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Top 5 Stars that could win the 2011 Royal Rumble/Money in The Bank

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Hey guys hope all is well, just laying down some of my predictions for the royal rumble and this year's wrestlemania money in the bank ladder match


5. Chris JerichoThis is a possibility seeing as Jericho will be a hall of famer, one of the greatest to ever lace up a pair of boots. He's literally done it all which includes a record 9-time intercontinental champ, first undisputed champ, mulitple tag champ, mainevented wrestlemania and more. He's done it all but win the royal rumble. This could be his year but im not sure if he'll return so soon.

4. Alberto Del RioI'm gonna get alot of heat for this but I do not see the big deal about this guy but many internet fans and the wwe creative team loves him. He's pretty solid in the ring but I dont know, I'm just not a fan but he's getting a super quick push so who knows.

3. Triple HTrust me, we all dont want this to happen but it could. I love Triple H but he's been gone tooo long and lets face it. he's getting old. Hopefully when he returns its not at the rumble but it could very well happen seeing as he calls the shots now. I just hope he returns to wrestling as the star with his spot but not dominating like before. He's done it all as well, let him have one more title reign but after that just be a normal star that has his spot like the undertaker or kane.

2. John MorrisonThis is my 2nd guess. I picked him to win it back in 2007 when he was a heel because he has that it factor. Put it this way, I dont think the wwe can screw this up, John Morrison will mainevent wrestlemania whether he wins the rumble or wins a number one contender match.

1. ChristianChristian will win the royal rumble with the 30th spot for his return. Edge is my favorite of all-time I love the guy but lets face it, he's a boring face and even more boring as a face world champ. The wwe knows this, they gave him the belt so christian can win the rumble and turn heel and challenge edge at mania.


5. Cody RhodesOne of the most entertaining heels in the wwe point blank.

4. Ted DibiaseThe most underrated talent on the wwe roster hands down. He gets no reaction and I dont know why, I guess people dont know talent. Somehow he will get a push and hopefully its in 2011

3. R-TruthR-Truth is a guy that keeps his name in the scene. I'm not a big fan but he can definitely wrestle. If a face wins the match this year I think it will be him.

2. Dolph ZigglerI'm a Dolph fan. I wish he had more time on the mic instead of vikki but in-ring this guys is a beast. He is a technician without a doubt. He wont be pushed to the title like sheamus was so basically he is a serious contender to win this match.

1. Kofi KingstonClearly Kofi will win this. He is the black wwe dominant star they were looking for. I thought it was honestly Eligah Burke, MVP or R-Truth but this is the guy that gets the huge reaction and has secured a spot. He's done the same thing for three years and it hasnt got old yet. He has his television spot he's on smackdown every week, as of late he also has a ppv slot everytime. The guy is ready if you ask me and if he's not involved in a match he will win this ladder bout.

I did not mention daniel bryan because I think he'll be involved in a match at wrestlemania as well as wade barrett. wwe has other good plans for these two.

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  1. FreshPerspective's Avatar
    Gonna be either Del Rio (God I hope so) or HHH (please for the love of God no)
    Sadly i dont see Christian winnign it (Vince/WWE juse doesnt see him as a main evernter)

    Barrett or Possibly Christian
  2. Anyrysm's Avatar
    RR: I think it's going to be CM Punk. This will set up a Wrestlemania main event between him and John Cena. Cena would win the #1 contender's spot at elimination chamber or the rivalry would naturally progress that way.

    MITB: I could see Chris Jericho coming back and winning that event. I'm sure the details of his absence, but I believe it's because he's touring with Fozzy. Assuming Cena wins the title back at WM, it would make sense (at least to me) for Jericho to win MITB and cash it in against Cena, thereby getting that elusive 1-on-1 win against him (for the title no-less)
  3. RockBanditPhil's Avatar
    About Triple H, I wouldn't say we all don't want this to happen because I definitely want this to happen.
  4. RockBanditPhil's Avatar
    I just don't see Vince giving Alberto the win. Casual fans wouldn't be attracted by a poster showing Alberto Del Rio in the main event and therefore might not buy the PPV.

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