstly, I was appalled that after taking a ddt on the concrete, he eliminated 2 guys in quick succession, and then preceded to no-sell that ddt for the remainder and after the match!! Unbelievable!! The Nexus were pretty good, I feel they are getting better and better with each week. One note though, I'm not happy that Skip Sheffield eliminated 2 guys using a clothesline. i understand that they are possibly giving him JBL's finisher, but he already had a decent finisher (a backpack stunner) so I was a bit disappointed with that, but otherwise, all 7 of them were good.

    i'll give the match a 3.5 out of 5, Super Cena (and his ridiculous purple shirts!) letting the team down!

    All in all, a very average and predictable ppv, Daniel Bryan returning was the only thing that saved it. I'll agree with your rating and give it a 2.5 out of 5

    A Cena heel turn would have been good, but I doubt we'll see that for a while (problem is, WWE are selling so much merchandise because he's a face and kids love him, it would be a hard decision to turn him heel). HHH returning as the Nexus leader could have bee cool. I know he isn't ready to wrestle, but a sort of manager to Nexus is a role he could take up for a few months while he recovers.
  2. The Hipster's Avatar
    Ziggler and Kingston are at least getting pushes. I think Alicia Fox is the worst diva EVER! She should have never been given the belt (Gail Kim v Melina) would be great. No shock about Show. SES needs a kick in the pants to rejuvenate it. Would love to see Sheamus win solidly and good for Kane, he's put so many unworthy over so I hope he reigns until Mania. I still say team WWE needed to win. Nexus isn't "evil," they're brutes. What everyone calls SuperCena, no disrespect but what about HHH in his heyday and Ric Flair? Flair would get destroyed for 58 minutes then win all the time! Same with Hulk Hogan. No disrespect to the older generation but Cena is just them now.
  3. Y2LUUK's Avatar
    Ziggler vs Kingston **
    Melina vs Alicia *
    Big Show vs SES **
    Orton vs Sheamus ***
    Kane vs Rey Mysterio ***
    Nexus vs WWE (really loved this match) ***3/4

    Because of the good Main-Events i'll give the ppv a 2.5 (average)

    I was there by the way, first time I ever went to a WWE Event (I'm from the Netherlands) and it was a great experience. A shame the PPV wasn't that good
    Updated 08-25-2010 at 10:37 AM by Y2LUUK

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