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John Morrison vs The Miz on 1/3/11 RAW

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You know the drill guys. Read, comment, and enjoy.

I don't know about you guys, but that opening Falls Count Anywhere contest between John Morrison vs. The Miz was great. Fantastic. It definitely was a PPV quality match. It had a lot of good spots in it and some good, suspenseful near falls. I literally marked out when Morrison missed his starship pain and crash through a table. That is a great example for a good TV match. Great way to start off the show.

Okay .... Now what? Is that it?

What you just read was my exactly thoughts as I watched this match end. I was a tad bit annoyed when WWE placed this match on a RAW and not at a PPV. Why the hell not? This feud already has a good build up to it. When you include the break up in 2008 and Miz calling JoMo the "Marty Jannetty" of the team, they could have definitely given us a reason to watch a PPV, not to mention Royal Rumble. For Christ sake, if nothing else, look at the match they just showcased on Raw. That should have been all WWE needs to go, "Fuck this, we're having a rematch and giving them a main event slot at the Royal Rumble", ya know?

But no. Instead, we're going to get the predictable, tiresome, and inevitable subpar match instead. The Miz vs. Randy Orton. I'm sorry, but IMO I don't think a Miz vs. Randy Orton match will ever live up to what a match between Miz and Morrison could be. Not trying to be negative, but I am going specifically off their past matches (which have all been subpar at best) and how horrible of a draw Orton is in the ring. Ever since Orton went babyface (or tweener or whatever he is), he has lost almost ALL reason for me to watch him in his matches. The guy wrestles WAY DAMN TOO SLOW to be a face. Last I checked, a face is someone who has a likable wrestling style. The only thing likable about Orton is his RKO. Maybe once in a while his Rope Hung DDT and the Punt, but even those are starting to lose their flavors. So I am really not looking forward to this feud featuring Miz and Orton. Even if Miz wins, I don't see it being as good as to what Miz and Morrison could have been this month.

Now I know someone is going to come on here and say, "But Morrison has bad mic skills" and you're right. Overall, Morrison is lacking in the character department and that has to do with him having very little time on the microphone. The fact that he is a face isn't helping him either, IMO. Still, this only proves my point even more. WWE could have used this feud to actually give Morrison some more screen time and BUILD a character as he feuds with Miz. This feud could have helped everybody. One, we get two new fresh faces in the main event scene. Two, Morrison gets a chance to come across as a main eventer. Three, Miz gets a credible championship feud and look strong as a champion. Four, the chances of 3 or 4 stars out of 5 matches between the two are pretty highly. So at the end of the day, I'm just left wondering why WWE did not go this route.

Well, I can do is hope that WWE gives these two a chance to meet again and hopefully when they do this feud still has momentum behind it. It will most likely happen, but I'm just disappointed we did not get it this time around.

Thanks for reading. You guys have a good day.

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  1. Justdawg08's Avatar
    You act like its all over... didn't you see Morrison's face at the end? It's far from over....

    That was a bright idea to kick of 2011 with that kind of statement. It shows that Miz has what it takes to put on a good match, and that cage match in the night was prettty damn good too.

    On paper it seems as though following a Cage and Falls Count Anywhere Match that Miz Vs Orton would be dire see, but its just too cookie cutter and boring to stand out.

    Anyways... my royal rumble plans... #1 is Morrison.. he lasts... #29 is CM Punk/Wade Barrett and all of Nexus they eliminate everyone except Morrison and a top face or two... #30 is Cena.. cleans house, Punk eliminates Cena... Morrison eliminates Punk... Morrison goes to WM to face Orton or Miz
  2. knox's Avatar
    i love this blog you beat me to it lol. Morrison has to be a happy guy right now because he knows that every fan is thinking why the hell is he not facing the miz at the rumble. The match was amazing and i loved it.

    Orton winning the cage match was sooo predictable since everyone knew the miz couldnt face a heel at the rumble eventho last year sheamus and orton were heels and battled at the rumble

    you are dead on about orton as a wrestler. He wrestles way to slow for a face. Orton was made to be a heel i mean all he does is the same slow ground head lock and his moves are too vicious for a face to be doing. The ddt between the ropes is a heel move

    I loved the blog tho good job man
  3. The Brown One's Avatar
    Wow you like to create alot of blogs huh?
    Anyway. Yes we would all prefer to watch a Miz vs Morrison match over a Miz vs Orton match for wrestling quality. But the thing is, Morrison is nowhere as over as Randy is, and thats the sad truth. Yeah hes been getting huge pops, but they are much smaller, and are less frequent than Ortons. Orton is the most over wrestler in the company right now, and it would be foolish for WWE not to capitalise on his popularity, by giving him a WWE title match.
  4. sly2414's Avatar
    I'm just glad they made Miz look strong for a change.
  5. Wrestling_Deluxe_08's Avatar
    Justdawg08 .... I noted in the blog that Miz and Morrison will most likely get another chance to have their feud. I am certain it is not over. I'm just a tad bit upset that it was cut short when it could have been used to make a feud. That is all I am saying. Also, I doubt Morrison will win the rumble. It will either go to Triple H (if he returns), Christian, Jericho, or Kingston if you ask me.
  6. mrbluto's Avatar
    JOMO is good on the Mic, the problem is he does his promos to laid back, he needs to get angry, show some passion. Orton and Cena are the WWE golden geese right now, there is no way they leave Orton or Cena out of the main event at WM, hell HHH might get involved.
  7. VKM's Avatar
    IMO, JoMo vs. The Miz will only do justice unless its for the united states championship. I like both Miz and JoMo but both of their build ups were incorrect. JoMo can't be a main eventer unless he starts to develop a character. And The Miz is disgracing the image of the WWE title because when he faces most opponents like Orton or Cena, Miz looks weak.

    Lets look at the facts. Do you think The Miz can honestly beat Cena, Orton, or any other of the main eventers?

    Right now, we really need wrestlers that can compete with WWE's over superstars.

    They did great when they build up Sheamus and Wade Barrett. IMO, I believe that WWE has forgot how to build up somebody like a Jeff Hardy or Chris Jericho who is small in size. The Jeff Hardys of today wrestling are The Miz and JoMo. However, WWE is not doing a great job at putting them over. The match was fun and awesome but truthfully, it look like a mid card feud for the IC or US title.
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