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WWE's mistakes of 2010. How to correct them in time for Wrestlemania 27.

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I have realized a few key mistakes wwe has made in 2010 and I'm giving my insight on how to correct these mistakes before Wrestlemania 27 so it can actualy be good this year

Mistake 1: Cena not turing heel at survivor series
This was a huge mistake on the wwe's part. Basically for the past 7 years minus the pg era wrestling has been the same. Cena has been stale and has become very annoying and I happen to be a fan of cena (the thuganomics one)

Picture this, survivor series, cena makes orton lose and turns heel but not as the leader of nexus. All of a sudden orton is still face and cena is heel. This all of a sudden makes an old feud more entertaining with the face and heel roles switched

WWE you are making your brand look one dimmensional. For once do not put cena in a title match. Put cena vs cm punk or either another heel that needs a push like ted dibiase. Ted Dibiase is a good heel and needs an extra push and i dont think its too late to start a fresh feud in-time for mania, plus its unpredictable.

Mistake 2: Making the Nexus Look Weak
The Nexus first attack on Cena was soooo gold it was unbelievable i almost passed out. I knew that is was no way the wwe could screw this up. WRONG!!!. All they did was make this powerful group lose at summerslam in a horrible fashion. Basically the wwe single handedly had super cena destroy them. If they cant run through one person, how will they be taken serious?

Once again lets shake things up. Lets do something un-predictable. I think this is a good time to turn wade barrett face or atleast make him a tweener. Basically until after the royal rumble have barrett and punk feud over who the leader should be. Out of nowhere have david otunga attack cm punk thus putting his name in the light for the new leader. Otunga is pretty good and maybe they could have a triple threat at wrestlemania for the leadership of the Nexus.

Mistake 3: Making Randy Orton seem boring
Man face it, orton is a boring ass face he barely has mic time anymore. Having him mainevent every ppv is staler than cena doing the same.

This is a big one that involves the Game Triple H. I've said this before in a blog before but have sheamus interfere in the championship match vs the miz during the royal rumble and cost orton the match. The next day on monday night raw (since the ratings will be extremely high since its the show after the rumble), put orton vs sheamus in a street fight or whatever. Lights go out during the match and HHH's music hits. Ofcourse everyone thinks he's gonna go for sheamus for revenge but instead he goes for randy orton and pedigrees him.

Triple H's reason could be, he didnt want revenge on sheamus instead he should be thanking him for letting him see that he needed to get back in top shape. He could say he attacked orton because it makes him sick that he made orton what he is today and now orton is pandering to the fans. He could say the only reason orton was champ was because he was gone. All of a sudden you have an old rivalry but this time with triple h as the heel. Have em duke it out at wrestlemania.

Mistake 4: Making Christian look soooo weak.
The wwe was good to christian before he left for tna. If he didnt leave i think he wouldve been world champ in 2007 maybe. He was a vicious heel that drew heat and his mic skills were 2nd to none. He was the guy who spot was safe and he somehow was involved in every ppv (sort of like kofi kingston is now expect kofi is face). When he left, he came back as a face to the stupid show ecw and didnt do much after the show ended.

This is the best opportunity the wwe has right now and I believe out of all my corrections this one will come true. EDGE IS CHAMP. THE RUMBLE IS THIS MONTH. Pretty obvious, christian returns at the rumble and wins the damn thing. Through the weeks edge praises him and says "christian when u become wwe champ at mania, we can both celebrate as world champs". In the later weeks in a tag match e&c vs. idk the uso's. Christian turns on edge and chooses to face him at maina for the belt thus turning christian heel.

Conclusion & Last notes:
What the WWE needs is change. For once lets have a wrestlemaina without either cena, orton or hhh in the mainevent.

Let The Miz & Morrison fight at mania for the wwe title i mean the match they had on raw for the belt was amazingly sick and this match proved the miz can hold his own

Let daniel bryan & dolph ziggler somehow be pushed and let Kofi or Mccintyre win money in the bank, they are ready

Somehow revive swagger maybe he needs a faceturn and can battle kane at wrestlemania

I know this was long, sorry and I appreciate you guys for reading this. Hopefully the wwe visits this awesome site and will read this and consider it. Things get old and the wwe is in need of change because so far it looks like wrestlemania is going to be bland. Be safe guys.

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  1. mrbluto's Avatar
    Love the blog. Everything you say is 100% spot on. To bad Vince dosent get it yet.
  2. BigWillie54's Avatar
    The would be good for the IWC but not so for WWE.

    Til they find someone that can make as much money has he can, Cena will never turn heel. This should be known now. No one on raw can replace his cash flow for the company. Am im sure you're saying "Why not just try and maybe someone could replace cena as an top face" but then i will tell you that wwe is a public company now and they have to meet certain things for their share holders so they wouldnt risk it unless they are sure.
  3. AxisOfWin's Avatar
    Heel Cena would be beyond amazing. However as big willie above says, a PLC needs a public face. Who are they gonna have as top face? Mark Henry?!
  4. RagnarokNRoll's Avatar
    I agree completely. You pretty much just booked my dream 'Mania. It just seems like WWE has no attention span anymore. Remember when Drew McIntyre was "chosen" by Vince to be a world champion and now he is doing unfunny comedy bits with Kelly Kelly. Ted DiBiase is jobbing to Santino, Jack Swagger was world freaking champion and now he is relegated back to the mid card. Tyson Kidd is jot even in a coherent feud. Also leaving Tyler "Seth Rollins" Black off of NXT was a mistake unless they have something else to bring him up to the main roster.
  5. GFunk4.2's Avatar
    eloquent and just right...congratulations..
  6. Booker T Fan's Avatar
    not bad, i agree 4 the most part
  7. The Brown One's Avatar
    Not a bad blog. However, I do wish that you would have gone into more detail with the wrestlers in your "Conclusion and Last Notes" section. I wanted to know how Swagger and Kane could work, because I just don't see it happening.

    And Bryan and Ziggler didn't have any explanation, despite being the most entertaining wrestlers in WWE right now, in the ring.
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