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Greatest and worst WWE Superstars and Champions of the Decade (2000-2010)

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Greatest WWE Superstar

As much as I personally despise the character I have to give it to John Cena. Cena has held the WWE Championship 7 times and the World Heavyweight Championship twice. Cena held the title for a grand total of 1052 days in the last decade, one reign alone lasted 380 days. Cena also held the United States Championship 3 times, the Tag Team Championship 7 times and won the 2008 Royal Rumble.

Worst WWE Superstar

This is a tough one there has been alot of bad superstars especially in the mid 2000’s on Smackdown guys such as Kenzo Suzuki, Luther Reigns, Mordercai and Hornswoggle to say the least, however I’ve decided that my worst superstar will go to Ernest ‘The Cat’ Miller, this guy just annoyed the hell out of me.

Greatest WWE Champion of the Decade

Just for the amount of time he has held the title I have to give this to John Cena, hes bulldozed through all the competition with his superman act and is synonymous with the belt.

Worst WWE Champion of the Decade

After some thought I’ve decided to give this one to Hulk Hogan for his month long reign back in 2002. This reign was for nostalgic reasons and I thought at the time it was stupid taking the belt off Triple H and putting it on an immobile fossil like Hogan.

Greatest World Heavyweight Champion of the Decade

Two men come to mind when I think of the World Heavyweight Championship Triple H and Batista. Triple H dominated this belt in the early half of the decade and Batista the latter. I’ll give this one to Batista just for the fact that Triple H was awarded the belt the first time he won it.

Worst World Heavyweight Champion of the Decade

Without a doubt this has to go to the Great Khali, Khali held the belt for 61 days after winning it in a battle royal after the belt was vacated. Khali can’t wrestle and has no business being near a wrestling ring.

Greatest Womens Champion and Diva of the Decade

I combined these two because hands down Trish Stratus wins both, she went from eye candy to become the greatest Women’s Champion of all time through hard work and determination. She had great matches with the likes of Lita, Victoria, Jazz and Molly Holly.

Worst Womens Champion and Diva of the Decade

I’m giving this to Michelle McCool just because I hate her not because shes bad in the ring or anything I just dislike her personality and her blatant theft of moves from AJ Styles not to mention the fact shes only getting pushed because of the fact she’s the Undertakers ho.

Greatest Intercontinental Champion of the Decade

Chris Jericho is my winner, Y2J has held the belt a record 9 times with his 1st win coming in 1999 and his last in 2000.

Worst Intercontinental Champion of the Decade

I’ve decided that Albert or the A-Train is my worst intercontinental Champion, he had a very bland and dull title run back in 2001 when he was part of the X factor with X-Pac and Justin Credible.

Greatest United States Champion of the Decade

Booker T is my winner the 5 time wCw Champion held the belt 4 times.

Worst United States Champion of the Decade

This is a hard one as I don’t think any U.S. Champion has been that terrible apart from one man Chris Kanyon who was awarded the belt by Booker T when the alliance first showed up in the WWF.

Greatest Tag Team Champions of the Decade

I debated this one between Edge & Christian and the Dudley Boyz and I’ve decided that I’ll give it to the Dudleys seeing that they won the belts two more times than Edge and Christian. The Dudleys along with the Hardys and Edge & Christian put on great TLC matches and gave the titles great importance at the time.

Worst Tag Team Champions of the Decade

I’ll go with Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki, their reign just flat out sucked.

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  1. The Brown One's Avatar
    I'm glad someone made a blog for this topic. You have written a well thought out, realistic blog, however you have made a mistake:
    Cena did not win the TagTeam championships 7 times. He only won it 3 times. Once with Batista, once with HBK, and once with Otunga.

    Other than that I think that your thread is a realistic choice of what has happened from 2000-2010.
  2. Lance Storm's Avatar
    First of all this is your opinion and I respect that. I would just have to include The Rock, Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar in the mix. I can understand the inclusion of Cena statistically. I just can't stand him.
  3. bigdave's Avatar
    The reason I didn't give the WHC to HHH was the fact that he never put over guys like RVD and Booker T, specifically Booker at that Wrestlemania they fought. And I don't think I mentioned anything about 'Team Blondage'?
  4. highjam's Avatar
    ok first of all there are many inaccurate things being said about people and their accomplishments so im gonna give my best answers to all these questions and see what you guys think.
    So lets start right off the bat as for greatest superstar of the decade... three people come to my mind right away... john cena, triple h, and kurt angle... i would choose john cena because there is no "superstar" bigger in the industry... im not a cena lover by all means but the guy works his ass off like no other....he has proven himself time after time.... not only is he a 9 time world champion but he does so many extra things outside of wrestling.... they guy does the most make a wishes of any athlete... he does movies and all the talk shows... the term "superstar" doesnt mean u have the greatest wrestling skills...hell kurt angle is the greatest wrestler alive today...but when wwe tried to push him the fans didnt really take to him like they have cena... when triple h put him over at mania that boosted cena's career even more...and now he has overtaken triple h.... you can hate on the guy all u want but the truth is hes still here and if i wrestled at one night stand in 06 i would have quit the next day!
    Worst superstar could be anybody but ill pick daniel puder
    Greatest champion of the decade i would say triple h because when he came back in 02... he won the rumble and at mania beat jericho for the title and never looked back.... i remember watching triple h back in 03-05... it seemed like he won every title match until they did the evolution angle with batista....triple h feuded with the best of the best and he kept winning however he could.... face or heel the crowd was into whatever he was doing... cena wasnt far behind... cena never faced austin, rock, mankind, undertaker, big show, hogan, the match with kane which he got unmasked.... those are my reasons for picking triple h
    Greatest world heavyweight champion of the decade would be edge.... that guy can win as a face, heel, tweener, doesnt matter.... even when i didnt expect him to win or keep his title he somehow did
    Greatest woman's champion of the decade would be trish...enough said
    Diva of the decade is torrie wilson... its not trish cauz she refused to pose nude for playboy
    Worst woman's champion would have to be gail kim.... her debut match she won the woman's championship...after that she died off and went to tna... was successful... she came back to wwe and i have hardly seen her wrestle... just another wasted talent in the woman's division
    Worst diva would be all the other divas who are ugly and have not won a championship
    Greatest intercontinental champion of the decade is chris jericho hands down!
    Worst intercontinental champion of the decade is santino...that guy is funny as hell but i didnt really see the point of giving him that belt amongst all the great legends who have held it
    Greatest united states champion would be booker t hands down... all those matches with cena were fantastic!
    Worst would have to be orlando jordan.... what a joke... he tapped out to benoit so fast at summerslam i laughed so hard
    Greatest tag team champions of the decade would be edge and christian without question
    The worst would prob be dupree and greiner....just awful
  5. nrb6304's Avatar
    This is a very good STATISTICAL blog. I mean besides the whole Ernest the Cat Miller thing everything you have said is backed by stats and numbers. Which is cool and all, but I just cannot agree with John Cena being greatest superstar of the decade. It HAS TO HAS TO be Triple H.

    2000- Triple H and Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley are running the WWF during what many think of as the peak of the WWF. Having killer matches with Y2J, Mick Foley, The Rock, Kurt Angle, AND Stone Cold Triple H tears down the house the entire year.
    John Cena signs with UPW? Possibly? Maybe? Maybe he graduates from high school or college.

    2001-Triple H steals the show at No Way Out against Austin in a 2/3 falls match and becomes another stat to UT's winning streak at WM. Gets injured and sits the year out.
    John Cena signs with OVW. Tears it up against a young Orton, Lesnar, Batista, Shelton B.

    2002-Triple H returns at MSG and wins the Rumble, beats Y2J at WM for the WWE title, loses it to Hogan, goes to RAW, tears it up with HBK at SummerSlam, is given the World title, beats RVD, and Kane, and fights inside the Elimination Chamber with a crushed wind pipe, and wins the world title against HBK in a 2/3 falls match, and in the process starts up Evolution
    John Cena debuts on SD! against Kurt Angle in an awesome loss, does nothing, acts like a rapper on Halloween and keeps the gimmick.

    2003-Triple H bores us to death with two matches against Scott Steiner, has an awesome match against Booker T at WM, has a good HIAC with Kevin Nash, wins the Elimination Chamber with a bad groin, puts on pretty good matches with Bill Goldberg, establishes Evolution as the future of the WWE, wins back the World Title and ends the year with Evolution dominating RAW.
    John Cena continues his rapping gimmick, and has a really good match with The Undertaker, and becomes a slow face at Survivor Series by beating Big Show with Chris Beniot.

    2004-Triple H has the match of the year with HBK at the Royal Rumble, puts over Chris Beniot over for 3 PPV's, puts on a fairly entertaining match with one of the worst gimmicks ever, ends Orton's premature title reign, carries HBK in a match with a bum knee, and has an awesome controversial ending to the year.
    John Cena loses to Kurt Angle at No Way Out, beats Big Show at Wrestlemania to win the US title, faces Rene Dupree, tears down the house with Kurt Angle later in the year, jobs to the debuting Carlito, gets "stabbed" by Jesus, and has the best match on the worst PPV of the year

    2005-Triple H, wins another Elimination Chamber, beats Randy Orton, jobs to arguably the 2nd face of the WWE for the next five years Batista for 3 PPV's straight and loses his first HIAC match, and takes a loa, returns and takes out Ric Flair and has a pretty good feud with him.
    John Cena just about wins the Royal Rumble, beats Kurt Angle at No Way Out, ends JBL almost year long WWE title reign at WM, has a damn good match with JBL at Judgement Day, jumps to RAW, has a great match with Y2J and Christian, beats Kurt Angle, adds the STFU to his move set, and puts in the motion to become the face of the WWE.

    So that's just half the decade, now granted things do become even towards the second half of the decade, but IMO Triple H wins hands down.
  6. The Gravefilla's Avatar
    Crash Holly actually used that finish before both of them.
  7. cainecollin's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by bigdave
    The reason I didn't give the WHC to HHH was the fact that he never put over guys like RVD and Booker T, specifically Booker at that Wrestlemania they fought. And I don't think I mentioned anything about 'Team Blondage'?
    I was just referencing that to show what I dislike about McCool, she is just as annoying as they were. And pointing out the mis-information about her finisher being stolen from AJ Styles. And also pointing out that she didn't get to where she is just because of the Undertaker part.
    Updated 01-03-2011 at 02:29 AM by cainecollin
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