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2010 MVP's and WVP's

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Hello. Im here to give mention to the wrestlers I thought stood out, were overpushed, not pushed enough, or just sucked.

Jack Swagger- He was almost in obscurity at the beginning of the year. At Wrestlemania he scored MITB and skyrocketed to the top 2 days later beating Jericho for the title. After notable feuds with Big Show and a few others, he lost the title at Fatal 4 Way. Its a shame he went back to obscurity after his reign.

CM Punk- Turned heel in mid 2009. Was great at playing a Jackass. But in 2010 he got scary. His feud with rey was awesome and I think it took Punk to a new level and made him more credible.

John Cena- I actually liked him this year because his feud with Nexus was good and it kept him out of the title Picture.

Nexus- Came in very strong. Looked scary on that first night where they broke down the set. They ended up not being as credible and were broken down and lost many members. Hopefully CM Punk as leader will pick them back up.

Ken Anderson- Could of faded away but came into TNA very strong and had really good Feuds with Hardy and Angle.

AJ Styles- If Flair, Hogan, and Bischoff call him the Chosen one, why is Hardy the Champ?

Kurt Angle- Turned face and had a good feud with Anderson and Jarrett.

Alberto Del Rio- Amazing. Mexican JBL. Great wrestler and very good on the mic. Cant wait for a feud with Christian and to see what else 2011 has in store for him.

Ted DiBiase- Could and should be US champ. Why does he lose all the time? He should be higher than he is.

Jeff Hardy- Does drugs, gets off when it comes to the law, does weak high flying flips, wins title, turns heel, more weak flips.

Matt Hardy- Gained weight, got released, rides his bro because he cant win the big one himself. Its sad when the less talented bro is more famous.

Mysterio- Had good Feud with Punk and Del Rio but alot of the same otherwise.

Kane- Had really good feuds with Taker, Swagger and Edge. This was Probably his best year ever.

MCMG- Great team. FINALLY won the belts!

Hart Dynasty- Had Potential. Sucks to see them break up. Kidd will be a star.

Rising Stars- Morrison, Sheamus, Doug Williams, Gen Me, London Brawling, Matt Morgan

Falling Stars- Chavo, Kevin Nash, Primo, Zack Ryder

Underused- Kaval, MVP, Shelton Benjamin, Yoshi Tatsu, Brian Kendrick, Dudebusters

MVPS- Orton, Edge, Jericho, Daniel Bryan, Roderick Strong

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  1. knox's Avatar
    i enjoyed this blog for the most part so heres what i agree on. i agree about ted dibiase, he is being raped by creative. ted actually can wrestle his ass off, better than orton in the ring if u ask me. swagger was treated like pure crap i mean they dogged his push but to bring him to the point where he actually isnt shown on smackdown for a couple weeks is outrageous. he should leave if u ask me. Youre right about the nexus and ken anderson and yea i love cena wen he's not the champ as well. Tyson kidd will be a star, he could have a decent feud with evan bourne or daniel bryan. and lets face it, rey mysterio is soooooooo boring man. he's done the samething since wcw like what the hell is going on i mean he's one of the greatest wrestlers ever but the wwe needs to do something because his gimmick is annoying. Look at how many times randy orton changed, he went from a nerd, to the cocky pretty boy ladies man, to the vicious viper. cena went from the new tough kid, to the rapper, to the marine and to the super hero. Mysterio has been the same since like forever

    On the other hand, i dont know why people like del rio, i cnt stand him lol. and i cant believe you didnt mention the miz at all. im pretty mutual im not the biggest miz fan but he's ok and a decent champ although i feel others like dolph ziggler or kofi kingston might have deserved the belt before him.

    nice blog keep it up
    Updated 01-08-2011 at 06:57 AM by knox
  2. Tenzach's Avatar
    Didn't even mention The Miz, because The Miz was clearly the top Superstar of 2010.

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